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Starting from: 1499.00/year
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eTime Xpress

Starting from: 5.00/month
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Starting from: 299.00/month
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Pricing model: Subscription

Achievers Pricing Reviews

  • The tool is quite flexible and good at doing what is supposed to do - recognition and rewards. It's well supported and has been adopted well by our team.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
  • It is a great platform that allows our organization to recognize more consistently, with an awesome rewards catalog with something for everyone.Nicole A.Read the full review
  • The benefits of this platform have to do with the incredibly robust, beautiful and easy to use software, which in itself engages employees.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
  • The access is very difficult. You get session timeouts on the app frequently and have to go again and login, go thru the company security interface etc.Fernando G.Read the full review
  • There are a few areas that aren't flexible but they were deal breakers. Sometimes employees recognize people for doing things that aren't exceptional.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
  • It isn't really a con but I feel the program offers a lot more than I understand. I find myself wanting to do things with this platform that I am not sure how to do.Michelle B.Read the full review
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Seamless Social Recognition, Rewards & Incredible Employee Experience

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-30
Review Source: Capterra

The benefits of this platform have to do with the incredibly robust, beautiful and easy to use software, which in itself engages employees. If you buy in to that premise, then you'll love the platform and reap the rewards of a recognition-rich workplace.

Unlike some free options, the Achievers platform is robust, intuitive to use and ensures a bug-free and seamless user experience that makes recognition and engagement simple. Beyond that, the platform and its features are constantly evolving and improving, based on recognition and engagement best practices, to ensure it captivates its users' attention. Employees love to use the tool, managers get valuable insights and, from an HR perspective, you have all the reports and analytics you could ever want at your fingertips. Overall, there is a significant financial investment for the product but, when you consider the cost of disengaged employees and the benefits of an engaged workplace, the investment is worth it.

Given their recent partnership with a global rewards/gift card giant, they have better global reach but the shipping times are incredibly varied and sometimes high (2-5 weeks on average.) Additionally, with new changes to their workflow, it's rare to instantly receive even the online rewards, which can take 5-10 business days to be delivered. If you manage expectations with employees and consider that the primary benefits of the platform are the non-monetary incentives, then you'll be very happy with the tool. If you're looking for very quick shipping and reward fulfillment, this likely isn't the product for you.

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