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CVMinder ATS

Applicant Tracking System with Safer Recruitment compliance

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CVMinder ATS overview

CVMinder ATS is a scalable Applicant Tracking System that is perfect for Care Providers, Education, Not-for-Profit and Hospitality employers. It is easy to implement and quick to learn.

CVMinder ATS comes was awarded Best Value ATS 2017 and Best Support 2017 by Capterra, part of the Gartner Group.

Why do employers choose CVMinder ATS? They want:

Quick and easy advertising on their website and free-to-post resources like Google for Jobs and Indeed

Automated job upload to their subscription job boards to save time

A flexible, branded application process that encourages the right people to apply and deters those who apply without thought

Easy collection of all of the information required to be compliant with options for statement, CV, convictions, disability, education, work history and more.

An easy solution for sharing shortlisting with flexible controls to ensure fair selection

Fast, reliable and personalised communications with all applicants

Automated new vacancy alerts to appropriate former applicants

A facility to prevent named applicants from applying for every vacancy

Compliance with safer recruitment, fair recruitment and GDPR and they want it made simple

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CVMinder ATS screenshot: Display your current vacancies on your website in just a couple of minutes. Offer a 'registration only' option for people interested in your future vacancies. We'll style your CVMinder Job Frame(s) to suit your website page(s)CVMinder ATS - Recruiting made easyCVMinder ATS screenshot: Let CVMinder ATS post your adverts to job boards & social media. CVMinder posts to lots of places including TotalJobs, Caterer, LeisureJobs and more.  Applicants are directed automatically to the right vacancy, not just your website.CVMinder ATS screenshot: Julia can access permitted vacancies and the applicants for those vacancies. Great news! There is a new applicant for one of her roles.CVMinder ATS screenshot: Stuart has started his application, but the red completion bar shows that there are outstanding parts. Centrally control shortlisting actions and the time available for Stuart to complete the outstanidng sections.CVMinder ATS screenshot: Stuart's application is complete and ready to score (optional) with all of the required information in one place.CVMinder ATS screenshot: Access the applicant information you selected in your flexible application process. Here's Stuart's CV, for instance.CVMinder ATS screenshot: And here's Stuart's work history with gaps explained. Get education history, disability, convictions and more, but Julia will see only what she is permitted to access.CVMinder ATS screenshot: Let's send Stuart a note to let him know that we're ocnsidering him for the vacancy. Permit these actions for specific users and only after applicants have completed their applications.

CVMinder ATS reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Bob Dench

Employability - Skills everyone needs and how to identify, measure and develop them.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-29
Review Source: Capterra

In 2013 I was employed by a Higher Education college to look at helping students develop employability skills. Having worked (30yrs) and recruited in a senior position within a footsie 100 company I was looking to introduce a more realistic approach. One that not only gave practical advice and feedback enabling students to gain confidence and importantly succeed but also one that students and employers alike saw relevant value in. With CVMinder I found, not only kindred spirits but also a practical, user-friendly, adaptable platform. It is internet delivered, robust and secure so perfect for use in or out of college. With CVMinder you have an individual and personal account of employment and employability. Its functionality has advanced beyond that, and is indeed still doing so, to encompass; self-assessments of universally acknowledged essential skills, sections for personal feedback on CVs, personal statements, and interviews. A portfolio of achievements both professional and personal. It also provides an invaluable section that enables advertising, allocating and recording work experiences. In an education environment, this gives students a real "job seeking" experience and takes a huge work load off tutors. Equally importantly if you are a college or school it provides a standardized easily accessible database that very conveniently ticks all those OFSTED and QAA requirements. To schools, colleges, teachers, personal tutors, careers advisers, and employability officers indeed to anyone who aspires to deliver positive outcomes to their students I strongly suggest you take a look at this product. It works for you and it works for them.Easy to use, comprehensive functionality. The team is very responsive to requests for changes. Immediate service when there are technical issues. Input about requirements is taken from a variety of sectors and industries.

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Nancy Pomfret

CVMinder ATS makes my life easier

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-15
Review Source: Capterra

I have been a recruiter and branch manager for over 30 years and I have used many of the usual suspects. The choice is endless, but in my experience, the biggest common problem with recruitment systems is that they can do many things, but those many things are pretty hard to find and use. By comparison, I have found CVMinder really easy to use and I haven't need any documentation or online help to be efficient with it. There is no prescriptive workflow, but there is a visible process. That means that I can do things in the order that I need to without messing up the system or having to do some additional admin just to keep the system tidy. I love the fact that automated alerts have resulted in placements and I like the fact that I don't have to upload CVs and create candidate records; the candidates do that for me. This is not a typical solution for a recruitment company and I would suggest that most would not consider this product. It is a system for internal recruiters, so don't expect candidate marketing functions in CVMinder. That works for me because Xperian doesn't send CVs out speculatively to prospects or batches of CVs to a client. It does help me to present my candidate details to an employer in consideration of their vacancy and it gives me their feedback. I can share the responsibility for parts of the recruitment process with others and I can get a top-down view of everything really easily. For instance, I really like CVMinder's employment checks and how that is shared with a trusted administrator here. She contributes and I can see how far we have got through the process. Also, when my boss asks me where our best candidates are coming from, or how we are doing compared with last year, I can show him. It's all very simple. Support is first class. I use it very infrequently, but it's a comfort that I can also send candidates to their support desk if they ever have an issue. The other thing is that they take suggestions for any improvements seriously. All in all, it's like my right arm and gives me the equivalent of another person in the office. I'd recommend it if you are in internal recruitment or HR or you have a search and selection company. It really is simple to use. While training is provided as part of the implementation process, the system is intuitive, so can be used without training.

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Michelle Heywood

An Applicant Tracking System to support improvements to our recruitment and candidate management

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-04-25
Review Source: Capterra

Up until 1st September 2016 our HR function had in place a rudimentary and dated recruitment process. The volume of recruitment at Downside is fairly modest, c50-60 hires a year during busy times, but applications numbers are 500+. The roles vary from Nursing to Academic and Support through to Volunteers and Pastoral staff. With such a diverse range of vacancies and applicants we recognised that our hiring process needed to be more efficient in terms of administration, but also more effective in order to attract and engage with a wider pool of candidates and improve the candidate experience. We conducted a search of 7 different vendors who supply applicant tracking systems. This search included information gathering, online demonstrations, functionality, fit with our Organisation and price. On the whole, most platforms offer the same tools and costs range, per annum. Given the costs, functionality and fit we chose to run a trial with CV Minder. Now, 8 months into using CVMinder we believe it meets with our objectives for utilising a more modern recruitment platform, namely; Improving the candidate experience - portraying our employer brand and offering functionality that better suits a growing population of mobile device users. Accurate and compliant record keeping effective records, full compliance with the Data Protection Act and ensuring fairness and consistency in approach. Improving efficiency - by removing unnecessary administration and time-consuming tasks that can be automated. Easy to use simple system that is easily customisable and easy to use for all users. Better reporting mechanisms - being able to quickly and effectively report on the recruitment process including tracking applicant sources and time to hire. Ability for remote access flexible workflow management for hiring managers and HR. Cost effective - reducing cost per hire (including the hidden administration and printing costs) and providing value for money. Improved branding - building and nurturing a talent pool and engaging with candidates in a competitive marketplace. Overall, it is a good solid ATS that offers excellent value for money and great customer support.

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Danielle Fritter

Great product which has become an integral part of our workplace

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-22
Review Source: Capterra

As a service that works both internally within a large FE College, and externally within the local community, CVMinder has become a tool that is essential for us to achieve our targets and goals. CVMinder allows us to manage different advertising board, both internal, and external, and ensure that the right vacancies are being posted and seen in the right places. The advertising and posting process is an easy, simple one that all staff has been able to quickly learn, and which allows us to get on to the important part recruiting! The shortlisting, employability tracking and assessments available within CVMinder are great for ensuring that all candidates and employers are handled quickly, appropriately and effectively. Alongside the core essential functions of CVMinder, there are seemingly small things which improve our daily working and effectiveness, such as automatic Outlook Calendar Entries for interviews. As a manager of a team, the reporting and management tools available ensure I can easily view, analyze and report on statistics, activity, and further evidence the way that we support our College, as well as the local community. CVMinder Support is impressively responsive, and they have created a dynamic and vital product which they are not afraid to adapt to ensure that it remains the best product available. CVMinder has supported our needs as an organization by working with other organizations and arranging compatibility across other Job Boards, both national and regional. This has further ensured that CVMinder is our desired product and will continue to be.Management and ease of use

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Daniel Jeffries

CV Minder was the first ATS that we introduced at C&K and it's helped manage our recruitment since

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-07
Review Source: Capterra

The number one pro has to be the invaluable customer support, the team have always been available at the drop of a hat to help resolve and technical challenged and explain new features. They are keen to work with us on new ideas and are constantly reviewing our needs. The software is very user friendly and easy to navigate unlike more complex (and expensive) ATS systems that I've used in previous companies. This has been really beneficial when training new members of the recruitment team and hiring managers. One of my favourite elements is how clear the shortlisting of candidates is and it's easy to see what stage they're at within the process. Posting and closing adverts is straightforward process that doesn't require too many steps.

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CVMinder ATS pricing

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Pricing for CVMinder eATS, a 2-user, entry-level ATS. Options available for any size employer up to multi-site, multi-brand organisations with hundreds of users. Prices are quoted in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices can change without notice. Please check with XperiSoft directly.

CVMinder ATS features

Applicant Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Compliance Management
Recruiting Management

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Additional information for CVMinder ATS

Key features of CVMinder ATS

  • Flexible, branded application process
  • Advertise on free resources like Google for Jobs and Indeed
  • Advertise on subscription boards like TotalJobs and Reed
  • Fast, easy, compliant shortlisting
  • Rapid communications
  • Easy interview and offer management
  • Management Reporting
  • Applicant tracking
  • Flexible, branded application process management
  • Recruiting management
  • Secure, flexible sharing
  • Easy search by name, contact info, skills and more
  • Flexible permissions for vacancies, data and features
  • Email templates
  • Access and mine CVs shared by applicants
  • Document storage with Data Protection
  • Automatic posting to free and subscription job boards
  • Summary reports
  • Visual analytics
  • Flexible application forms
  • Automatic notifications
  • Video interviews via LaunchPad
  • Compliance for safer recruitment, fair recruitment, GDPR
  • Advertising management
  • Full candidate application and communication history
  • Social advertising
  • Employability assessment
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Let CVMinder ATS advertise on Google for Jobs, Indeed, GOV Find a Job and other free-to-post recourses so that you can trim your recruitment budget

Control your advertising on subscription job boards and protect your advertising budget.

Speed up communications with your own personalised message templates to support each step of the recruitment process

Shortlist faster and fairer so that you can identify your best candidates before your competitors do

Get a high level view of everything and use powerful reports to help you recruit more successfully