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Ops platform for employee management & food safety compliance. A one-stop shop for checklists, audits, temperature logs, labeling, training, scheduling, & attendance. Real-time reporting & alerts enable operators, managers, & FBCs to stay on top of the business, even when offsite. Decrease labor costs & improve staff accountability, productivity, & efficiency. Our labeling solution is ¼ the cost of day dots & hundreds of thousands of users have completed hundreds of millions of tasks.


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Jolt screenshot: Jolt running on MacBook and iPad devicesJolt Employee Task Management SoftwareJolt screenshot: Approve shift trades with Jolt's Android appJolt screenshot: View unavailability to work with Jolt's Android appJolt screenshot: Jolt Lite Advanced app shown running on AndroidJolt screenshot: Jolt's mobile app for iOS running on iPadJolt screenshot: Task checklistsJolt screenshot: Jolt's location inspection exampleJolt screenshot: Creation forms with various list item typesJolt SummaryJolt Employee Scheduling

Jolt reviews

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Brandon Alford

Pretty good overall

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-01-23
Review Source: Capterra

bad the time I've saved building my schedule is astronomical. Everything is just so easy to move around. After I put some projections in, I can see plainly how much money i'm wasting on labor and where I'm understaffed. Also, when I used to build my schedules, I would get complaints from employees all the time about how I scheduled them on a day they wanted off or outside of their availability or too little or too many hours or whatever the case may be. Now I get hardly any and when I do, I can say "well did you give me your availability?" The answer is always no and then it's their responsibility to solve itThe administrative side of the software is pretty intuitive, but advanced enough to really customize. I have not had a lot of time to play around with the other features just yet, but the scheduler is top notch. I especially like being able to make a template with unassigned employees. Every week I just drag and drop my crucial shifts to the people that can fit them and then build my schedule from there. Really the schedule building feature is just fantastic overall. I must have saved at least 6 hours of time every week since I started using Jolt if not more. Having availability and time off requests laid out over the scheduler is so nice. I employ a lot of college students whose availability can change weekly. Them having the ability to change their availability on the fly is incredibly useful for me. I used to compare my schedule to hand written notes and an availability spreadsheet. I couldn't imagine going back. Last thing I have to add is the customer service from Jolt is top notch. And I mean REALLY great. They set me up with a personal representative of which I have all contact information I need to contact at anytime directly. Every time I send an email to Jolt, it is answered almost immediately. If I bring up a question they don't have an answer for, the make an effort to find it and always get back to me. My rep Johnathan is like the friendliest guy I've ever talked to. The Customer service of this company is reason enough to purchase the software.

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Marie Wood

A New Era for Business

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-31
Review Source: Capterra

I use Jolt for the Food Industry. It is straight forward and easy to use. I publish my schedule, manage requests, set lists, and manage people. I am also able to send announcements and track my labor goals. I use it daily and it has become my main use for most things. I love how easy it is to pick up on. I was capable of teaching myself with ease. I love the schedule and how employees can create a prefered avaiability as well as request off and swap shifts with others at my approval. It informs me immediately when someone makes a request, and I am able to set it so employees have to give x days prior notice for their request as well as a reason. I also enjoy the variety of options I have for creating my checklists. They can be as thorough as I want and notify me when I want. My employees also find Jolt easy to use. Most of them figure it out on there own and have had no problems using it. I also use their Jolt printer system, which is extremely useful and honestly could not have been created any better. The stickers do not leave residue! The support is also great. Theyre always open to ideas and tend to be very fast pace when assisting you. I love how willing they are to expand in new features/ideas. There are many other benefits to Jolt, but I have listed the big ones I discovered using.

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Nicole Pierce

Great Experience

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

I was approached by Jolt to try their product. No other locations from my company have tried this company so I had no comparisons or reviews. After checking around, the price made it worth the investment. Once we received the product it has changed our process in a positive way. The main features we use include the List, Labels, and Schedule. We were using hand written labels before Jolt because other company labeling equipment was too expensive. With our past hand written labels faced issues with labels falling off, unable to read the hand writing, and the employees did not do a great job looking for items that expired. With Jolt the labels stick to the container very well, is has the expiration written on the label making it more simple for my employees, and there's no question about date or time. We were using paper copies for our multiple list (Typically 6-8 list per day) List would disappear, become dirty, or just not be completed. Jolt has made this task more simple with the added feature of a log book making communication easier to all of the employees. This has reduced our usage of paper, toner, and extending the life of the drum for our printer. I can easily access all list and review a date, time, and employee that completed the list. This helps cut down on my time used for performance reviews. The scheduling section has also been great. Employees can use a free app from their phone to view schedule and submit request. Creating schedules is easier and more time efficient. The only option I would like added would to be able to view the schedule and my request side by side before I approve the request. With the current process I have to look at the request and then go to the schedule to see if I am able to accommodate the request. I do have 35-40 employees with a majority those being college students with school schedules and personal request to try to work with. How it has helped the store become more efficient.

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Corder Phillips

Jolt Software Review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-05
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Jolt at my restaurant now for around 2 years. We love the customization options that Jolt includes, how easy it is to use, and how much more neat and organized our restaurant looks since we began using Jolt. Jolt has allowed us to toss out our old paper checklists and gave us checklists on tablets. Having our checklists and information all in one place made our checklists easier to access and has given our restaurant a more professional environment. We have also watched the productivity of our team rise as a result of using Jolt in the restaurant. We also use this software to create and send out our weekly shift schedule to the whole team. The mobile app then allows team members to request shift trades when needed straight through the app itself. Then, once a shift trade request has been submitted, the manager of that shift can then approve or deny the shift trade right on the app. This saves time, and is a great deal less effort than having to make phone calls all day to find someone to cover a shift. Myself, as well as my team, highly recommend this software to anyone or any company in need of a game changer. This software will be the tool that helps you and your team get to the next level. Easy of Use, Customization, Features, Scheduling, Mobile App, Labels, Checklists and Information in Central Location

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Matthew Melling

Jolt has revolutionised the operational aspects of our business.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-09-18
Review Source: Capterra

- Increased efficiency - Accountability - Tangible statistics on operational performance - Ability to compare site performance - Notifications when important tasks aren't completed - Improved communication with team - Ability to support management team without being on site - Flexibility to easily change operations - Autonomy for management team to create their own lists to improve the running of the stores - Complete visibility of the operations in the business - Streamlined scheduling Prior to Jolt, two of the biggest frustrations in our business were time spent on scheduling and finding out that simple operational tasks had not been completed. Jolt has solved both of these issues. The employee app with functionality to set availability, request shift swaps and holidays has streamlined the whole scheduling process and freed up important management man-hours. The lists functionality is invaluable and has revolutionised the operational aspect of the business. Being able to create tasks ranging from daily cleaning right up to annual audits has allowed us to pre-plan the whole year knowing that nothing will be forgotten. The notifications and review section has created accountability that would not be possible without this software. I never imagined we would have such control and visibility of the day to day running of the business.

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$79.99 per month, per location* billed annually or $99.99 per month, per location, billed monthly.

*Unlimited users, employees, items, data, devices, etc.
Plus one-time setup fee, billing is per location.

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Additional information for Jolt

Key features of Jolt

  • Time and attendance management with real time tracking
  • Time and attendance tools for managers and employees
  • Jolt Time Clock for logging employee clock punches
  • Task scheduling
  • Build customizable task checklists from over 18 types
  • Logbook & journal
  • Employee announcements
  • Information library
  • Keep audit results in one place for future review & analysis
  • Generate scores based on audit results
  • Automatically track task completion
  • Centralize the serving of multiple document and video types
  • Drag and drop interface for editing schedules
  • Mobile apps for checking schedules, swapping shifts etc
  • Smart alerts and warnings
  • Task management
  • Employee performance reports
  • Date code labeling
  • Inspection management
  • Time clock integration
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Automate the display of daily jobs and procedures among staff with Jolt Task Management & Checklists, issuing SMS/Email notifications and tracking completion.

Centralized, web-based Scheduling for managers and employees offers a drag and drop interface for arranging timetables, reassigning shifts and forecasting costs.

Time & Attendance module uses Time Clock tool to monitor clock-ins in real time, capturing employee photos, detecting faces and recording geographical location.

Communicate and distribute essential job information consistently with a single click using Information Library, Employee Announcements and Logbook & Journal tools.

Jolt: Employee Task Management & Checklists app for iOS and Jolt Lite/Advanced for Android add optimized access for phone and tablet devices.