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Reviewsnap is a web-based performance management solution that allows HR personnel or business owners to streamline your evaluation process. It provides an enterprise-level performance management functionality for small to enterprise level businesses at a highly affordable price as a cloud-based Saas product. The user interface is powerful, yet very simple & intuitive. Implementing Reviewsnap throughout your organization is very easy.

The application provides a robust set of functionalities to automate your annual or anniversary based review process. It features utilities for tracking, notifications, reminders, custom workflow, language compliance, unlimited templates, e-signatures in addition to a host of more advanced features to upgrade & automate your performance review process.

Trusted by over 1,200 customers, our goal is to streamline your evaluation process and improve employee & company results.


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Reviewsnap reviews

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Mary Panke

Reviewsnap lives up to its name.

Reviewed 2015-03-03
Review Source: Software Advice

As a small organization with many staff who frequently travel, we sought a system that was simple, intuitive and available 24/7. We reviewed many systems, big and small and almost settled on a product, but then found out about Reviewsnap. Both vendors gave us access to test environments where we were able to compare coverage, ease of setup and get a sense of the training required. Reviewsnap won hands down - very easy to set up, minimal training required, and all our priority requirements - fairly standard - were covered in their product. Employee profiles and job descriptions, competency and other review sections with lots of flexibility for overall design, ratings, comments, option to select from stock examples or use our own; integrated ongoing management of work and professional development goals, a great 'journaling' feature for keeping track of accomplishments through the year or for giving kudos to colleagues; automated notifications for deadlines and digital signatures. If users do need help, there is a small, onsite set of user manuals, workflow diagrams, etc. We added links to our performance review policies, etc on our Reviewsnap "Welcome page". Once our own system was set up, our Reviewsnap rep trained the 2 groups (employees/supervisors) via short webcast and the recordings are now permanently available to walk new staff through the site in under 10 minutes. Most notably, our customer service rep (same person over the last 3 years) has been absolutely exceptional. Her turnaround time is usually within a couple hours, responses are always helpful, short and and to-the-point, and if another service department is ever needed, she coordinates that. I also very much appreciated working through the trial period with a company that allowed us to work at our own pace without pressuring us to make a quick purchase. That flexibility helped assure we had the time needed to select the right product. Reviewsnap listens to their customers and keeps improving the product without inflating the cost.

It's very minor, and the only reason I give them one "9" below, but the last couple steps involve a hand-off of the review and then initiating final approvals and signatures. Some staff have neglected to complete the last couple steps that officially close off the review, and we would just find it helpful to have the system keep notifying staff, after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, that they're not done yet, and remind them what steps they need to do to officially close the review. If nothing else, staff will eventually discover their lapse when they try to begin a new review and are unable to. If the system helped prompt them to close out the review, it would just avoid their being confused when they try to begin a new one.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Kacy Bassignani

Poor Experience

Used occasionally for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-17
Review Source: Capterra

The first experience was good but all since have been negative. I'm sure they're great to some clients but that was not what I've received.

The UI was difficult to use last year so I was very excited to see they were upgrading the platform. The new platform looks like it'll be great, so it's too bad I won't get to use it.

I understand that not everyone has had the same experience as me, but I've been extremely unimpressed with ReviewSnap. We were told that our review timeline was able to be accommodated by an upcoming system upgrade. I asked the rep whether we could have it up and running for a mid-November start and she assured me we could. I told her I would reach out a week or two later to let her know we were ready to upgrade. She said this was ok. Fast forward 2 weeks. I emailed her to let her know we were ready and then didn't get a response until 10 days later. By this time all of the upgrade slots were full. I was told that I would be updated when we moved up. I then had to reach out on two separate occasions to see what our status was, each time being told that "we were in the queue". My second email this morning was given the exact same response: "you're in the queue". This second email also said that they think they could get me a slot in mid-October to mid-November, but couldn't guarantee it. At no point in this process has anyone from ReviewSnap reached out to me update me or try to give me an answer without me reaching out first. They have not been a partner and have certainly not made me feel like we were spending our money wisely. For me personally they've taken the route of replacing customer service with apologies. We have asked to be taken off the upgrade list since we will not be renewing. Maybe now someone can finally get a slot.

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Likelihood to recommend: 0/10

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Janet Schlarmann

Performance reviews that are tailored to your needs and easy to customize as your needs change.

Reviewed 2016-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

Pros: Reviewsnap is the first Performance Management System our company has used. We did a thorough search for products that would meet our needs and budget, and Reviewsnap was the best value. They helped us tailor the program to our specific situation, and worked with us to iron out any kinks if things didn't go the way we thought they would. The tech team made sure they understood our needs, and kept at it until we had the system operating as our COO requested. The tech support is highly responsive and knowledgeable, and gets answers for us in a timely manner. Our Customer Service Representative has provided help and answers for us as we have evolved in our review process. She has gone out of her way to train our managers on a one-on-one basis if needed to make sure they understand the system. The system is easy to customize when our company updates our performance procedures. Reviewsnap also uses feedback from users of the system to make updates and improvements. The product is a great value financially for our small company. Cons: Our problems mainly result from lack of engagement from managers. We have automated our review process in the past 3 years, so the culture is difficult to shift from a more 'free for all' format. Because of this, there is some resistance to actually learning the program fully. There are some technical features that do require frequent use to become familiar, so we have to train some people more frequently on how to use the system. But most managers are extremely good at using Reviewsnap, and find it very easy and intuitive. Overall, getting buy in from your management team is essential in any performance review system. Reviewsnap is a valuable tool our company uses to track performance and stay on top of goals for the team. I recommend it highly.

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Customer support

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Amy Smith

Wonderful Customer Service!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-10-01
Review Source: Capterra

The Review Snap implementation was very easy and straightforward. I love that the implementation person uses the time to walk through the system, talk through what you're looking to accomplish, and then configures the system as you go along. You can see where they're adjusting things so it's teaching you at the same time as setting the system up. The best part, however, has been the Review Snap help desk. They are the most responsive team I've worked with at any vendor hands down. They anticipate all your follow-up questions based off of your first question, provide snapshots of the system, and really provide complete answers. If the system can't do what you're looking for, which is rare, they suggest alternatives. I have been thoroughly impressed by this team! Review Snap is doing the right things with their customer-facing teams for sure.

It's incredibly flexible to mold to whatever review cycles, review types, etc. you have. The bulk edit feature saves a lot of time and after you find the right part of the system, you can customize just about anything.

I'd love for Review Snap to allow the company to brand it more and really make it look like our internal review system. Also, if you're a manager of managers, the ability to see reviews down a couple levels has been tricky.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Melissa Hewett

Reviewsnap Administrator for 2 years - very pleased!

Reviewed 2014-11-18
Review Source: Software Advice

The customer service that we receive from Reviewsnap is fabulous. The individual that took us through the sales process became our relationship manager, so there was never a handoff or any time/knowledge lost in a transition. She is extremely responsive and always goes above and beyond to ensure that the software meets our needs.

Reviewsnap is a standalone product, so the only negative that I would say about it is that it's a separate system from others that we have in our company (ex: applicant tracking system, customer management software, etc.). It is one more login for our employees to keep track of. Our typical employee utilizes the system infrequently, which means that some individuals forget their login information and need to have it resent to them each time they are asked to complete something in the system.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Reviewsnap offers a flexible and affordable 3-tiered annual subscription model to fit your performance management needs. We provide excellent customer support provided to all customers.

Reviewsnap features

Performance Management

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GetApp Analysis

Employees can’t exceed their managers’ expectations unless they know what those expectations are. With Reviewsnap, businesses are able to enhance employee communication and productivity to develop a culture focused on high performance. The all-in-one performance manager provides a user-friendly and affordable solution, enabling companies of all shapes and sizes to easily create and manage the performance review process whether it is an annual or anniversary date reviews.

As an all-in-one performance management solution, Reviewsnap includes features like performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, learning content integration, and compensation management. The web-based platform streamlines these processes with automated alerts, workflows, competency tracking, templates, custom rating scales and appraisal history tracking all built in one robust system.

What is Reviewsnap?

Reviewsnap is a one stop solution to improving your performance review process with tools geared towards creating a high performing culture. With templates and assistance on implementation, you will be able to easily perform and manage your performance review and/or your 360 degree feedback process to ensure your employee’s success.

To further improve your employee’s retention, Reviewsnap allows you to select from thousands of learning & development plans and training courses to help them grow. With an affordable annual subscription, you will be able to perform and manage your performance reviews, 360 degree feedback and create a learning & development plans to ensure employee success.

Who is Reviewsnap for?

Developed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Reviewsnap has the flexibility to work with any industry. A few of the 1,200+ organizations that use Reviewsnap to manage performance reviews include York College of Pennsylvania, CubeSmart, Sierra Wireless, and Athletico Physical Therapy.

Because Reviewsnap is entirely web-based, the solution can be utilized by employees located anywhere in the world. The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Main features

Performance Reviews

Reviewsnap allows businesses to streamline their performance review process by creating an unlimited number of performance review templates, automated alerts and reminder, and collecting electronic signatures.

The employee reviews you generate with Reviewsnap’s performance management tools include pertinent information like competency levels and custom comments. Listed on each employee review page is a scale legend, providing raters with a clearly-defined way to measure employee successes.

Reporting Dashboards

Reviewsnap brings better performance visibility and reporting to businesses with real-time visual statistics and analytics dashboards with access to real-time data and raw statistics. These reports can be used to identify departments or individuals within your company that has the highest competency or ones that needs to be improved.

The summary dashboard offers complete ad hoc reporting capabilities for businesses. You can review these dashboards through Reviewsnap’s web-based platform 24/7, and easily print charts for offline viewing.

360-Degree Feedback

Employees expect reviews of their work to be fair and unbiased, and Reviewsnap’s 360 degree feedback solution ensures that expectation is met. 360 degree feedback improves the consistency and credibility of the performance review process by having managers as well as colleagues provide various insights on the employee’s work performance. This feedback loop captures a wider snapshot of an individual employee performance.

Reviewsnap allows both internal and external raters to control the administration of 360-degree surveys. For example, raters can select the review dates and the employee will be notified as it gets closer to the due date. Among the key benefits of Reviewsnap’s 360-degree feedback module are an unlimited number of managers and/or employees to participate in the review process, statistics dashboards, automated notifications, and complete administrative control.

Journal Entries

Journal entries are essentially notes that are entered into the profile of each employee throughout the year when they accomplished something notable, either positive or negative.

Simply click on an employee’s name and make an entry into that person’s journal at any time. You can note things like a missed deadline or a major accomplishment like closing a lucrative deal. The comments you add to the employee’s journal will help improve the quality of that employee’s next performance review. These journal entries makes it easier to provide detailed and constructive performance reviews on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis.


Reviewsnap integrates with any software-as-a-service (SaaS) app using web services or flat file integration.


Pricing for Reviewsnap is based on the number of employees, rather than individual business licenses. For example, a company with 110 employees would fall into the 101 to 125 range. This means the company can grow to 125 employees without incurring any additional costs. A demo request is available to new Reviewsnap users.

Bottom line

  • Performance management software to simplify your review process
  • Affordable and easy-to-use solution
  • All-in-one pricing with performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, compensation dashboard and learning content integration
  • Enhance engagement and productivity of your employees
  • Create a culture focused on high performance

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Key features of Reviewsnap

  • Performance Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Customer Review Forms
  • Appraisal History Tracking
  • Alerts / Reminders
  • Goal Setting / Tracking
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Peer Appraisal
  • Competency Tracking
  • Custom Rating Scales
  • Self-Appraisals
  • Review Form Templates
  • Web-Based
  • 24/7 (Personal Live Rep)
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All-in-One Solution
Reviewsnap provides an integrated suite of talent management solutions including performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, journal entries, and reporting.

Flexible & Customized Review Process
The system is flexible, allowing users to customize the review process as he/she sees fit. For instance, managers can change the criteria used to evaluate employees themselves, or choose from a wide range performance-review templates that is provided to every user at not additional cost.

Annual or Anniversary Reviews
The system supports annual or anniversary reviews and creates an automatic alert to remind every user as it based on your customized setup.

Automate and Streamline your Process & Workflow
With a simple and easy-to-use system, our customers are able to streamline the process and allows their staff to give more meaningful reviews.

Web-Based Performance Management Solution
Reviewsnap is accessible via any device with an Internet connection. It is suited for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple industries, and provides excellent customer service to clients located anywhere around the world.