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Ninety logo



Cloud-based platform to create & track team's milestones

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Ninety is a cloud-based entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) that helps organizations track team progress and capture and visualize insights. Features include text editing, multiple file formats, history tracking, commenting, team collaboration, review management, reminders and data export.

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Trakstar Perform logo

Trakstar Perform


Performance Management and Employee Engagement Software

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Motivate and engage your employees with Trakstar's modern, online performance management software. Performance management has never been so easy, manage performance reviews, increase employee engagement, streamline goal management, and create an environment of real-time feedback.

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Reviewsnap logo



All-In-One Performance Management Software

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Reviewsnap provides a robust, user-friendly, flexible and cost effective web-based performance management system that includes performance review, 360 degree feedback, journal entries, and reporting packaged in a highly affordable annual subscription fee. With over 1,200 customers and more than 10 years experience, our customers have found Reviewsnap to be an ideal solution to enhance employee communication, productivity and morale creating a high performance culture.

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Elate logo



Strategy planning software for defining and tracking goals

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Elate helps businesses define strategies, evaluate objectives, and track performance of members across teams via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to establish hierarchies in teams and collaborate with multiple departments to share details and analyze goals.

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Workboard logo



The Enterprise Results Platform

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Workboard’s OKR management system helps teams define, align and live their OKRs with continuous transparency.

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Krezzo logo



OKR & Business Performance Management

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Krezzo is a business performance management and OKR solution for better team alignment. Implement and scale with OKRs by unifying professional services, learning experiences and knowledge sharing, as well as a purpose built OKR platform for tracking and managing priorities visually, breaking down silos for growth, reducing bureacracy, all in one platform.

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Weekdone logo



Effective OKRs for Real Company Results

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OKR Software with Coaching for Lasting Company Changes. Set quarterly goals, track progress, and move everyone in a unified direction. Link Team OKRs to Company Objectives, link weekly plans to Team Objectives, and receive weekly OKR progress reports to make sure everyone is aligned.

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Trello logo



Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

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From sales and marketing to HR and operations, teams can design and customize Trello to fit their unique needs and work styles. And with over 100+ integrations with other key tools like Google Drive, Slack, Jira and more, Trello is a breathing project hub of cross-team collaboration.

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Jira logo



Project & Issue Tracking Software - See why we're #1!

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JIRA is the tracker for teams planning & building great products. Millions choose JIRA to capture & organize issues, assign work, & follow team activity.

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Asana logo



The work management platform to organize work across teams.

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Asana is an OKR tool where you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and gantt charts, organize work your way. Join millions of teams across 190 countries who use Asana to get more done.

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Users also considered logo


Project Management Made Easy

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Manage and track your company's OKRs with Optimize processes through integrations, no-code automations, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, customized dashboards, real-time data, and reporting. Utilize full visibility and collaboration to continuously monitor your OKRs for optimal success.

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Confluence logo



Create, organize, and discuss work with your team

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Confluence is a shared workspace to create and manage all your work. From product roadmaps to creative briefs, help your team do their best work together.

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Wrike logo



Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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Plan, track, and report on OKRs with Wrike's powerful management software. Use dedicated templates to reduce admin tasks, create and track goals, showcase project and team results with reports, and fully align teams with broader business goals.

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15Five logo



Holistic Employee Engagement & Performance Software

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15Five is the holistic performance management company that equips HR teams with a complete platform solution to improve manager effectiveness, drive high performance and engagement, and increase retention.

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Aha! logo



Aha! is the world's #1 product development software.

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Aha! Roadmaps is the complete product management solution. Define OKRs to establish what you want to accomplish and how you will measure progress. Then build visual plans to show how you will deliver against your objectives. Create a dashboard so you can track progress and communicate updates.

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Targetprocess logo



Visual platform that helps to scale agile across the company

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Visual, flexible tool with full support for Scrum, Kanban or a custom approach. Gives visibility across teams, projects and the whole company.

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Users also considered logo


Enterprise OKR Software

learn more is the most intuitive OKR Software for managing individual, team, & organization-wide goals for businesses of all types. Businesses can utilize to define custom metrics and roll out OKRs across the entire company in order to track goals & results.

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ClearCompany logo



Recruit, Ramp, Recognize, and Retain Top Talent.

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ClearCompany Talent Management helps businesses of all sizes maximize their talent with end-to-end software to recruit, ramp, recognize, & retain top talent.

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Peoplebox logo



Enterprise OKR Platform used by Disney, Reliance & Razorpay

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OKR focused strategy execution platform that help fast-growing companies align and achieve moonshot goals.

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Factorial logo



HR software for small & medium companies

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Factorial is a powerful HR software for small to medium companies to automate administrative tasks such as documents, holidays, absences, and much more. Manage payrolls and securely store important documents or even offer flexible compensation and benefits for employees in just one place.

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ProWorkflow logo



Project Management & Time Tracking For Teams Of Any Size.

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Use ProWorkflow to track your tasks, billable hours and client communications, to create quotes and invoices, share files, manage client projects and more. Signup for a free trial today!

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Kanbanize by Buisnessmap logo

Kanbanize by Buisnessmap


Enterprise Agility that actually works.

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Kanbanize is an enterprise-ready platform for agile project, product, and portfolio management. It provides visibility across all teams, connects strategy with execution, and helps teams deliver faster.

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Performance Pro logo

Performance Pro


Employee Performance Appraisal Software

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Performance Pro can support the purpose of your employee check-ins, coaching, and evaluation process with user-friendly business tools that help eliminate task-heavy headaches, and provide the ability to automate, track, and enhance overall employee performance.

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Culture Amp logo

Culture Amp


Complete solution for employee feedback and performance

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The complete performance solution including performance reviews, goal and OKR tracking, and 360 reviews. Culture Amp is a People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance. Learn why 6,500+ companies trust Culture Amp.

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Domo logo



Domo puts data to work for everyone

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Our cloud-native data experience platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, making data visible and actionable with user-friendly dashboards and apps.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

OKR Software

What is OKR software?

Objective and key results (OKR) software is a type of goal-setting and tracking software that uses the OKR methodology. This OKR framework is used to set and achieve goals that involve defining specific, measurable objectives, along with a set of key results that help track progress towards these objectives. OKR software provides tools and features that help organizations and individuals implement the OKR methodology and achieve their goals. Managers can use OKR software for employee performance management as they can quickly generate reports and assess their team’s productivity.

How does OKR software work?

OKR software defines strategic objectives and the specific key results that will help measure progress toward achieving those objectives. The tool provides several features to help you accomplish this. These include:

  • Goal management: Allows employees to set and manage work or career-related goals they are supposed to achieve in a given time frame (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

  • Progress tracking: Lets managers track employee progress and create reports on how each task or process has advanced since initiation.

  • Strategic planning: Helps leadership align individual goals with company goals on a centralized platform and visualize preferred outcomes and identify specific steps to achieve them.

How do I choose an OKR tool?

  • Check customizable dashboard options: Dashboards not only offer a clear view of the set business and employee goals, but they also visualize the data, including the team’s objectives and progress, in the form of charts, graphs, and tables. As this visualization makes it easier for you to read and understand data metrics, ensure that the OKR tool you’re considering offers this feature.

  • Asses task management capabilities: Task management offered by OKR platforms lets you create and track action items and their respective status. You can use the tool to create tasks for your employees that help them achieve their goals. The tool also lets you assign or reschedule tasks as per employees’ bandwidth and the priorities of the business. Since the progress and completion of tasks may impact business goals, ensure that these features are a part of the tool you’re considering.

  • Evaluate communication management features: OKR management software offers communication features such as activity feed, chat, email, and discussion forum. These options let you communicate with your employees and also offer a space to them to see all the important updates and discuss ideas. Having such options in your OKR tool will help you keep your employees engaged.

What is the best OKR software?

Since there are numerous options available on the market, choosing the best OKR software for your business can be a challenging task. To help you narrow down your search, here’s GetApp’s OKR software Category Leaders report. This report highlights top-ranking OKR tools based on ease of use, functionality, value for money, the likelihood of recommendation, and customer support ratings.

How much does OKR software cost?

OKR software costs in the following price ranges*:

  • $4 - $6

  • $7 - $10

  • $11+

Most products in the market are priced on a "per month" basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

What are the benefits of OKR software?

  • Aligns individual goals to company goals: By using OKR management software to set and align departmental goals with company objectives, employees can clearly see how their daily efforts contribute to the overall success of the organization. This promotes engagement and collaboration and helps ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

  • Promotes team collaboration: With an OKR platform, company employees are able to gain an understanding of what the rest of the team is working on, which may motivate them further to contribute to departmental goals. The OKR solution makes team goals much more visible, enabling all team members to stay on the same page and better support each other over the duration of a project.

  • Helps managers monitor progress: To help employees reach their goals, managers must be able to monitor employee goal progression closely. With an OKR solution, company managers are able to check OKR progress via its dashboard. OKR software also sends notifications to managers to alert them of employee goal check-ins, aiding both manager-employee communication and goal-monitoring efforts.

How does OKR software help SMBs?

  • Aligns goals: OKR software helps set goals that are aligned with the overall vision of the business. Those goals can then be broken down into team or individual goals, ensuring that everyone within the business is working towards the same larger goal.

  • Improves transparency within the business: OKR software ensures that every team member is aware of their as well as the overall business’s goals. In case they are not, users can simply access goals via the tool. This transparency makes it easier for them to understand what they are working towards.

  • Acts as a centralized repository of goals: As the OKR system allows the leadership to set and track business goals, it automatically stores all the information related to goals and the progress made to achieve them. Managers can access this data anytime to either track the progress of goals or to evaluate employee performance.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp's OKR software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in the GetApp's directory that offer them.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of November 30, 2022. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

The above list includes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher may include additional features such as negative feedback management and KPI monitoring.