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Bonusly overview

Bonusly helps HR, team leads, and small business owners create engaging environments by putting recognition in the hands of those closest to the work. With an extensive digital rewards catalog, Bonusly minimizes the administration time needed to turn recognition into tangible perks.

With Bonusly, you can:

Make recognition more impactful by connecting it to your company’s core values and giving visibility to everyone’s contributions.

Build a scalable culture of recognition by empowering everyone to recognize their peers, direct reports, and managers.

Encourage frequent and timely recognition by integrating with the communication tools your employees use every day.

Streamline all types of recognition and rewards into one easy-to-manage system.

Evaluate recognition trends in your organization and learn where team members excel with detailed analytics and reporting.


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Bonusly screenshot: The Bonusly recognition feed makes it so that everyone can see the great work being done across the team.Bonusly: Celebrate SuccessBonusly screenshot: Bonusly's extensive digital rewards catalog makes rewarding employees as simple as it is impactful.Bonusly screenshot: View employee profiles to see what they've been up to recently.Bonusly screenshot: Evaluate recognition trends in your organization and learn where team members excel with detailed analytics and reporting.Bonusly screenshot: Make recognition a habit for your employees by integrating it with their existing workflows. They can see and give recognition where they work, whether that’s in Slack, Hipchat, Stride, MS Teams, Yammer, Chatter, or your own intranet.Bonusly screenshot: See who has received the most bonuses in the last 30 days or the best bonus in the past week.

Bonusly reviews

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John Gilham

Peer Recognition...on Autopilot

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-28
Review Source: Capterra

Great!Can't say enough good things about Their awesome integrations are top notch (Single Sign-On with Office 365/Azure AD, Syncs with our HR system Zenefits, Bots for MS Teams/Slack). Also, when we've had hiccups, the Support team has always been extremely responsive. We spend hundreds of dollars on SaaS apps per user. Adding $25 to allow employees to reward each others hard work and dedication with a coffee or beer (or Amazon gift card) no brainer. Supporting and securing modern cloud mesh applications is stressful work for our hard working engineers and support team members. provides some additional ways to reward inter and intra team comradery. Lastly, the integration with our culture and values by requiring each bonus be hashtagged with one or more company values gives us great analytics to our top performers and alignment. It's tangible data that highlights the team members accomplishments through the year. helping at performance reviews. PS - Did I mention it pretty much runs itself (users auto created/deleted based on HR status + Single Sign-On for Office 365 or Google means no extra passwords to remember)?

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Brian Hendel

The staff love it!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

Team micro-bonusing allows our staff to recognize each other regularly, which is very important.I like the platform's automatic fulfillment and we use custom awards which are really cool. The ability to select cash increments is nice. The custom naming of points (we call them "Sploints" in our office) is awesome. Appreciate the slack integration.

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David VandeWaa

Outstanding Peer-to-Peer Bonus System!

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

This software is an incredible tool for praise and peer-to-peer bonuses. We see it consistently improve people's satisfaction with work. You can redeem your bonuses from a wide variety of vendors, from Amazon gift cards to giving donations to the Red Cross. I cannot recommend this software enough!It's easy to use. Minimal set up and basically no maintenance at all. It also integrates well with the other tools we use, like Office 365 and Slack, so people can see a live feed of bonuses that are given around the company. There are some basic analytics and fun analytics (like a word map created out of the terms used in bonuses during the past 30 days). And they are introducing new features regularly. Recently, they developed an alert system to help prevent fraudulent bonus distribution (which may be a concern for large organizations).

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Ryan Christopherson

We've had a great experience using Bonusly to reward one another and reinforce our core values.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-11
Review Source: Capterra

The Bonusly system is extremely easy to use. It requires basically zero training. Our employees love the opportunity to recognize and reward each other. We started using the system as part of the launch of our core values, intending to only use it 2-3 months. It's been a positive enough experience, though, we can't stop now! The system forces users to tie the micro bonus to one or more predefined hashtags. We have hashtags for each of our core values. This gives us a daily reinforcement of how we apply our core values to real life situations and recognizes/rewards employees for doing so.

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Alann Demeester

Such a great and easy program enabling micro-bonus for acknowledging peers

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

enables others to give shout-outs to others in the low admin way. Our teams have really taken to this program and it has helped improve moral and has become a part of our cultureVery easy to use, integrations with Slack make it even easier, automation and reporting great to ease administration. Rewards available are great and even being able to create your own.

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We offer a 30 day risk-free trial and simple, no-fuss pricing:

Core: $3 per user / mo billed monthly or annually
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  • Employee engagement
  • Employee recognition
  • Peer to peer employee recognition
  • Employee incentives
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Human capital management
  • Performance management
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