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Are you ready to take your shop to the next level? Managing an Independent Auto Repair Shop should not be difficult, but often times it is. While we cant help with employee hassles, payroll taxes, supplier issues and the like, we can help you manage your work load, shop flow and help you get the most out of each Repair Order. Shop Boss Pro can help you manage your shop with one of the most comprehensive shop management tools available! When it comes to Auto Repair Shop Software, Shop Boss Pro is the leading edge.


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Robert J Calhoun

Excellent Shop Management software at a very affordable price point.

Reviewed 2012-02-02
Review Source: Capterra

If you have a small to medium shop and are looking for a simple and yet powerful tool to be able to manage your vehicle work flow and be able to access from anywhere anytime, it simply cannot be beat. Very quick to get up and running. I was able to log in and instantly start entering customers, making invoices. The internet based log in is a huge plus as I can take paper work home and log in to finish up RO's. I run a custom high performance BMW shop and had some unique needs and I was able to enter support requests and was amazed when within the hour I was called by the technical support team to review my needs and they where able to implement changes to the software immediately. When you can communicate directly with the software developer on call, that is a huge plus. One feature I really enjoy is the ability to send my customers updates to their RO via email or text and even upload pictures with the invoice so customers can see exactly what is happening with their vehicle. For a shop that deals exclusively with custom workmanship, my customers really enjoy this feature. Overall I have been very impressed by this software and for the small shop owner it works excellent.

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Jennifer Hurnblad

Shop Boss Pro is a MUST HAVE!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

There are so many things we love about Shop Boss. Most importantly it is extremely user friendly. It takes time and money to train employees on software. If you can navigate around the internet, you can effectively use Shop Boss!User friendly, ability to access online (nice for us to check in while on vacation), quality, constantly adding new features to keep up with the technological changes, excellent price point. We also appreciate the customer service, often times the owner, Chris is the one to directly contact us to answer and questions we have or customize the software to fit our needs. Shop Boss has excellent reports that give us an instant snap shot of where our business is financially at any given time.

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Robin Greenhagen

Automotive Business Game Changer

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

When we started with SBP nearly 3 years ago my crew didn't see the need to move from our carbon paper based tickets, hand written estimates, and "I think we need" inventories. After we fully implemented the software everyone couldn't believe the hundreds of steps it saved us each day, and the value of the historical data it provided us. Since we started our little shop has had over 16,000 repair orders. I cannot even imagine doing all this on paper again.Ease of use, responsiveness to our needs for assistance or feature improvements.

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Noah Forest

Best shop software to date!

Reviewed 2012-10-23
Review Source: Capterra

I cant recommend this enoughruns on any web device web based no software to install the support is amazing, problems are fixed immediately. good EULA I feel that my data is safe and customer information will not be sold or used by a 3rd party. I was looking for a way to run the shop without using the Windows operating system. I realized that I wanted a web based program. Shop Boss Pro is THE answer! Feature rich, easy to use and learn. With the best customer support I have ever received from ANY company hands down. I use it on computers loaded with Ubuntu Linux, with ipads and one windows machine. allows us to run the shop completely paperless, from vehicle intake to right before the invoice is printed, there is no paper. accessible from any computer online. Absolutely a 5 star system. can be run on older computers, no server costs or the costs of constantly upgrading computers. an absolute bargain!

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Brandon Mandel

really great software !!!

Reviewed 2016-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

the programmer and owner is really great to deal with and is open to new ideas and works to implement them. Over all really great to deal with and always helps when we have issues. How easy it is to use and train new people

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Pricing is per month with no contract term. Price range is from $29.95 - $99.95 (depending on usage) per month includes unlimited support, upgrades and new releases.

Shop Boss features

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Additional information for Shop Boss

Key features of Shop Boss

  • Vehicle Issue Driven
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Vehicle History
  • Text and Email Updates
  • Web-Based - use from home
  • Excellent Reports
  • VIN Explosion
  • Zip Code Explosion
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Text and Email Updates! Send text message and email updates directly to your customers. Message includes a link to view the Repair Order online for approval!

Add Photos to the Repair Order! Customer can view photos online. Build customer confidence.

Vehicle Issue Driven - What is a Vehicle Issue driven Repair Order? Simply put, each problem or concern that brings a customer to your shop is separated on the repair order. Then, the parts and labor that are used to correct that problem are grouped with the concern. This creates two main advantages.

* Helps the shop make sure that all customer concerns are addressed by the shop. There is nothing worse than finding a forgotten repair when the customer comes to pickup their vehicle.
* The customer is able to see exactly what was done to correct the concern, without having to read the entire list of parts and labor and guess which ones fixed the problem.

Complete Vehicle History - Vehicle Repair History is the heart of any Shop Management Software. History provides you with all the relevant details of any repair work done in your shop for any vehicle. Shop Boss Pro is no exception.

With the ability to search for vehicle history by VIN, License Number, Last Name, or Vehicle Description, Shop Boss Pro offers both a quick glance at prior repair work, as well as detailed information at the click of a mouse. Even if an owner sells their vehicle and it finds it's way back to your shop, you still have all the history information based on license number or VIN.

Account Tracking - While Shop Boss Pro does not aim to be a full accounting software package (Quickbooks does a great job and is widely used), we believe that tracking who owes you money is an essential part of managing your shop. So we have included an accounts receivable tracking program. For your commercial accounts, you can post full or partial payments, as well as generate statements for collections.

VIN Explosion - Enter your customers VIN number and Shop Boss Pro will decode and fill in the year, make, model and engine for you. This reduces the chance of data input errors, and improves the speed of entering the information.

Zip Code Explosion - Similar to VIN explosion, but completes the City, State when you enter the correct Zip code. Updated monthly to ensure accuracy.

Inventory Management - As with any Shop Management Software, Shop Boss Pro will let you enter, track and sell from your own parts inventory, and you can add a part to your repair order without having to enter it as inventory first. However Shop Boss Pro takes it a step further.

Let's say you have a general repair shop or a brake specialty shop. You don't inventory brake pads, but you see the same type of vehicle often. Our system includes a Parts Registry that keeps a separate record of each part you add to a vehicle, whether you inventory it or not. This way, you have a searchable database of parts that you use, but don't necessarily keep in stock.