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Business phone system for streamlining customer service

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Yodel is a cloud-based business phone system designed to help teams manage inbound and outbound calls via Slack using existing phone numbers. It lets customer service representatives view which members are on active calls, and join conference calls to facilitate communication across organizations.

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Business VoIP software and phone systems

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Fonality is a business VoIP and unified communications solution with both pure cloud-hosted and hybrid options, and offers users native iOS and Android apps

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Yeastar Cloud PBX


Cloud PBX & unified communications platform for SMBs

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Yeastar Cloud PBX is a unified communications software that provides businesses with private branch exchange systems and VoIP gateways. The platform enables employees to transfer calls to any internal or external phone number or extension, define call forwarding rules, and view call history.

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Virtual PBX software for small to medium businesses

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Virtual PBX system turns your phone into an office phone system with multiple extensions and personalized voicemail. You can record customized greeting, have an operator extension and access to online management center. You will never install any hardware or have to deal with complicated software.

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Global Phone System 100% native in Salesforce CRM

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Natterbox is a cloud based business telephony and voice service software for small and medium sized organizations and can be integrated with Salesforce CRM

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EveryDay Voip


Cloud-based PBX system

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EveryDay Voip is a cloud-based PBX system, which helps businesses facilitate internal and external communications using various channels such as phone, video meeting, messaging, and more. Features include voicemail, hotdesking, internet fax, concurrent calling, and team collaboration.

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Speech analytics API for sentiment analysis

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OTO helps cloud telephony providers to significantly increase revenue per seat with AI-powered voice intelligence.

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Clarity Business Phone System


ULTATEL | Phone and Teleommunication Solutions For Business

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ULTATEL is a leading and innovating provider of cloud-based telecommunications. We help your business unify voice, chat, and video in a single user-friendly platform.

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German-language business telephony software from the cloud

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Placetel is a business telephony software from the cloud. Placetel combines classic telephone system functions such as brokering, forwarding, fax, etc. with video conferences in HD, file and screen sharing, call control, instant messaging, call center functions and unified communication.

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Get your cloud phone system in just 59 seconds.

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Get in your pocket a large company’s phone system! Download the Voxloud app for mobile and you will no longer miss any calls and make your customer service so efficient!

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The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution.

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Wildix is a global provider of unified communications solutions for simpler, more secure business communications in the digital age.

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Powerful business cloud phone system for easy collaboration

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Yay is a cloud-based phone system that combines business messaging, HD VoIP, and a host of call features. It offers instant setup and friendly support.

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Cloud-based SIP trunking solution for firms of all sizes

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Zentrunk is a cloud-based session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking solution designed to help businesses of all sizes setup voice over internet protocol (VoIP) based business communication system. The platform also offers prepackaged templates which enable users to integrate SMS functionality.

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A Virtual Phone System for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

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iTeleCenter is a cloud-hosted virtual phone system with call forwarding, voicemail, texting, extensions for departments & employees, online faxing and many more

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