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Bugwolf overview

What is Bugwolf?

Bugwolf is a web-based user testing software that provides the tools to professionally audit quality for software, websites and mobile apps through elite testers. Users have the option to apply their own testers, customers or employees, or hire Bugwolf vetted professionals to review their products.

Bugwolf works with various types of user-tests including performance, usability, content, SEO, security, black-box, cross browser, software, beta, load and more. Users can create goals and various actionable steps when assembling a beta-testing team. Additionally, Bugwolf uses gamification principles in order to encourage elite testers to engage in a more competitive and enjoyable testing experience.

When testing has been completed, organizations will receive bug insights and curated advanced reports within 24 hours of the initial testing process. Bugwolf reports and analytics also include data on key trends and patterns across the product’s user experience results and functionality. Screencasts and context related data are such as location, browser, device, operating system and version numbers are also revealed.

Bugwolf also acts as a marketplace that helps organizations assemble teams of professional testers, up to large crowds of testers. The solution tracks and calculates payouts and individual performance, and handles the complete payout process via Paypal or direct bank transfer.


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Bugwolf screenshot: Game design principles make testing more fun and engaging for beta-testers, increasing participation

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Bugwolf features


API (381 other apps)
Access Control (154 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (207 other apps)
Activity Tracking (109 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (109 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (154 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (106 other apps)
Compliance Management (112 other apps)
Data Import/Export (141 other apps)
Data Visualization (102 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (110 other apps)
Monitoring (252 other apps)
Permission Management (96 other apps)
Real Time Data (101 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (127 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (155 other apps)
Role-Based Permissions (96 other apps)
Third Party Integration (206 other apps)
Workflow Management (132 other apps)

Additional information for Bugwolf

Key features of Bugwolf

  • User testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • UX testing
  • Functional testing
  • Content testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Manual testing
  • Beta testing
  • Load testing
  • Usability testing
  • SEO testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Black-box testing
  • Software testing
  • Competition & gamification
  • Elite tester marketplace
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Crowd and team management
  • Rewards and payout management
  • Bug tracking tool integrations
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Bugwolf helps organizations release products faster through paid performance testing and product reviews.

Testing teams have little to no knowledge of the product prior to testing, giving organizations access to a fresh set of eyes for review.

Bugwolf uses competition and gamification methods with testers to help generate a higher number of results, and improve quality.

Reporting and analytics features provide users with detailed reports on key trends and patterns as well as user experience, performance and more.

Bugwolf enables third-party bug tracking tool integrations such as Jira, Rational, and Bugzilla.