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Social media marketing automation for e-commerce merchants

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What is is a cloud-based social media marketing automation solution for online shops, marketplace sellers, and small businesses, which allows users to schedule posts across multiple social media channels from a single interface. enables users to post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest, and integrates with a range of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces including Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Ecwid, Storenvy, Big Cartel, eBay, and more. includes daily and weekly content planners, which allow users to schedule posts in advance across multiple platforms to be published automatically. The calendar view gives users an overview of the number of posts scheduled to be published on each platform for the upcoming month. Products, links, photos, and title tags are imported automatically through integration with users’ stores, removing the need for copy-pasting or manual upload of product photos, and users can also upload photos from their devices or import images from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Instagram to be used in posts. Images can be organized into albums, edited, and turned into collages, enabling users to share multiple photos in a single post.’s post library allows users to save posts they have previously created to be reshared at a later date. Users can search using keywords in the content finder to discover content to share with their followers, browse the GIF library, and add their favorite blogs to the RSS feed reader, enabling them to read and share blog posts from with Custom hashtags can be added to posts, and users can save a list of up to 10 of their most commonly-used hashtags, which can then be added to tweets with a single click.


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English screenshot: Products are imported automatically through integration with users' shops, allowing users to promote specific - Promote Your Online Store On Social Media Like Never screenshot: Connects your store and all your social media screenshot: Daily and weekly planners allow users to schedule posts in advance for a full day or screenshot: Inbuilt analytics to measure whats working for you on social screenshot: Social media posting screenshot: includes a content library, where users can search using keywords to find content relevant to their screenshot: Images can be uploaded or imported into, and collages created to share multiple images in a single screenshot: also includes a GIF screenshot: Users can save up to 10 of their most commonly used hashtags for easy screenshot: Users can save blogs to the RSS feed reader in, enabling them to read and share blog posts reviews

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7-day free trial, no credit card required.

Basic Social: $149/year or $14.99/month.

Advanced Social: $299/year or $29.99/month.

Image+: $499/year or $49.99/month. features

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  • Post scheduling
  • Day planner
  • Week planner
  • Collage maker
  • Image editing
  • Social media integration
  • Product search
  • Custom hashtags
  • RSS feed reader
  • GIF library
  • Content scheduling
  • Content discovery
  • Photo albums
  • eCommerce store integrations
  • Photo import
  • Saved post library
  • Photo collages
  • Content library
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1) Integration with eCommerce platforms enables the import of product information, removing the need for users to copy and paste or upload products when creating social posts.

2) Daily and weekly content planners can be used to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms in advance.

3) Images and photos can be imported from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Instagram, or uploaded from users’ devices, and organized into photo albums, with users able to edit or create collages to share on social media.

4) Posts can be saved to the Post Library, allowing users to edit or reshare previous posts at any time.

5) Content and GIF search helps to discover engaging content to share with audience.