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Digital signage platform for TVs

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Mira overview

Mira is a digital signage platform which enables users to bring news, menus, promotions, social media, and more to any TV screen using features such as drag-and-drop image and video upload, major file type support and flexible scheduling tools. Businesses use Mira to enhance sales, improve guest experiences and engage employees. Users can increase employee engagement for back-of-house by using the digital signage platform to display announcements, opening and closing procedures, as well as shift schedules and interactive teleconferencing and training. Mira’s straightforward tools enable users to manage digital signage without help from a designer.

Mira works in a few simple steps. First users connect their MiraLink to the HDMI port of any TV in order to connect all of their screens to the internet, then they log into their Mira dashboard to create and publish content. The online dashboard enables users to upload and drag and drop content, then schedule it to be displayed across multiple screens. Mira supports dynamic apps which allow users to display content such as news or calendars automatically on their screens. Mira can be utilized by a range of industries including bars and restaurants, hospitality, workplaces, retail, gyms and recreation, and healthcare to show specials boards, event calendars, weather forecasts, services, birthday and welcome messages, and more.


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Mira screenshot: Mira allows users to create announcements, menus, calendars, and more to display on TV screensIntro to MiraMira screenshot: Drag-and-drop to upload images and videos quickly and easilyMira screenshot: Use one of Mira's dynamic apps, like News or Calendars, to automatically pull in new content from online sources

Mira reviews

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Beth Scrimger

MIRA highlights my business when I'm not there to do it in person.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

My business shares space with a movie theater. As moviegoers stand in line for tickets or concessions, MIRA piques interest and provides information about my business with an audience of potential customers, that may not be exposed to my business otherwise.I love the ability to manage my MIRA signage from anywhere... at work, from my couch, on vacation. Keeping my posts fresh keeps my patrons current on what's happening in my business, including operating hours (especially during holiday and school vacation periods), our current escape room themes, promotional programs and the weather. We even have a trivia slide that keeps onlookers' interest throughout the entire loop.

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david dai

Great product with innovative functions

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-19
Review Source: Capterra

We use Mira to engage with our guests and stores on a more personal level. With the proper equipment, we are able to 'facetime' with our guests during an event or on any occasions that we see fit. And of course, its core digital signage functionality is a great in-store communication channel that can push any promotional messages almost instantly.It can display digital menus, promotional ads, video messages, youtube videos and offer a variety of capabilities. What makes it stand out is its video conferencing capability - it's like facetime but when it is used in a commercial setting with the ability to broadcast to multiple locations at the same time through TVs, it is veryinnovative. The management/service team is responsive, reliable, and great to work with.

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Lori Bodkin

Mira Makes Life Easy

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

Mira Screen Signage is a simple solution for our company. We needed a way to consolidate and streamline all the signage that cluttered the customer area of our dealership. Mira gave us a one-stop-shop with one digitial screen in the customer area and it is working out exactly as we expected. Great bang for our bucks!Plug and Play Easy to Install Intuitive Navigation Great Support and Follow Up Good Value for the investment

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Robin Coolidge

Easy to use, priced right

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

Mira allows us to create presentations for customers that give us the opportunity to let them know about events, offerings, specials, and other items. Not only do we use it to show menus, but also ask for reviews and advertise our Wine Club. Since we have started using Mira we have been able to stop printing menus which saves money on paper, we have nearly doubled our Wine Club membership, and have gotten many new positive reviews on multiple platforms.Mira allows us to keep important information in front of our customers via the TV we already have installed in the tasting room.

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Damien Gomez

Mira review - how it works for me.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-19
Review Source: Capterra

It's been a great addition to our marketing efforts from within the store. Our locations are very busy and it's not always that easy for our customer service specialist to mention current promos. We rely on Mira to assist in this area greatly.The set up process was very easy and fast. The support team was great as well.

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$40/month billed monthly + $100 hardware fee
$35/month billed yearly + $100 hardware fee
$360/year (prepaid) + $100 hardware fee

Mira features

Activity Dashboard
Content Management
Customizable Templates
Drag & Drop Interface
Social Media Integration

A/B Testing (152 other apps)
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Customizable Branding (191 other apps)
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Additional information for Mira

Key features of Mira

  • Access controls/permissions
  • Accessibility & way-finding
  • Alerts/notifications
  • Automatic player updates
  • Brand management
  • Calendar sync
  • Central dashboard
  • Communications (announcements, etc.)
  • Content management
  • Content scheduling
  • Custom graphics upload
  • Digital flyers
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital signage
  • Drag & drop
  • Dynamic apps (news, calendars)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • In-transit & at-rest encryption
  • Layout management
  • Live headlines
  • Major file type support
  • Media RSS
  • Media library
  • Multimedia playlists
  • Playlist loops
  • Playlist management
  • Remote display management
  • Screen control
  • Video signage
  • Visual editor
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• Use drag-and-drop upload tools to add images or video content to screens quickly and easily without help from a designer.

• Mira enables users to control all of their screens anywhere, anytime via any internet-enabled device.

• Flexible scheduling tools allow users to schedule one-time or recurring content to instantly override default playlists.

• Mira offers dynamic apps which allow users to display content like news or calendars automatically.

• Mira supports in-transit and at-rest encryption to ensure all content is managed safely and securely.