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Toast POS Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Toast POS product overview

What is Toast POS?

Toast is a Point of Sales (POS) software which allows business owners to reduce operational costs, increase staff efficiencies, and improve customer experience. The software can be paired only with an Android tablet and offers no support for iPad at present. The software caters to the needs of several outlets in quick service restaurants (QSR), fine dining restaurants, coffee outlets, bakery’s, pizza chains, and breweries & bars.

Key benefits of using Toast POS

- Toast POS allows food servers to take orders directly with the POS tablets, avoiding the hassles of them running back and forth between kitchen, terminals, or the serving tables.

- The product offers an intuitive interface with features such as adding or removing menu items, changing interface layouts, marking stock outs, all from the tablet’s interface.

- The solution enables users to pay bills, sign receipts, and offer tip right at their tables using the tablet’s interface.

- Toast POS allows the users to perform extensive customizations on its interface. It provides options to customize the entire menu, adding role-based permissions and automating discounts & loyalty program workflows.

- The product also enables restaurant owners to track staff performance on key metrics by sending daily email digests on the key parameters.

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

Platforms supported


Support options

Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Phone Support
24/7 (Live rep)

Training options

Live Online
In Person

Toast POS pricing information

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Pricing options

Free plan
Free trial
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Toast POS features





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9 categories

Most valued features by users

Inventory Management
Reporting & Statistics
Point of Sale (POS)
Order Management
Activity Dashboard

Toast POS users reviews

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Positive reviews

Rating breakdown
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend8.22/10
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Love the software and so does our staff. Expansion options were a major consideration as we have more takeout locations opening so this was a winning solution for us.

Rex S.

What I liked about Toast was how easy the integration was for our management team and staff. I would highly recommend.


Elizabeth P.

Toast is a very easy and user friendly way to order food for our office. I like how straightforward the steps are on the app to order.


Andrea P.

I've been trying to set up online ordering for weeks now. It's been counting a lot of problems because of the basic lack of customer support.


Andrew M.

The worst was the display screen and the use of it on the line.


Anonymous Reviewer

Toast's NEW online ordering has a complicated drop down menu that causes guests to struggle.


Elizabeth V.

Overall rating contenders

Overall Rating

Easy Portability

Reviewed 10 months ago


Tiara H.: Hi, my name is Tiara. I am a service manager, and I give Toast five out of five stars. For...

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Incredibly Efficient!

Reviewed 3 years ago

Overall, I'm thrilled we switched to Toast. It's simple to use, has made us more efficient, and wasn't as expensive as similar systems.


Compared to POS systems I've used in the past, Toast is a lifesaver! It has tremendously improved efficiency and flow of our Taproom. We now have the ability to swipe a card and store credit card information; which is a huge benefit for those of us in co-op spaces. Although they look bulky, their handhelds fit into your back pocket and allow us to close tabs out table side. They are shock and water...


Customer Support is hit or miss. I always get an answer, it's just a matter of when I get it. After hours and on weekends, I feel like their staffing is very limited which leads to delays in getting immediate help. Thankfully it's only happened once where I needed a quick answer and wasn't able to get it.

Vendor response

Hi Jayelynn, Jasmine from Toast here. Thank you for your feedback. We are thrilled to hear how multiple features of Toast have improved your operations, and that you are taking full advantage of Toast Central as a resource!

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend9/10

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I'd give it a 10 but then it would be perfect!

Reviewed 2 years ago

Overall, I really enjoy the system. It's simple to program and they have a great support system. It's worth the investment to pay for extended support until you or a manager has the ins and outs of the backend in hand. The reporting is awesome and when used the right way, you have your answers to questions you didn't even know you needed to ask.


I have been using restaurant POS for over 20 years and Toast has shown itself to be one of the best on the market. It is so user-friendly and easy to work in, including the handhelds, that it's amazing. In training new teams they offer a great program and support team. The layout is ideal for high-volume. Reporting is excellent. I refer Toast to most of our clients.


As with any new system you install, there will be issues and "clunks." Toast is no exception. The worst was the display screen and the use of it on the line. If you do not set aside enough time to train, prior to opening or first use, it will be challenging to understand, especially if you are not used to systems other than tickets and calling out. It just takes time getting used to and working out the kinks upon install.

Vendor response

Hi there, Mora from Toast here. It's great to hear that your positive experiences with Customer Care have enabled you to efficiently train up new team members. Thank you for providing this feedback!

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend3/10

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Zero customer support/follow through

Reviewed 13 days ago

Frustrating calling into customer service. Long wait and incompetent. Clueless when you talk to the rep after having to click 18 options before you get to a live person. Better yet, assign a case number and a month later, go through the same process of 18 clicks before getting to someone on the phone and only to find out the case is still open.


As an administrator, the backend reporting and analysis is pretty easy to navigate.


Syncing with payroll has been a big issue but seems to be getting better.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support

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system is poorly developed and fragile

Reviewed a month ago

TERRIBLE!!! It was halfway decent when we started but their menu development was terrible. they need to survey restaurant users about how much the system has deteriorated over the past 2 years. I would never recommend this system to anyone


nothing.....everytime there is any change or system maintenacne, everything falls apart.


UNRELIABLE!!!!no one in TOAST can troubleshoot because system has gotten too complex and no documentation exists. they keep patching and adding and it's a total disaster. our printers are always messed up!!!! we never know if the system is going to work or not. the reporting is terrible!!! phone support is poorly trained if at all.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend4/10

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The functionality is perfect, the credit cards fees and the customer service are terrible

Reviewed 4 months ago

great when your buying, lots of turnover in account management, and customer service is non existent when you have a real issue... you just have to deal with it until they decide to call you during your rush, so you can't take the call and then you start all over again.. LOL


functionality. We have used for 10 years about, since they started I guess we are early adopters. It has truly developed into a great pos, with lots of flexibility. The online ordering portal is second to none. Though they should have some features, like car color and make type options.


Credit card fees for card not on hand is exorbitant and you can't use other cc companies with this software/tablet. The customer service might be the worst I have ever experienced. "we will escalate this to tier 2" blah, blah, blah.. hilarious. We have a mountain of open cases. Our first pos was with a local guy who built his own software. It was incredible how flexible the software was. It even downloaded directly into our quickbooks without any third party having to do translation. Amazing!! ultimately he retired and never took the software to the next level. Too bad.

Toast POS FAQs and common questions

Q. What type of pricing plans does Toast POS offer?

Toast POS has the following pricing plans:
Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Q. Who are the typical users of Toast POS?

Toast POS has the following typical customers:
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does Toast POS support?

Toast POS supports the following languages:

Q. Does Toast POS support mobile devices?

Toast POS supports the following devices:

Q. Does Toast POS offer an API?

Yes, Toast POS has an API available for use.

Q. What other apps does Toast POS integrate with?

Toast POS integrates with the following applications:
7shifts, Sling, Proliant, CrunchTime, OpenTable, DAVO, Restaurant365, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Harri, Como Sense, Resy OS, Incentivio, SevenRooms, HotSchedules, LevelUp, DoorDash, Solink, xtraCHEF, Raydiant, Compeat, TapMango, Olo, Sauce, Homebase, Marketman, SynergySuite, GrubHub

Q. What level of support does Toast POS offer?

Toast POS offers the following support options:
Email/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live rep)

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