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Third Light

Online digital asset management and media library creation

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Third Light overview

Third Light is a digital file management system for uploading and curating media assets. Designed specifically to assist business teams share photos, graphics, video, audio and documents, the service can be hosted locally or indeed deployed wholly within the cloud. By bringing together collections of media data and centralizing that library, users can gain consistent access to a wide selection of features from a single environment. Third Light provides a browser-based web interface that makes browsing, searching and viewing stored assets easy thanks to thumbnail and lightboxes. Upload and itemize new media into collections or smart folders while defining file and Meta data to make searches based on captions, keywords, location, time, date and much more. In addition, the workspace itself can be customized to better fit workflow preferences and adopt desired corporate branding.

Third Light also facilitates collaboration by packaging built-in file edit and conversion tools, while applying version controls, access rules and user tracking. Administrators can monitor how the system and library assets are being used via a secure audit trail, while resting assured of automated backups and system updates. Advanced features are introduced across three account versions, with Third Light available in Standard, Premium and Enterprise editions. Ranging in storage capacity from 150GB to 500GB and latterly unlimited as an outright license, extra features such as workflow management, approval, duplication detection and in-library messaging are added. At each level, Third Light remains accessible on every device or platform while layering in integrations with leading creative suites, FTP services, social media channels and CMS’s.


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Third Light screenshot: Third Light showing customizable branding optionsThird Light digital media libraryThird Light screenshot: Third Light showing easy upload capabilitiesThird Light screenshot: Third Light showing keyword searching for assetsThird Light screenshot: Third Light showing preview and conversion of media typesThird Light screenshot: Third Light showing Enterprise Edition local hosting optionsThird Light screenshot: Third Light Premium Edition showing the addition of MetadataSmart Folders in Third Light

Third Light reviews

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Eric Newsome

A solid asset management platform

Reviewed 2015-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

I don't often give all 5 stars, so I will elaborate a bit on the ratings. We currently manage just over 1 million assets (photographs) with ThirdLight IMS, and have architected the solution to eventually handle about 3 times that many images (we are in the photography business, so we only use the platform for images). It quite simply does everything we need it to do. It offers fast, responsive queries, even as we've grown. It provides a robust audit trail. We've used the API to seamlessly integrate ThirdLight with our proprietary editing software. It has provided us a simple, effective way to share content with our customers and partners. Again, it's done everything we need very well. Secondly, I have to give ThirdLight 5 stars in ease of use because its browser based. We compared the solution to 2 other competitors that offer client-side software, but in the end we found that ThirdLight had done an incredible job of building everything we needed into the browser. Just to be safe, we did purchase the file server module so that we could do some advanced editing in Photoshop, and this has worked brilliantly for us. Finally, in all of the dealings I've had with various software vendors in over 20 years in IT, I've never experienced such thorough and timely support. They answer questions usually within a day, understand when our needs are urgent, and have oftentimes not only helped with the issue at hand but offered proactive guidance on how to avoid same/similar issues in the future. We've offered up feature requests, and have been delighted to see many of them implemented in updates. The support is simply world class.

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Dani Machlis

Look no further than Third Light IMS for a fantastic DAM solution!

Reviewed 2015-03-25
Review Source: Capterra

If you are searching for a complete digital asset management system, look no further than IMS. We have been using IMS enterprise version installed locally on our servers for just over 4 years and I can say with certainty that it has completely changed the way our organization works with images. Countless hours that I used to spend weekly distributing images by email and discs can now be devoted to creating more images. With close to 100 user accounts customized to specific needs and the ease of sharing images with non registered users, IMS delivers results daily. It couldn't be easier to search for and share images. Downloading at any size needed is simple with the "download" wizard. Publishing files directly to social media or to unique URL's, creating lightboxes and quickly distributing password protected event links are just some of the ways to utilize this powerful yet simple tool! Customer service and technical support are second to none, efficient and personal . Emails are responded to within a couple of hours and even the rare technical issue is always dealt with swiftly and professionally. Feature suggestions are always considered and often implemented in periodic updates (applicable with one click by the system administrator). Other than my user experience, I know that my main system users are thrilled with the system. I've even received emails from our IT people saying how professional the Third Light IT team is when their help is needed. Overall - this is an excellent product backed by a great team of developers, staff and support!

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Hanne Marthinsen

Safe, fast, flexible and time-saving

Reviewed 2015-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Third Light IMS for more than three years in our company. In our opinion, IMS offers a user-friendly, safe and cost-efficient online mediabase for companies of all sizes. We are a digital marketing agency, and we use IMS both for our own needs and on behalf of clients. IMS helps us store, organize, share, find and edit media files of all kinds. We especially like the dynamic, faceted search functionality and the very powerful way in which IMS uses metadata. We have also integrated IMS with two different content management systems CMSs that we use. Together with the developers at Third Light we have developed a picker inside the CMS that allows editors to browse and search their way to right picture, select it, and then dynamically crop and format the image to fit the CMS templates. All of this is done without creating copies of the original image, even if the original is a 50 Mb CMYK TIF file. This gives the advantage of consistent use of images on websites and in other applications, and it saves a lot of time which was previously spent editing, versioning, downloading, organizing and uploading. Our clients are happy to be able to control this entire process themselves - with only a single version of all images in one place, and without the need for any knowledge of image editing software.

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Stephanie Adams

Great system and wonderful customer service!

Reviewed 2015-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

We have had the Third Light IMS system since 2012 and I have absolutely no regrets about our purchase! I absolutely love it! We had a previous DAM system for several years before purchasing Third Light. We moved away from the other system because it lacked functionality that we needed and it was more expensive than Third Light as well. I researched several other DAM systems and found Third Light to be the best. Especially all that they offer for the price point! That was another huge plus for us since we're non-profit. I've been so happy with the move and I've received nothing but great feedback from our internal staff who use it quite often. Not only is the system great, but their Customer Service is outstanding!! I can honestly say that out of any other customer service that I have dealt with (no matter what the company) that Third Light has the best!! They are very timely and responsive, even if it's just to say that they are working on a solution for the problem. They are constantly coming out with updates to the system to make it even better than it already is! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a digital asset management system!

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Kelly Crawford

Cannot be beaten

Reviewed 2015-04-13
Review Source: Capterra

We have been customers of Third Light since 2008. It's a versatile product which they are continually enhancing. The support at Third Light is the best I have ever experienced from a software provider and they have always been responsive to customer feedback. For your average end-point user wishing to simply search and download an image it is simplicity itself, meaning that with parts of our library now integrated with our website, we haven't needed to provide instructions for our customers on how to use it. The site configuration is versatile, and along with the folder structures, has meant that we are currently in the process of rolling the IMS out to a sister company, whilst keeping each company's library separate and distinct. Integration with Windows AD means that anyone within our organisation can access the library at the appropriate level for their department without administrators having to set up an account for each new user. We carried out a routine review of the DAM software market last year and for functionality and price, nobody else came even close to what Third Light can offer.

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Third Light pricing

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Pricing options
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One time license
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30-day free trial available

Base pricing for packages as follows

Standard: £169 per month
Premium: £3499 per year
Enterprise: £6999 single payment

Third Light features

Customizable Branding
Social Media Integration
Third Party Integration

A/B Testing (144 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (214 other apps)
Campaign Analysis (188 other apps)
Campaign Management (167 other apps)
Content Management (169 other apps)
Customizable Templates (187 other apps)
Data Import/Export (143 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (196 other apps)
Engagement Analytics (164 other apps)
Monitoring (179 other apps)
Multi-Channel Marketing (150 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (147 other apps)
Real Time Data (139 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (197 other apps)
Social Network Marketing (138 other apps)

Additional information for Third Light

Key features of Third Light

  • Scalable asset management features up to Enterprise-level
  • Upload asset libraries to the cloud or store locally
  • Centralize media assets into one single secure collection
  • Manage files and assets within user-defined collections
  • Track, log and monitor all system/asset activities
  • Multiple user accounts for shared, collaborative access
  • Advanced features include support for video-based assets
  • Apply version controls and rights permissions to media
  • Automated hosted data backups and system updates
  • Shared access workspace with collaborative messaging tools
  • Advanced features include duplicate file detection
  • Integration with popular creative apps via dedicated plugins
  • Web portal offers customizable branding
  • Enterprise features include custom search fields & Metadata
  • Manage photos, graphics, logos, artwork and much more
  • Document and media file conversion across multiple formats
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Third Light centralizes the storage, organization, management and file sharing of assets spanning photos, graphics, video, audio and more.

Library tools for uploading media, editing, tagging, searching and browsing ensure easy collection management while controlling asset access.

Designed specifically to cater for shared access and collaboration, Third Light is available in three editions for small, medium and large teams.

Standard Edition introduces 150GB of storage with basic upload, search, edit, sharing and auditing tools along with FTP integrations.

Premium Edition offers 500GB of hosted storage, duplicate detection, version controls, multichannel content support and creative app plugins.

As an outright license, Enterprise Edition offers unlimited, localized storage, custom Meta data/fields, file serve modules and API access.

Securely accessible across all devices, Third Light features an intuitive web interface that can be fully customized to suit branding and workflow.