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AI-based creatives generation platform

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What users say about

I love being able to generate good looking ads for FB and having multiple options to choose from. The designs are clean and attractive.
All the creatives designed are same, there is no change. They have a set template which just fills in the image and titles that you add.
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monday marketer logo

monday marketer


Project Management Made Easy

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What users say about monday marketer

It is super easy to create, comment, and measure the progression of the tasks. If you manage a team and want to know how the projects are moving forward it's a great tool.
Previously everything was done through email and there was no collaboration between locations.
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Ziflow logo



Online proofing software for brands & marketing agencies

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What users say about Ziflow

It perfectly replaces another proofing system we loved for a fraction of the cost. Very user friendly with a beautiful interface.
I have a hard time thinking of something so bad I need to comment on it.
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Bynder logo



Digital Asset Management software to manage all your content

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What users say about Bynder

The search functions make it so incredible easy to find the asset you are looking for. Theres also a fun feature of being able to search by colour which is pretty cool.
This can leave major functionality missing and features not working while you wait for months if not years for a possible fix that's not even guaranteed.
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Filecamp logo



Digital Asset Management software

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What users say about Filecamp

I like that it's super easy to set up and very affordable, while solving 90% of my asset management issues.
Doc files cannot be viewed in a preview that is annoying because we have to download all the time the document, review it and upload them again.
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Wrike logo



Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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What users say about Wrike

The benefit of having all in one place is a great promise. And helps a lot that the entire team is using one single place for all organizational stuff.
It also makes the relevant conversations and files more difficult to track down, since they might be lost in any of these subtasks.
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Frontify logo



Cloud-based platform makes it easy to centralize your brand

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What users say about Frontify

Good solutions that are being improved upon. Also pretty great customer support when you need it.
What I am missing is a way to collaborate in real time with others on the same page in Frontify.
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Storyteq logo



Create, scale, and deliver your digital ad production.

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Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform helps creative teams scale their creative production for videos, HTML5 banners, and statics.

Easily manage, assign, or collaborate via our platform. With features like shared workspaces your creative teams, remote or local, will remain focused and consistent.

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Issuu logo



Content creation and distribution software for designers

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What users say about Issuu

It's been amazing for helping me make my business more efficient and it saves me money on postage. That's all a win in my book.
I had a really bad experience with this plugin. First of all because I no longer want to use their plugin and continued to charge me.
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Creatopy logo



The efficient and intuitive visual production platform

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What users say about Creatopy

Bannersnack is really an awesome platform that allows you to design beautiful animated designs in minutes. You can start designing from beginning or even you can select a layout from the gallery.
The redirect links to Bannersnack are confusing and sometimes not working. If this is how they treat paying customers, then I can't recommend this product to any agencies, graphic designers or anyone.
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Flow logo



Project management software tool.

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What users say about Flow

Great transparency for team members & leader. Not only for projects but also great for day to day taks in a team of specialists - give a great overview on who is working on what.
Limited in what is available on mobile. Lots of small errors on the IOS mobile.
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Flipsnack logo



Create magazines, catalogs, brochures and other publications

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What users say about Flipsnack

We loved the ease of use and the great customer service on the platform as well as how easy and secure the payment portal was.
The lack of inclusion in the app is the reason I will be removing my magazine from flipsnack. We needed the app platform for our readers to subscribe and view us consistently.
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ClickUp logo



Project management, task tracking, & professional goal tools

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What users say about ClickUp

Super easy to use, powerful features, ability to invite guests for FREE, Great technical support, lots of video tutorials available.
Too complex for an individual's needs, sometimes illogical, and a terrible android app is the icing on the cake.
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Kontentino logo



Social media management tool for agencies & brands

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What users say about Kontentino

I'm using Kontentino for all the social accounts of my clients and it has been a great help and time saving . Best scheduling software.
Sometimes you can get confused with the workflow especially in case of post rejection workflows.
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Function Point logo

Function Point


Project Management for Creative Agencies & In-house Teams

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What users say about Function Point

Overall we have enjoyed it, we are about to get our quickbooks integrated, so that will be nice - hope that it works great.
My biggest complaint is that when you make a mistake or key something that needs clarification, a dialog box requiring an action comes up nowhere near where you're currently working on the page.
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Airtable logo



Cloud-based organization & collaboration tool

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What users say about Airtable

There are premade templates that are great, and provides awesome insight on how powerful the software really is. I frequently use their social media calendar, and the project list.
What I dislike most about this software is that I cannot type extended sentences in one box. Whenever I try to paste a long sentence or paragraph the words go into the rows beneath.
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Workamajig logo



Project & workflow management for the creative industry

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What users say about Workamajig

We are a small company, but the system works well for us, and offers huge potential to grow as a company, a step in the right direction. Thank you to Workamajig and to the their amazing support team.
Single worst piece of software I have ever had and I’m embarrassed that I was one of the biggest advocates to move to it. Designed for shops the churn out tasks, not full service marketing agencies.
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Filestage logo



For teams to manage their content review process

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What users say about Filestage

It was so user friendly and very very organized. I was clear at what stage we were on at each stage of our approval processes.
I had a bit of trouble with the annotation feature early on. It turns out the google adblock plugin breaks some of the code so I just disabled it on
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DBGallery logo



Digital Asset Management for small to large teams.

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What users say about DBGallery

Great easy to use Digital Asset Management System with FANTASTIC customer service.
It is difficult to tell how which subfolder a photo is in and if there are duplicates in other folders.
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Pixis CoCreate logo

Pixis CoCreate


Artificial intelligence-powered creative management software

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Pixis CoCreate is a creative management tool that enables firms to enhance brand identity by providing AI-powered technologies. Key features include customizable templates, secure database, content management, activity dashboard, approval process control, notifications, and workflow management.

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Brandfolder logo



Cloud-based digital asset management and sharing platform

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What users say about Brandfolder

The onboarding team and support were super helpful every step of the way and ensured that we were ready to have a successful launch for our employees.
As with any software, having a dedicated admin is necessary and a lack thereof can be frustrating.
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Trello logo



Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

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What users say about Trello

So natural to utilize Very visual Price is correct Easy to add/eliminate individuals Search ability is superb.
The accidental "drag/move/delete" is scary for us because you can accidentally move a card when you're just trying to scroll over on the screen and that can be problematic.
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CreativeSPACES logo



Creative asset management

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CreativeSPACES is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for businesses that produce creative content, which provides features such as file backup, change synchronization, cloud storage, progress tracking, search functionality, and more.

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Widen Collective logo

Widen Collective


Digital asset management with service beyond compare

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What users say about Widen Collective

I like that Widen is an easy way to find assets. It is helpful for a large company--because everyone knows where to find the assets that they need.
Sometimes it gives corrupted error. I wished it could have given the corrupt error while I am uploading files.
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Mailchimp logo



Email and advertising marketing automation platform

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What users say about Mailchimp

I've had a very positive experience. The help desk was able to respond to some of my questions pretty quickly, I like the functionality and my emails look good.
I have had instances where the emails sometimes end up in the spam folder or promotions folder, which can be annoying and needs to be figured out.
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