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Tipalti logo



Finance automation that cuts 80% of your manual finance work

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Tipalti automates the entire affiliate payments lifecycle for performance marketing networks, from onboarding to tax/regulatory compliance, and global payments. Used by GoDaddy, PubMatic, StackExchange, WP Engine, and many more.

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Integral logo



Cloud-based direct selling platform

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Integral, hosted with Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based platform that supports businesses across several different industries. The software helps recruit, develop, and retain field sales force on a unified platform.

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Post Affiliate Pro logo

Post Affiliate Pro


Manage your Affiliate and Referral programs like a PRO

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Post Affiliate Pro will help you set up and manage your Affiliate program. Post Affiliate Pro is reliable, intuitive, and infinitely expandable affiliate software. Start recruiting and managing your affiliates and grow your sales with affiliate marketing. Integrates with over 200+ CMS systems.

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InviteReferrals logo



Referral marketing software

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InviteReferrals is a powerful and yet simple to integrate referral program / Affiliate software that helps to grow your business and acquire new customers.

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PayKickstart logo



Hassle-free subscription billing and affiliate management.

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PayKickstart is an industry-leading billing and affiliate management platform for subscription-based businesses.

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Referral Factory logo

Referral Factory


Simple referral marketing software. No coding required!

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Plug & play referral software to build your own referral program. Works with HubSpot, Stripe, Pipedrive, Zoho, Salesforce, Intercom, Zapier, and more. Over 200 options for rewards and incentives too. Sign up, build a referral program, and ask your customers to spread the word. No coding required!

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Kartra logo



Kartra, the all-in-one business platform

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Kartra is the all-in-one platform to run your business. Kartra comes with a built-in affiliate management system that screens affiliate applicants with questionnaires, tailors commission structures, generates affiliate links, and even automatically pays your affiliates based on parameters you set.

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Voluum logo



Track all your digital campaigns in one place!

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Voluum is a performance tracking software for affiliate marketers, agencies and media buyers.

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PartnerStack logo



Partner marketing and referral tracking

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PartnerStack is the only partnerships platform built for SaaS, designed to deliver predictable revenue and accelerate growth for software businesses and their partners.

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AffiliateWP logo



WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing

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AffiliateWP is a cloud-based affiliate marketing solution for professionals and businesses to set up and run affiliate programs on WordPress. The marketing plugin helps promote products or services, track and pay commissions, analyze campaign progress, manage affiliate registrations and more.

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AiTrillion logo



All-in-one Marketing Automation Platform

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AiTrillion is a SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled, all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce sellers.

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Omnistar Affiliate logo

Omnistar Affiliate


Referral software for SMBs & large businesses

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OSI Affiliate Software is an affiliate marketing platform that helps you get more traffic and sales by making it easier for your affiliates to refer you.

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UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing logo

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing


Build and Manage With Affiliate Marketing

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UpPromote is the top recommended affiliate/referral app on Shopify. With this all-in-one solution, you can build and manage your marketing campaign. Our mission is to bring businesses to as many people as possible and provide the tools to help brands manage and expand the affiliate team.

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LeadDyno logo



Affiliate tracking software

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Affiliate tracking made easy. Recruit and manage affiliates, coordinate marketing promotions and pay their commissions. LeadDyno works on any website.

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Phonexa logo



Cloud-based all-in-one marketing platform

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Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing software with a suite of eight products for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and more. The company services D2C companies with high-volume consumer traffic. Industries include financial services, insurance, home services, legal, real estate, and Healthcare.

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Affise logo



Performance marketing for networks, advertisers & agencies

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Affise is a performance marketing software for networks, advertisers & agencies to manage their affiliate networks, track traffic, & optimize their results

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Referral Rock logo

Referral Rock


Get more customers with referral software on autopilot

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Affiliate marketing software on autopilot – more referrals, lower cost to acquire customers. Make it easy for customers to share on the platforms they use most.

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Freedom logo



Multi-level marketing software for direct selling businesses

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Freedom helps businesses of all sizes manage compensation plans, customers, inventory, leads, orders, commissions, and more. We offer Direct Selling, MLM, Party Plan, Affiliate, Influencer, & Referral Marketing businesses the latest technology to launch, scale, and grow.

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Ventture logo



Business suite to create online courses & membership website

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Ventture is an integrated business suite that helps enterprises create online courses, design membership websites, and generate discount coupons on a unified platform. With Invanto’s MemberFactory application, stakeholders can organize memberships and customize the layout of membership websites.

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Circlewise logo



In-house affiliate marketing software

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Circlewise is the Partnership Management Software of choice for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. Our software allows advertisers to efficiently manage their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks enabling them to scale their affiliate marketing indefinitely.

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Moonio logo



Influencer marketing made efficient

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Moonio offers a comprehensive set of tools for brands and creators to connect, and all the necessary features to run hassle-free, successful collaborations.

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TUNE logo



Partner marketing platform (formerly HasOffers)

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TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the industry’s most flexible SaaS solution for managing marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Customers can maximize ROI from onboarding through payout with their most important partners, including affiliates, influencers, networks, advertisers, and more.

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Tapfiliate logo



Affiliate & referral tracking software for eCommerce & SaaS

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Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliate tracking software that enables eCommerce & SaaS companies both large and small to set up, track & optimize their own affiliate marketing programs.

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Everflow logo



Partner Marketing Platform - Track, Analyze & Automate

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Everflow is an Affiliate Tracking Platform for modern marketers. Breakdown reporting on your best performers, stop fraud, and automate optimization.

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Revetize logo



Business marketing software for small businesses

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Revetize is a business marketing software designed to help small, local businesses manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS, customer follow-ups and loyalty campaigns all in one place and distribute these interactions via text, email, voicemail and pen-written letters.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Affiliate Software

Are you a marketing professional looking to expand your reach and drive sales through affiliate marketing but don't have hours to spend setting up and managing an affiliate program? If yes, then affiliate software can help.

With the right affiliate software, marketers can easily set up and manage multiple affiliate programs, freeing time for you to focus on other important business aspects. These tools automate affiliate onboarding, contracting, reporting, activity tracking, and payments in an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing and tracking software provides an easier and more efficient way of creating, managing, and scaling your own affiliate program.

This guide will cover what affiliate software is, the benefits of affiliate tools, common features, and more.

What is affiliate software?

Affiliate software enables businesses to set up and manage an affiliate marketing program—a performance-based marketing strategy in which businesses reward affiliates for each customer brought to them by the affiliate's marketing efforts. These tools help businesses manage all aspects of an affiliate marketing program, from affiliate onboarding and referral management to commission management. With features such as affiliate tracking, lead generation, and affiliate campaign management, the software enables marketing teams to grow their referral programs, pay affiliate commissions, and track the activities of affiliate partners.

Affiliate marketing software can be used by businesses to track referrals, recommendations, or endorsements made by an individual or a business to purchase their products or services. The tool also has built-in fraud detection to ensure the safety of online business processes.

What are some common features of affiliate software?

  • Affiliate campaign management: Oversee and coordinate affiliate campaigns—from recruiting affiliates, setting commission rates and payment schedules, providing affiliates with promotional materials, and tracking links to monitoring the affiliate performance.

  • Banner management: Create and manage banner advertisements, typically placed on websites, social media platforms, or other online platforms to promote products and services. The banner management feature also encompasses performance tracking (number of clicks, impressions, and conversion rate) and A/B testing.

  • Fraud detection: Identify and prevent fraudulent activities in an affiliate marketing campaign, including fake clicks and impressions, fake leads or sales, and affiliates who engage in deceptive or unethical practices. An affiliate marketing tool detects fraud using various tools and techniques, such as link tracking, internet protocol, conversion tracking, and manual review.

  • Lead generation: Manage the process of attracting and converting business prospects into leads. Businesses provide affiliates with a range of promotional materials and tracking links, such as banner ads, text links, and landing pages, which they use to promote the business's products or services to their audience and track the leads they generate through the software.

What are the benefits of affiliate software?

  • Enhances marketing campaign management: Affiliate marketing software tracks, manages, and allows easy accessibility to campaigns in one convenient and centralized location. These tools provide businesses with real-time data and detailed reports on the performance of their affiliates. This helps businesses identify which affiliates drive the most traffic or sales and adjust their performance-marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Automates affiliate marketing procedures: Affiliate software automates many of the manual tasks associated with affiliate marketing, such as tracking clicks, impressions, and sales, as well as managing affiliates and paying commissions. This frees up time and resources for businesses to focus on other day-to-day tasks.

  • Builds trust with affiliates: Affiliate software improves security by implementing measures such as secure login, sensitive data encryption, and regular security updates. It includes fraud detection and IP blocking to prevent unauthorized access to the system, ensuring that the information of both the company and its affiliates is protected. This helps build trust with affiliates and ensures that the affiliate marketing program runs smoothly.

  • Offers customization flexibility: Affiliate software allows businesses to customize their affiliate marketing programs to meet their specific needs and goals. This includes the ability to set different commission rates for different affiliates, as well as to offer a variety of promotional materials and marketing tools to affiliates. Many affiliate software programs use encryption to protect sensitive data, such as financial information and personal details, from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Besides that, these affiliate tracking software solutions often include access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access certain areas of the program. This helps prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the software.

What is the cost of affiliate software?

Affiliate management software costs fall in the following price ranges*:

  • $15 - $99

  • $100 - $139

  • $139+

Most affiliate marketing platforms in the market are priced on a “per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

What are the key questions to ask when choosing affiliate software?

  • Does your software offer real-time reporting? Ensure that the reporting capabilities of the software are designed for your affiliate marketing needs. Most affiliate marketing platforms include an affiliate dashboard with robust reporting (e.g., total conversions, conversion amount, and commission amount) on every level of your program, which enables you to optimize performance to drive your affiliate program effectively.

  • How well does the tool integrate with other software solutions? Consider whether the software can easily integrate with your existing technology stack and affiliate commission structure. It’s crucial to choose end-to-end software that delivers functionality that fits your specific needs.

  • Does it offer affiliate customization capabilities? The ability to own, brand, and customize various affiliate programs is key to providing a personalized experience, as it allows you to build strong relationships with partners and affiliates. An effective affiliate marketing and tracking software solution will offer a myriad of customization options on the platform.

  • What kind of lead generation services does your software offer? An ideal tool provides commission management, affiliate tracking and reporting, integration with social media platforms, email marketing, and landing page and website building. Before investing in a solution, check whether the affiliate platform covers the lead generation channels your business requires to grow its customer base.

  • How robust is your solution’s customer support? Occasionally, users can experience software bugs. Other times, navigating a particular section of a tool can be confusing. Whatever the reason, the best affiliate software should have a quick and easily accessible customer support team for 24x7 assistance in case of any queries or software-specific issues.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp’s affiliate software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in the GetApp’s directory that offer them.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of January 09, 2023. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products. The above list includes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher may include additional features such as unlimited affiliates, unlimited payouts, lifetime commissions, recurring referrals, coupon codes, custom affiliate slugs, Google Analytics, and push notifications.