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Sarbacane logo

Sarbacane® - Emailing, SMS, automation & conseils marketing

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Sarbacane is an emailing & SMS marketing solution for the most ambitious, who want to succeed and be RGPD compliant.

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Curata logo

Content marketing & content curation

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Curata provides a content marketing platform that enables marketers to grow leads and revenue with content, including: curation to fuel content engines; editorial calendar and workflow to optimize content creation; and analytics to learn what works and to drive decisions.

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Longtail UX logo

Customer acquisition software

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The LongtailUX customer acquisition platform is a bolt-on upgrade that helps empower marketers to launch thousands of relevant, multi-product landing pages at scale for every channel.

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Marigold Engage by Sailthru logo

Marketing automation for e-commerce

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Marigold Engage by Sailthru is a marketing automation software and multi-channel personalization tool that serves growing e-commerce and media brands. The software allows you to personalize customer experiences on every channel, including email, website, mobile, social and offline.

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PageFly logo

Drag & drop Shopify store optimization software

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PageFly is a drag-and-drop-based software package for creating and optimizing Shopify stores, the aim of which is to increase both conversion rates and sales figures. The editor can be used to create various pages such as homepages, landing pages, and product pages.

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NOLA logo

Auto dialer solution for call centers and debt collectors

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NOLA AUTOMATION is an auto dialer solution that helps call centers communicate with customers via various methods including outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more. It allows sales teams to analyze customer journey by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans.

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Otowui logo

Email Template Builder Landing Page Template Builder

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Otowui offers you template builders that simply create a unique harmonized experience. Perfect email rendering across all platforms. Multi-compatibility with Marketing Automation Platform. Our modules are at the forefront of the latest trends and being constantly updated.

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BaseKit logo

Robust digital products you can brand as your own.

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Our white label website builder, e-commerce and bookings software is designed to help your customers do more online.

The most powerful way to leverage BaseKit is via our API. It allows you to create the perfect integration for your business.

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Publitrac logo

Online marketing automation and performance tracking

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PUBLITRAC is an on-demand web marketing automation suite that makes it easy to create, automate and measure your online marketing efforts to achieve the best possible ROI without the tremendous efforts and manual labor involved with traditional marketing solutions.

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Verbolia logo

SEO tool for creating and launching optimized landing pages

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Verbolia is a search engine optimization (SEO) software, which helps businesses create and launch optimized landing pages. It lets marketing teams access relevant keywords, add or remove existing keywords, and capture information related to monthly search volume and number of matching products.

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Funnel Wolf logo

Website building, sales, and marketing management platform

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Funnel Wolf is a website building and marketing management software, which helps businesses design custom websites and create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns. Organizations can use the drag-and-drop capabilities to add widgets and customize themes, colors, and font styles across websites.

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Wix Enterprise logo

Powerful Website Solutions For Scale

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Wix Enterprise provides website solutions for any business need.

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Users also considered logo

Full-text search tool

learn more is a full-text search tool and website intelligence platform that helps create custom search results based on the product preference. It lets businesses embed suggested results to promote similar search related products and view entire search reports or analytics via the backend.

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Intellimize logo

Website personalization solution for B2B and ecommerce.

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Intellimize is an experience optimization and personalization SaaS platform that uses AI to dynamically personalize website experiences.

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Shogun logo

Page Builder and A/B testing software

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Shogun offers a comprehensive suite of optimization, personalization, and visual merchandising tools built for ecommerce. 35,000+ brands across the world trust Shogun with their ecommerce storefront. Try Shogun for free.

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Paige logo

AI Landing Page Builder & Web Assistant

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Paige is a website builder platform that helps users construct and host pixel-perfect websites for businesses, requiring no technical, design, or copywriting expertise. It also offers agency and corporate plans.

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Experiture logo

Cloud-based marketing platform

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Experiture is an online marketing platform that provides marketing automation and customer engagement solutions to small & mid-sized businesses

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Callmaker logo

Automatic callbacks for website visitors within 25 seconds

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Callmaker provides companies with call ordering widgets and automatically calls website visitors within 25 seconds of their phone number being submitted

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InstaBuilder logo

Drag-and-drop software for creating high converting pages

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InstaBuilder is a web-based drag-and-drop software designed to help businesses create high converting pages for their sales funnels. It lets marketing teams select elements by clicking on them and drag and drop their way to high converting sales pages.

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JoonWeb logo

A professional website builder

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Anyone who wishes to turn their idea into a reality by using a secure and reliable website. Whether you're a self-creator, a small business, or a large multinational, JoonWeb can handle it all.

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DevHub logo

Location-focused digital marketing platform

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DevHub is the only location-focused digital marketing platform that activates a brand's presence through localized experiences.

Award winning technology. DevHub’s location-focused enterprise platforms are easy to use and configured specifically for your brand’s unique needs: Websites, Landing Pages

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NinjaSites logo

Grow Your Business like the Fortune 500

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NinjaSites by 500apps is a website builder where you can create a website with an easy drag and drop builder with pre-defined templates, built-in SEO, and more features. You will get free SSL certification to secure your website or blog.

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LumisXP logo

Cloud-based digital experience platform

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LumisXP is a cloud-based software that helps the marketing team gain insights on various websites, blogs, and landing page metrics on a unified platform.

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Atipso logo


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? Launch Great Campaigns
? Build Apps Easily
? Share Across Networks

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Makaira logo

Advanced, flexible and easy-to-use e-commerce CMS/storefront

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Makaira’s feature list includes a page builder where users can create their content in an easy-to-use backend tool. Modules for search, dynamic product recommendations, and much more can be implemented with a simple drag-and-drop system.

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