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Elmo Solutions

Live, bidirectional CAD-ERP integration of Bill of Materials

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Elmo Solutions overview

Agni Link is a bidirectional program that creates a link between the CAD and ERP systems. With Agni Link, you will be able to not only create, but also update Bill of Materials (BoM) and routing data in the ERP system from within his CAD application, all under full control. Bidirectionality means that only valid data can be brought into the ERP system. It also allows the automatic population all of the CAD data needed by merely selecting an Item Number from a dropdown list.


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Elmo Solutions screenshotHow the Agni Link CAD-ERP data integration helped Bob Designer love his job againElmo Solutions screenshotElmo Solutions screenshotCAD-ERP Integration - Elmo Solutions' Agni Link Solution for SolidWorks/Autodesk + Dynamics NAVAdding a New Mapping in an Agni Link Configuration

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Finally someone understood this!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-01-23
Review Source: Capterra

time saving, less mistakesHaving given up years ago finding software to do BOM transcription a smart way I finally discovered Agni-link. Being a manufacturing-to-order company we create lots of new components every day that must be manufactured. Before Agni-link, we had to manually create new item numbers; filling in BOM's, adding routings in the ERP system. Now we do all of this without using the ERP interface! All is done via the Agni link -CAD user interface, where you check/enter required information on parts and assemblies: Synchronize and viola, you have created new items according to the rules setup in the configuration file, ensuring no mistakes in the ERP. It functions not only for parts but whole assemblies as well, so no risk of numeric mix-up in the various BOM levels: What you see in the assembly drawing is what you get. This software simply connects the graphical world of CAD with the sometimes confusing side to ERP systems.

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AgniLink CAD to ERP connector

Reviewed 2016-05-20
Review Source: GetApp

Great system to save tedious manual data transfer from Cad BOM to manufacturing software. The new version 6 has greatly improved the ease of use and data transfer speeds. Configuration tools allow customisation of default data types to minimise repetitive data filling.Ensures data integrity, automatically transfer all BOM and Routing data and works well with versioning and revisions. Extensive customisation possibilities. AgniLink programmers very willing to assist with any problems encountered.

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Key features of Elmo Solutions

  • Integrates CAD and ERP systems
  • Manages the CAD and ERP data integration by itself
  • No time to manage this, easy does it.
  • You're done with BoMs
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • No more redundant data entry for your employees
  • No mistakes on the factory floor.
  • Eliminate one of your choke points.
  • No cons, just pros.
  • Considerable increase in capacity.
  • Reduce your design time by 25%
  • No mistakes on the factory floor.
  • Again.. no more mistakes on the factory floor.
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Efficiency
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• Reduce Design Time by Up To 25%
• Quick Return On Investment (ROI)
• Data always in sync
• Elimination of costly errors on factory floor
• No more redundant data entry
• No. Programming. Ever.
• Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)