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Azzier CMMS

Web based CMMS solution for industries

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Azzier CMMS overview

Azzier CMMS from Tero Consulting is a web-based maintenance management solution accessible through a browser on PC or any mobile device. The solution does not require a mobile app or module and can be fully tailored to meet the specific needs of users. The maintenance management solution can be implemented in various industries including Industrial manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Government, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare.

Major functionalities of Azzier CMMS include asset management, work management, project management, preventive maintenance, materials & procurement management, labor management and service management. The solution helps organizations to maximize resource utilization and maintenance tasks which in turn optimize business operations. The project management feature allows users to efficiently plan work schedules by applying defined business rules.

Azzier CMMS helps in inventory management by recording and controlling material movement and calibrating stock levels. It further supports electronic bar coding that ensures availability of parts at any point in time. With the help of a user-defined framework, the solution allows users to establish procurement policies for the entire organization.

Azzier CMMS can also be installed on-premise depending on the preference of the user organization. The solution is implemented in a phased manner to ensure all the aspects of software specification, design, testing and integration. Training is also offered by Tero Consulting to administrators and end users.


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Azzier CMMS screenshot: Standard templates are available for multiple industriesAzzier CMMS IntroductionAzzier CMMS screenshot: The Azzier CMMS web based interfaceAzzier CMMS screenshot: The Azzier CMMS work order module with receiving and purchasing functionalitiesAzzier CMMS screenshot: Azzier CMMS allows users to customize schedules and workloadsAzzier CMMS screenshot: Azzier CMMS allows users to generate reports

Azzier CMMS reviews

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tom ng

Very good CMMS for mid-sized companies

Reviewed 2009-08-05
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, the staff at Tero has been very supportive and timely in responding to bug fixes and addressing our needs, from the President of the company to their tech support. In our instance, our installation was somewhat unique because we requested new additions to meet our accounting needs, such as account payable, invoicing, exporting to a general ledger software from a 3rd party. Tero has been working with the accounting and IT staff to extensively. Although WW rolled out in my company with some glitches, the problems were small compared to the overwhelming support from its users. No matter what CMMS you end up with, there will be teething pains and tweakings that must be done to suit your needs. There are other EAM software that can do way more, but their price tags are also north of the $500,000 range; they are much more complex to implement (e.g., taking 1 year to roll out one module out of many), compared to what is a mid-range price for WW.WW is very easy to use. I have feedback from many staff members (from computer-savvy to tech-challenged) is that it is a great product. With a week's worth of training, most users were able to immerse themselves into the software. The ASP version has been extremely fast with no lags. The fact that there is an auditing trail for every input/edit to the database is a great plus, and while the security/permission settings for the individual users took us a little while to figure out, it has been extremely valuable because any changes to the data can be tracked to the user, and permissive rights can be modified quickly so there are no outwardly obvious ways to harm the data. And we all know, the content is worth much more that whatever price you paid for the software. Reports are highly customizable, and if you know what you want you can pull it out; the data is exportable or at least you can copy and past to Excel to run customized queries and pivot tables.

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Jill Waldo

Reviewed 2013-05-22
Review Source: Software Advice

The Town of Hinton, with a population of just under 10,000, is an active community with excellent municipal, recreational and cultural facilities. Already utilizing a Computerized Maintenance Management System, in 2009, the Town decided to source out a system that was more comprehensive to accommodate our growing needs as well as one that was more user friendly. We found the perfect system in Web Work. The Sales Team from Tero was very knowledgeable and provided us with in depth information, answered all of our questions, compiled modules that would work best for our operations, including hands-on training. The tech team at Tero then made the transition to the Web Work system seamless, quick and easy. Presently all municipal staff as well as lessees of Town facilities have access to and are using Web Work for the electronic submission of all work requests. It has really made it easy to receive prompt notification of problems arising in all of our facilities and to respond with the manpower and tools to rectify the issue. We also generate the Preventative Maintenance schedules for equipment and liability checks on our Parks and Playgrounds. Through this process we have reduced costs by improving maintenance operations and protecting our assets. We can track time and materials spent, and budget accordingly, each year based on the results from the simple to use reporting features that Web Work offers. The Web Work system has been reliable and stable; the support team has been first rate, friendly, and always prompt in replying to any questions or requests we have. Web Work has proven to be the ideal system to house our municipality’s assets, as well as other links to information such as Bill of Sale, Operating Manuals, parts, photos, and links to other service providers and suppliers, all which are accessible with just a click of the mouse. Web Work has saved us time and money by accurately monitoring the municipality’s assets and their attributes; we highly recommend it to meet all of your maintenance management needs.

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Web Works uses and support

Reviewed 2009-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

The Huntsville city schools highly recommend the Tero Web Work order System. We can capture much needed information about our schools and equipment and in return this information helps us to maintain our schools and centers to proper working conditions for our students and staff. The support team at Tero is a great staff to work with. They are knowledgeable and informative. They answer all our request and questions in a timely manner.Web works is very user-friendly & a useful tool to capture cost associated with the schools and centers.The system is set to give limited access to each user group.The equipment module provides information on various equipment & vehicles which assists to capture cost & support budget planning.The procedure module and preventative maintenance program to insure proper operation on equipment & to winterize facilities & sport centers.The vendor module allows the location,inventory items & contact information to be accessed.The work order system will capture hours & all the material cost associated with the school & equipment.The purchasing module allows input of each item purchased & receives the inventoried items to the cost center.The reports module is a useful tool in capturing: work performed,actual hours,material cost,number of work orders & purchase orders Reports are published to superivors,data entry, & upper management to check cost variance,cost efficiency and for budget planning

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Kalin Stoyanov

Reviewed 2013-05-22
Review Source: Software Advice

The Vancouver Resource Society is an accredited non-profit organization providing accessible housing with support services to people with disabilities. We own and operate 18 group homes and units in 3 apartment buildings, providing housing and care for about 140 individuals. Prior to WebWorks, maintenance was done by faxing "Maintenance Requests" to Head Office. Forms were lost, misplaced, and not appropriately tracked. Clients, staff and managers were all able to complete and fax in the forms. As a result, the quality of maintenance and repairs suffered. Clients were waiting for months in some cases for simple maintenance such as leaky fawcets, painting, appliance repair. There was little or no accountability. Our organization uses Web Work version 6.4.08, which was first implemented in May 2010. Within 3 months, every site supervisor and maintenance manager was trained on the system. TERO was great in providing the initial training, customer support and follow up. I was provided with additional training as needed. As a result of implementing Web Works, we have significantly reduced paper use, as all requests are now filed electronically. We have improved productivity significantly, as fewer people are able to electronically input maintenance requests, which has largely eliminated bogus entries and wasted time. In addition, the maintenance department is now accountable for any outstanding work, and the Maintenance Manager and myself have weekly meetings where we discuss outstanding requests and completion times. The feedback from clients and site supervisors/managers has been positive - the system is user-friendly. Accreditation has also benefited from the implementation of Web Work, as we can now show how many maintenance requests are being input, how long it takes, and what is the completion percentage.

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Gordon Armstrong

Powerful CMMS

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-25
Review Source: Capterra

We Started using Azzier in 2015 and were a little taken back by the size and power of the system. After some training we realized how much we could actually do with the system. From Work Orders to Purchasing we have it all now. Although we only use a small portion of the program. We are using the Work Orders and request. PM's, Equipment/Locations and inventory modules. There is far more than we could use but will be expanding as we go. the support we received has been excellent thus far.Its very powerful and flexible. The customization of each screen is a great feature. The speed of the system over our cell phones is great.

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Azzier CMMS features

Activity Dashboard
Compliance Management

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Additional information for Azzier CMMS

Key features of Azzier CMMS

  • Manage lifecycle of company assets
  • Asset maintenance management
  • Scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Resource utilization
  • Project management and planning
  • Optimum labor utilization
  • Real-time data triggers
  • Easy to use interface
  • Optimized stocking levels
  • Electronic bar coding
  • Supply chain management
  • Adaptable procurement management
  • Business intelligent solutions
  • Real time dashboard
  • Service management
  • Historical reporting
  • Regulatory and safety compliance
  • Improve organizational communication
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● Azzier CMMS offers connectivity to multiple platforms and devices allowing users to access the maintenance solution on any device.

● Azzier CMMS' project management functionality provides all critical data points in real time to ensure asset performance is maximized and the workforce is optimally utilized.

● The solution manages the complete lifecycle of complex enterprise assets and streamlines maintenance performance with business objectives.

● Azzier CMMS can be customized to prepare user-defined modules, screen, fields and features that meet the requirement of each department within the organization.

● Analytics and reporting features update users with relevant information to ensure planning and budgeting analysis is carried out on recent data.