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BINOCS overview

What is BINOCS?

Binocs is a web-based resource management solution suitable to meet the volatile demands of laboratories, quality control, quality assurance, and R&D facilities. The solution provides an overview of ongoing projects and helps in optimizing the workload with the available resources. Binocs automates demand planning by capturing demand, defining workload, distributing and assigning tasks, analyzing project progress, and monitoring KPIs in real-time for completing projects on time.

With Binocs, businesses can structure incoming demands under multiple channels and define their routine works and actions. The solution also helps in capturing large volumes of demand and assigning resources as per their availability. Binocs comes with an intuitive interface for entering demand information, monitoring project progress, and managing capacity through a single screen. The solution enables managers to define teams' capabilities and evaluate the resources suitable to specific tasks. The solution also facilitates resource sharing within multiple projects during peak demands.

Binocs allows businesses to define expectations for both internal and external stakeholders which can be compared at any time of project execution. Businesses can use dashboards, multiple views, pivot tables and charts to display information in an interactive graphical pattern. Binocs allows businesses to create 'what if' scenarios for their workflows to address multiple outcomes of a project simultaneously. The tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for automated tools to handle multiple projects.


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BINOCS screenshot: Integrate with other business applications to capture demandsBINOCS screenshot: Assign time and resource to projectsBINOCS screenshot: Track and compare project progressBINOCS screenshot: Check resource availabilityBINOCS screenshot: Track live progress and generate insightsBINOCS screenshot: Monitor ongoing progressBINOCS screenshot: Use charts for reporting and analysisBINOCS screenshot: Define scenarios for project deliveryBINOCS screenshot: Assign multiple resources for collaborative workspaceBINOCS screenshot: Track and update project schedules

BINOCS user reviews

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Édith Beaulieu

Binocs implementation at NEOMED-LABS

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-08-27
Review Source: Capterra

We appreciated the availability of the technical support team during the implementation.

•Access to a showcase environment of Binocs to test and familiarize ourselves with the application •Binocs Academy provides clear information on the use of the application •Binocs provides better visibility of incoming demand and corresponding workload •The use of scenarios allows to resolve capacity issues that were encountered •Binocs is user friendly, not required to be an IT expert to administer the system •Minimal effort required for master data input •Reporting tool is extremely powerful and versatile •Regular updates performed to optimize the use of the application following feedback from users

•Understanding of the planning algorithm is slightly complex and more time is required to properly interpret the reports

Response from Bluecrux

thanks for this review and congratulations with the swift implementation you and the team have been engaged in. You did excellent work!
We will continue to extend Binocs with features that help Neomed in serving their customers at the highest level.
Kind regards,
The Binocs team

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BINOCS features

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Additional information for BINOCS

Key features of BINOCS

  • Create 'what if' scenarios
  • Employee leave management
  • Workload assignment and distribution
  • Generate insights
  • Collaborative workspace
  • User friendly interface
  • Time allocation and reporting
  • Demand forecasting
  • Demand planning
  • Track multiple demand channels
  • Track work progress
  • Project management
  • Project time tracking
  • Calculate resource requirements
  • Workforce management
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Scenario management
  • Integrate with other IT applications
  • Competences management
  • Prioritize workloads
  • Task & resource scheduling
  • Group scheduling
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Track turnaround times
  • Binocs API
  • Variable workforce
  • Filtered search
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• Binocs offers complete visibility of incoming demands and corresponding workload so that businesses can plan their resources accordingly.

• The solution enables managers to proactively align the resources best suitable for a task as per their availability.

• With Binocs, businesses can monitor various performance KPIs such as turnaround time, productivity and adherence planning.

• Binocs offers a real-time dashboard from which users can view a comprehensive list of tasks to be performed and track live project status.

• Users can create multiple scenarios using 'what if' conditions to address and compare outcomes in different situations.