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Make any process easier to understand, execute and improve.

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1. Understand
Make it easy to understand what should be done, why it is needed, who is responsible and how it is done.

2. Execute
Make sure that tasks and registrations are done, monitored and archived at the right time.

3. Improve
Capture issues and ideas in the right context, make changes and communicate in one, integrated flow.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Danish, English, German screenshot: Process Hierarchy: Select a built-in process template, or create your own.Quality Management Tools | Business Process Management Tools | screenshot: Process Mapping: Anyone can map and change simple processes directly in the browser. screenshot: Rights assigned by process: Delegate the responsibility of managing and executing each screenshot: Work Instructions with any activity. Use video, standard styles, links, files and link to your Google screenshot: Checklists and Tasks: Add recurring tasks to any activity in any screenshot: Discussions: Capture Q&A, issues and ideas in the right context. It's all screenshot: Task History: Track if critical tasks get done in time. Report for screenshot: Job Descriptions: Describe roles and assign co-workers to roles. This way everyone knows "who does what" screenshot: Personal overview: Each user sees just the roles, activities and tasks that are relevant to screenshot: Dashboard: Monitor and find your worst performing processes across your screenshot: Native Android and iOS apps let you show only tasks and work instructions to co-workers that are not working in offices.6 Minute Gluu Overview reviews


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Rod Upward

Gluu is a Must Try Paperless Process Application

Reviewed 2014-06-17
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I really like Gluu's elegant simplicity. It is precisely what I thought it would be and that is great. In my mind, it almost seems crazy to say, because it is so self evident. However, since the late 80s, I have spent considerable amounts of time simply educating decision makers about why and how process mapping can improve the organisation. Gluu takes this notion to the next level and provides a vehicle for organisations to reflect on their processes in a dynamic way. However, if people don't get why process mapping is important, (or are defensive or fearful of it), to begin with, they won't get the significance of Gluu as an organisational tool. I highly recommend trying it out. Why not, the first four processes are free so it is an app you can play around with. For any 'start up' or small business this is a must have process solution to help you turbo charge process improvement into the future. Rod Upward Organisational Development / Biz Transformation ConsultantElegant simplicity Makes reflecting upon and updating organisational processes a breeze Makes collaborating on, reviewing and enhancing organisational processes a pleasure Able to access and use one to four processes for free without a time limit.

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Gwen Meyer

Business Processing Mapping for SME's

Reviewed 2014-06-18
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Although I have had experience with large BPM projects in other countries using tools such as ARIS, QPR, Intalio, VISIO etc., these are not options for the smaller company i.e. SME. The political and economic environment in Zimbabwe is challenging and I need something that will allow me to map and document existing processes quickly, simply and cost effectively. I am trying to engender a fairly detailed level of understanding of the key activities/processes, clarify roles and develop process ownership and accountability from a small, relatively unsophisticated user base. I am also developing job descriptions for each role as I go along…as part of an evolving performance management system. I am delighted and excited to have found to facilitate all of this, and so am doing a proof of concept for the Owner-MD, using one or two focus areas. We intend to then upgrade to allow us to work through more processes. By the way, I see a huge market here for this tool and so will be looking at it for some more of my clients in time… * Quick and easy to use * Allows all relevant process information to be stored in one place (central repository) * Socially interactive structure engenders participation & idea generation * Affordable

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Jim R. Winther

Gluu is great for getting top management and process owners involved in quality management....

Reviewed 2015-03-12
Review Source

Gluu is great for getting top management and process owners involved in quality management. I have 20 years experience with quality management in the food industry (ISO 22000 & ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). The challenge has always been how to engage colleagues beyond the quality function and how to ensure continuous improvement. Gluu is a great tool for making this easier. I can highly recommend it to quality managers.

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Marianne Mølgaard Christensen


Reviewed 2015-05-12
Review Source

“We have recently started on our journey towards continuous improvement here at Bisnode. Gluu will be our collaboration and communication platform to ensure a common way of working. It is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are about to start mapping processes with their teams. Everyone is excited about this engaging and collaborative approach. It will prepare us for value stream analysis and elimination of waste. It's a good platform with good support." userfriendly, easy to implement

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Thomas Riisager

Excellent tool

Reviewed 2015-03-11
Review Source

I've worked with a lot of business process software. With Gluu I have finally found a simple, basic combination of lean management, process mapping and communications. It's so simple to use and implement. I can recommend it to those that don't want to use Visio but still don't want to invest heavily in enterprise BPM software.Easy to use and an excellent platform for documenting and communicating your processes.

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Key features of

  • Organisational Role and Job Descriptions
  • Automatic Change and Revision History
  • Work Instructions w. Video, Images, G Docs and Text
  • Role-based Activity Updates by Email
  • Built-in (Swimlane) Process Mapping Tool
  • Discussions, Labels and Agree/Disagree
  • Process Hierarchy
  • Tasks and Checklists
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitor when processes were last reviewed or commented on.
  • Include colleagues to answer questions.
  • Recurring tasks that show in calendar, personal page or app.
  • Simple Azure AD integration.
  • 1-click reporting.
  • Integrate with any web based application.
  • Add videos and learning material to each process.
  • Single overview of all processes ranked by compliance.
  • Get an email if a task is not done in time.
  • Complete process audit in one place.
  • Form Builder
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- Built-in Process Mapping tool that everyone can use.
- Job Descriptions to show "who does what".
- Work Instructions to show "how it is done".
- Tasks and Checklists to show "if it is done - and when".
- Discussions to collaborate on how it can be improved.