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Microsoft Flow

Process & task automation workflow solution

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Microsoft Flow overview

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based workflow solution which enables the creation and management of simple and complex workflows to automate tasks and processes across multiple services or applications. The software is aimed at both “Citizen Integrators” within enterprise organizations, and IT decision makers wanting to delegate workflow creation to line-of-business partners. The ability to manage an on-premise data gateway allows connection to both on-premise and cloud data.

Microsoft Flow allows users to create complex, multi-step flows to trigger multiple actions or advanced options with a single event. Advanced options allow users to customize the actions carried out, such as marking an email sent through the workflow as high priority. Conditions can also be added to flows to specify that actions should only be performed in certain situations. One example usage is to archive received Tweets in SharePoint based on keywords they contain, but only if the Tweet is retweeted a certain number of times.

With Microsoft Flow, users can create multiple approval flows to automate approvals for vacation, travel, or overtime requests, or budgets, contracts, articles, and other documents. Approvers are automatically sent email notifications for new requests, and all requests can be viewed and approved from the unified approvals center. Users can also create custom data loss prevention (DLP) policies to ensure that organizational data is protected and prevent workflows for accessing or using protected data.


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90-day free trial available.
Flow Free - 750 runs/month, 15-minute checks.
Flow Plan 1: $5/user/month - 4500 runs/month, 3-minute checks.
Flow Plan 2: $15/user/month - 15000 runs/month, 1-minute checks.
Flow is also included in a range of Office 365 and Dynamics 365 plans.

Microsoft Flow features

Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

API (426 other apps)
Access Control (172 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (324 other apps)
Activity Tracking (206 other apps)
Audit Trail (176 other apps)
Auditing (260 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (338 other apps)
Compliance Management (203 other apps)
Custom Fields (193 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (261 other apps)
Data Import/Export (252 other apps)
Document Storage (190 other apps)
Inventory Management (202 other apps)
Inventory Tracking (203 other apps)
Invoice Management (190 other apps)
Real Time Data (228 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (247 other apps)

Additional information for Microsoft Flow

Key features of Microsoft Flow

  • Customizable flows
  • Conditional flows
  • Automated approval workflows
  • On-premise & cloud integrations
  • Flow monitoring
  • Email-triggered flows
  • Customized data loss prevention policies
  • Flow templates
  • Multi-action flows
  • Recurring flows
  • Drag-and-drop workflow editing
  • Data filtering & copying
  • Multi-step workflows
  • Workflow scheduling
  • Flow publishing
  • Android, iOS & Windows Phone apps
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Multiple actions and advanced options can be added to flows with a single trigger, such as using an item added to SharePoint to trigger sending an email and creation of a file in Dropbox.

Recurring flows can be scheduled to perform single or multiple tasks once every minute, hour, or day, on a specified date, or after a defined number of minutes, hours, or days.

Automated workflows can be created to process approvals for requests or documents, with email notifications for approvers, and all approval requests accessible through a unified approvals center.

Data loss prevention (DLP) can be used to define which connectors can access or share business data, to prevent sensitive data from being published.

The native iOS and Android apps allow users to create automated workflows, generate and share buttons which trigger workflows with a tap, and receive push notifications for flow activity.