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SimpliField overview

At SimpliField, we believe that digital transformation comes from the field.

- SimpliField put field team at the heart of customer experience: Our smart mobile became store and field best companion, empowering field teams to deliver a seamless store experience. with real time recommandations, intuitive reporting and data analytics.

- SimpliField analytics platform gives HQ teams unprecedented visibility into their network performance. On their SimpliField dashboard, HQ managers get visibility into in-store activity so they can make quicker, informed decisions and instantly communicate with field teams.

Together, they make quicker, informed decisions, and continuously improve store performance.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and 3 other languages, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

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Benjamin Grolimund

Great tool for sales/marketing

Reviewed 2015-11-19
Review Source: GetApp

The app enables you to gather your market data and intelligence in real time. It allows sales/marketing team to save substantial time and costs by reducing travels to different points of sales. I definitely recommend. Less traveling = Time saver + Cost saver

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Benjamin Grolimund

Great time saving software

Reviewed 2014-11-09
Review Source: Capterra

I believe that most companies spend an enormous amount of time gathering market data, competition intel, and field company certainly does and all this info has to channel through the Sales or Marketing teams and it is often a very time consuming task for the person who has to put it all together to analyse it. Basically, Simplifield does that for you and that's the beauty of it. It aggregates all your market and on-site intel and provides you clear reports about your market. You can then slice and dice the data the way you want... all that in real time... welcome to Market research 2.0 !!!

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Valuable data at your fingertips

Reviewed 2016-01-04
Review Source: GetApp

A very useful tool to gather and manage data without the hassle (and costs) of travelling. Whether you are a small or large business, the amount of time and money saved is substantial, especially if you are in a fast-evolving and fluctuating market. Clear and straightforward reports and dashboards, what's not to like?Real time dashboards. Relevant data. Time and money saver.

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A great and easy to use application

Reviewed 2016-01-22
Review Source: GetApp

Simplifield is very intuitive and delivers great reportings. It's a easy application to implement and should be look at by every person trying to know what their sales team are doing on the ground.The reporting features are very great and customer service is very reactive

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SimpliField features


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Additional information for SimpliField

Key features of SimpliField

  • GPS
  • Custom Reporting
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Geolocalized & Timestamped Data
  • Offline Mode
  • 15 Data Types (photos, prices, survey..)
  • KPI and Charts in real time
  • Role-Based Access
  • CSV Data Extract
  • Powerful Data Filtering
  • Pictures and Videos live feed
  • Segment Surveys by Teams & Places
  • Easy to share reports
  • Reports history by users and places
  • Knowledge Base
  • Smartphone & Tablets
  • Support Answers in less than 12h
  • Custom Forms
  • Retail Execution
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Cross Departmental Tool
Because HQ all need access to in-store data for detailed analysis, SimpliField facilitates the sharing of information. Dashboards are customisable so each team can find the right info at the right time. Each teams are now aligned on common brands objectives.

Mobile Smart Companion
Each day on the field is a new challenge. On their SimpliField mobile application, your field & store team access their daily brief: Personalized objectives, guidelines, new missions and store’s 360° profiles. Instantly informed of any new mission to accomplish, field teams hold all key info to succeed in implementing it.

Perfect Execution Management Give your field & store team the opportunity to inform you of any specific request. Instantly informed through a consolidated and graphical dashboard, you can react fast & make quicker and informed decisions to continuously improve store experience.