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TOL helps users with facility management

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TOL software supports facility managers by providing a software package that can be adapted to meet the professional, technical, and functional demands of businesses. The program supports a variety of administrative tasks, for example, real estate processes and the management of operating resources.

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Store lifecycle management tool with predictive analytics

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Tango is a store lifecycle management software that helps businesses manage lease, projects, sales forecasts, assets, and more. The facilities maintenance module lets employees manage budgets, track work orders, manage vendors, set up recurring maintenance tasks, and create invoices.

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The Food Corridor


Reservation and billing software for shared kitchens

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The Food Corridor (TFC) is a cloud-based shared kitchen management software, which helps incubators, community, or ghost kitchens handle clients and schedule bookings on a centralized platform. Features include billing, storage management, performance metrics, messaging, reporting, and custom rates.

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Appointment scheduling software for real estate industry

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timum is a web-based software, which is used to coordinate real estate sector appointments. The timum calendar can be integrated into ImmobilienScout24 and users can configure the times at which a particular property can be viewed.

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Clean, healthy spaces for everyone

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Cleaner standards for complete peace of mind

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For the optimization of processes in janitorial companies

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WAIOX is a digital application for janitorial companies, which is designed to digitize operations and thus, enables users to increase efficiency and save resources. The available functions can be used, among other things, to create evidence, plan activities, and automate accounting.

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Wellman NextGen


Lifecycle management software for businesses in oil & gas

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Wellman NextGen is a lifecycle management software, which enables businesses in the oil and gas industry to handle well drilling, completion and intervention operations from within a cloud-based platform. Administrators can archive documents and use summary reports to track daily expenditures.

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Zonifero Workplace


Digital workplace management & room booking system

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For a sustainable workplace in the future. We aid organizations in making the best use of their resources and keep their employees safe, happy and productive.

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Revolutionary digital platform for the LOTO process

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autoLOTO saves lives through hazardous energy identification and management. autoLOTO seamlessly blends a mobile application, desktop management program, and the clients’ physical infrastructure making the Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) process easier, more efficient, and demonstrably safer.

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Browser-based software for digital facility management

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eTASK CAFM is browser-based software for facility management. Its basic functions can be used to manage associated assets, such as systems, contracts, budgets, and workers. Additional modules including BIM-based visualization and a ticket system for complaints can be added.

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CMMS and facility management software for service providers

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fmPilot is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed to help businesses handle work orders, facilities, and assets. Supervisors can compare key performance indicators (KPIs) to similar clients and locations.

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Facility and space management

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myPrequest is a Dutch facility & space management tool that allows businesses across various industries to manage & book facilities such as meeting rooms, parking spaces, resources, catering & more. The platform facilitates process automation in order to help save time and enhance efficiency.

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Software for digitization and facility management

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waveware READY, waveware STUDIO, and wave Facilities are three solutions offered to support companies with digital change and facility management. These are a package of CAFM standard solutions, a software development platform, and optimization functions for facility management.

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