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PieMatrix "Pie"

Collaborative Work Execution with Process

4.83/5 (6 reviews)

PieMatrix "Pie" overview

Collaborative work execution for repeatable projects and processes. Healthcare systems deployment, compliance & regulations auditors, and new product development departments are examples where Pie fits well.

Pie is a process content driven platform made for helping your teams successfully execute repeatable projects that are important to your business.

Traditional tools are not process based and are hard to consume.
Pie is different:
1) Pie helps you drive with repeatable processes for better execution.
2) Pie has a user interface that helps user adoption with ease of use.

PIEmatrix was designed with your people. It's friendly, especially for non-technical people. In app collaboration features make it easy team members to ask for help or to help others. Your teams can be more engaged with improving your project results from lessons learned.

Pie's visual dashboard focuses on only the your important data. Less noise means quicker decisions and predictability. And transparency becomes a value-add for all stakeholders. Pie now offers business intelligence reporting.


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PieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie Dashboard for reportingShort DemoPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie dashboard drilldown and progress trackingPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie integrated analyticsPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie Personal To-do page for task managementPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie Project phases for slicing up your process PieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie project showing process milestonesPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie project tasks containing best practice contentPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie collaborative work execution with messagingPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie process template for repeatable projectsPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie create content with drag and dropPieMatrix "Pie" screenshot: PieMatrix Pie with role-based assignment

PieMatrix "Pie" reviews


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Lawrence Dillon

AMAZING tool for Methodology and manual process EXECUTION

Reviewed 2015-10-20
Review Source: GetApp

I have used this tool for 8 years and have stopped using all other related tools unless my customers use them. This is the only tool I have found in the market that helps improve methodology and manual process execution. The ease of use to develop a "methodology" or template was what I first found helpful. I still use it today to model out what is in my head. Then, to use the template to create a "project" is simple and straight forward. The fact that NO OTHER TOOL does this is ridiculous to me. With all the "standards" and methodologies out there you would think there would be a place to store them electronically and then use them for the appropriate project. I have used this for New Product Develop (NPD) Stage Gate processes, Software Development (SDLC - all types), New Employee On-Boarding (NEO), and even very large global transformation programs with 50+ countries needing to be rolled out? With any software there are always areas that we want improved as we use the tool more and more but with PIE, the only thing I want improved is my customers engagement with it since it would make the projects more successful!!!!!Increases team productivity by over 30% based on my experience Improves quality of project execution Allows Executives complete visibility of all projects in REAL TIME without powerpoint Provides Portfolio view with interactive Drill Down Allows teams to collaborate in real time on anything within the project Allows executives to jump into collaboration to answer questions and solve issues Generates a list of "To Do's" for each team member to execute Easy / simple to use Electronic methodology and process capture Process modeling is very easy methodology continuous improvement dynamic updates to active projects with methodology improvements Ability to link to templates and documents into other tools like SharePoint, behind clients' firewalls for security Inexpensive for the functionality Ability to import and export to MS Project & Excel The portfolio roll up is based on project(s) structures and not just a roll up of task lists. So, PMOs can actually see what structures appear to be working better for the organization. This helps improve performance over time.

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Arlene Brooks

Pie Lover

Reviewed 2015-10-16
Review Source: GetApp

I have used Pie for 3 years now. I discovered Pie while researching project management alternative tools for Law Enforcement Managers. This user-base is not typically trained in project management. I needed a product that would allow the IT project teams to manage their projects, while providing an easy graphical interface for the managers to see the progress, status, risk, and issues on a particular project within their command. I was also looking for an application to serve as an institutional knowledgebase for organizational processes. Pie allows users to create reusable process templates and easily convert them to active projects was a true Godsend. I have implemented Pie in my IT project management firm. I have always been a cake-lover, but now I truly LOVE Pie!Easy to use for those who do not know project management. Easy to Administrate Can import/export MS Project files Provides a user contributed template community that can be used as a starting point for your project Support is very responsive to customer suggestions & inquiries

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Highly recommend PIEmatrix for managing comprehensive project plan & more

Reviewed 2014-06-04
Review Source: GetApp

As an owner of a project management consulting firm, I only use software and tools that are highly effective and easy to use. I have been using PIEmatrix for several years to manage many different types of projects and highly recommend the product. The dashboard view shows me the latest status of my entire portfolio of projects and makes portfolio management and prioritization easy. The executive reporting functions and views have allowed me to eliminate hard copy reports - I use PIEmatrix to show project status to stakeholders and project team members, and run status meetings using PIEmatrix. It has eliminated the need for additional spreadsheets to manage risks/issues, or project data, and project status reports and steering committee reports. Everything can be managed from within the application. It also allows users to create templates and reuse across their projects - which increases efficiency and drives consistent project management practices across all client projects. 1) Manage risks and issues at the project and task level. 2) Collaborate with project team members from within the project 3) Manage project data (budgets, etc) with the project 4) Easy to baseline schedule and manage critical path

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Easy as Pie

Reviewed 2015-09-29
Review Source: GetApp

Great tool that allows for planning of one-off projects and repeatable projects and processes. Repeatable projects and processes can be set up via the creation of templates (from an existing project or from scratch). Pie is flexible enough so that projects then can still be individualized based on specific needs of current projects. Set up allows for visual clues on where you are at with the project, what dependencies are and for larger projects helps tracking the individual layers of a project simultaneously or one at a time. Communication between project members is easy within Pie. Dashboard gives great visual clues on where which project is in terms of completion.Visually very appealing, helps planning steps and reminds you do create actionable steps that answer what by when and by whom. Allows for easy collaboration with co-workers next door, across departments, across companies,

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Use of Pie for Project Management

Reviewed 2015-10-28
Review Source: GetApp

This product was purchased to manage large software implementation projects. The software is extremely easy to use and encourages participation from all members of the project implementation team. Highly intuitive, web-based tool. Extremely easy to use and flexible. Very pleased with customer support - they are extremely supportive and responsive.

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PieMatrix "Pie" pricing

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Pricing based on number of license seats.
10-50 users: $49/month/user
50-100 users: $29/month/user
100+ users: please contact PieMatrix for details.

PieMatrix "Pie" features

Activity Dashboard
Collaboration Tools
Task Management

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Additional information for PieMatrix "Pie"

Key features of PieMatrix "Pie"

  • Accumulated knowledge sharing
  • Lessons learned integration
  • Process repeatability and scalability
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Compliance and regulations execution
  • Best practice framework for standards
  • Workflow notifications
  • Role-based assignments
  • File repository and version control
  • Swim-lane process flows
  • Lessons learned for improvement
  • Email notifications and messaging
  • MS Project and Google integration
  • Resource management and planning
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Portfolio management & dashboards
  • Enterprise business unit views
  • Content templates
  • Business intellegence reporting
  • Visual process views
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Consulting firms using Pie have expressed benefits from:
- Higher engagement margins from shorter time cycles.
- Improved client delivery methodologies.
- Faster new consulting on-boarding.
- Improved end-client relationships.
- Additional service value with leave-behind processes for clients.

Compliance and regulation benefits from:
- More predictable audit results from repeatable processes that can include compliance how-to descriptions.
- Improved audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance.

New product development teams have expressed benefits from:
- Predictable NPD results.
- Streamlined and standardized NPD processes.
- Better communications and more engagement.