Pivotal Tracker Reviews

Pivotal Tracker Reviews

Pivotal Tracker

Project Management & Planning

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Brilliant for managing Kanban style projects

Verified Reviewer  6th of June, 2014 03:41

We have used Pivotal Tracker to track the progress of each user story, bug, feature, and epic and we have found that it has focused the team into delivering high quality software.

Pros: Easy to use. App available on iPad which is a massive plus.

Easy-to-use Tracking Tool

15th of November, 2012 11:28

Pivotal Tracker is great for helping organize my tasks and projects. I can see what projects I have started on, what projects I could start, and sub-tasks for each of them.

Great Tool, easy to use

9th of November, 2012 11:01

We use Pivotal Tracker for our managers to organize and check the work done by their team. In our way of doing each task or project has to be in Pivotal Tracker to keep a trace of it. Employees can decompose their project in several tasks and our managers can check at every moment what has been done and what is still to be done. It is a great tool to make sure everyone is going forward and delivering on what they commited. I recommend it even to manage small teams of 2-3 people

Just makes tracking easy.

3rd of October, 2012 01:47

We use it in our daily work. Managing and monitoring task within different teams is just at ease.

Getting more Agile every day

30th of January, 2012 09:38

I was not particularly impressed when I first discovered Pivotal Tracker... yet another Agile Project Management tool. After couple of days, Pivotal unveiled many powerful features behind it's appearance of simplicity. After 2 months of use I have to say it's far more efficient than any bug tracking and costly Projects Management tools I ever got to use. We needed an Agile PM tool fully integrated to Google Apps and that wouldn't overwhelm the team. The Drag&drop interface allows us to manage priorities effortless and keep focus on our daily tasks. The User Interface is eye-candy, very responsive and provides good lisibility. Pivotal tracker was quickly integrated to the daiy workflow by all team members and boosted the productivity. As a closing comment, Pivotal tracker is straight-to-the point, light, effective and perfectly serves the purpose of building good software faster.

Pros: I particularly like PT fine integration to third party tools such as Google Docs (particularly useful for attaching specifications to stories), Google Mail (allow you answer to comments directly from your inbox) and Story Mapper by Carbon Five

Cons: Limited reporting possibilities

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Fantastic project management app!

27th of January, 2012 09:14

I've been using various tools (BugZilla, Trac, Todoist) for keeping lists of bugs/new features for web development projects, and Pivotal Tracker is the most impressive one, by far. The coolest feature is that you can update stories during the meeting, and everybody will see updates in real time. Ability to attach a Google Doc is a life-saver - it keeps stories clean, and allows to plan things in a truly collaborative way. There are also third-party plugins for git and github integration, although I haven't tried them yet.

Cons: Realtime updates could be more instantaneous for European users - right now they take about half a second. It would be nice if there would be a way to paste a screenshot without first saving it as a file.

Efficient Agile Management tool

21st of October, 2011 02:44

This particular software causes it to be actually simpler to get at the very best efficiency tool available. I had no regret in choosing this particular software . It does an excellent work simplifying many of the procedures involved with controlling tasks, as well as truly assists my personal group remain linked.

Good project management tool

20th of October, 2011 02:13

It's very comfortable to use this tool.

Great software, love it

25th of July, 2011 18:05

One of the most user friendly management tool. Love how it integrated so many different other applications. Absolutely great to use.

Elegant, easy to use agile mgmt tool

15th of July, 2011 01:09

It is by far the easiest agile mgmt tool my team and I have come across.

Pros: The column layout is intuitive and I love how the colors and icons tell the users so much information yet blend in so beautifully together.

Best Agile Project Management Tool

12th of July, 2011 22:53

I really like the single view to manage an entire project. Easily prioritize and assign tasks, while staying on target to complete assignments based on your project velocity. Plus, I can finish tasks and update Tracker from my iPhone.

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