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Upland Timesheet

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Upland Timesheet overview

What is Upland Timesheet?

Our web based timesheet software also offers real- time dashboards and reports to provide instant information on project time, costs and client billing. You can execute and bill projects faster, make more informed decisions, reduce project time tracking, time and attendance, and expense reporting overhead and administrative costs.


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Upland Timesheet reviews

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Mari Skippers

Best application I have ever used

Reviewed 2013-02-07
Review Source: Capterra

Buy the product and get rid of the spreadsheet/duplication of work madness.

Easy to use and support. Easy to implement and maintain. Has the features out of the box for businesses to use when ready. Can implement in a phased approach. I would recommend this product to anyone--large or small. My company uses many other tools because of its size but I would prefer to only be using this one. We use both the imesheet and project management capabilities.

I could use more flexiblity in the adhoc reporting capability but being able to do what I can has helped reduced the cost of creating custom reports until the business is sure of what they need.

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Quality Software for Professional Services Automation

Reviewed 2014-05-23
Review Source: GetApp

Tenrox is being used within our organization for Time and Expense Entry, Invoicing and Resource Management. We integrate the Tenrox data to our in-house financial system. We have been very pleased with the product quality, the experience and knowledge of the Tenrox consulting resources, and the responsiveness of the support organization.

Robust functionality for time management, expense reporting, and billing. The Tenrox software has been able to meet our business requirements. Flexible software that can easily be re-configured as our business changes and grows.

Ad-hoc reporting is dismal. Plan to have a sql developer engaged to generate custom reports. Check on the availability of consulting resources (especially developers) prior to signing a contract for implementation assistance.

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Guy Mizrachi

Good PM solution w/ Timesheet reporting

Reviewed 2016-11-06
Review Source: Capterra

A good solution to manage projects and report time, however this is a pretty outdated software. Reporting time is easy and user friendly, but managing projects in this solution is not as simple as you would expect. Also, creating reports is powerful but still has many limitations in terms of speed, configuration and visual reporting.

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Mark T.

Great Time, Expense and Billing Application!

Reviewed 2014-03-27
Review Source: GetApp

We've been using Tenrox's Timesheet.com solution for a few years now and it's improved our time and expense tracking time by several days. All timesheet and expenses are easily viewed in my dashboard and I receive alerts when a timesheet or expense has been submitted. The billing is also very convenient. It has helped us bill faster and become more organized as an organization. the Customer Service and Support is also very helpful and responsive.

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Ryan Mac

A nice application, supported by a great team

Reviewed 2014-03-18
Review Source: Capterra

Tenrox is a very useful applications that has served our time tracking needs well for many years. Now after upgrading we are hoping to get much more out of the system to provide more business value. Tenrox support, project manager, and account manager have all been extremely flexible and helpful over the course of the entire project.

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Upland Timesheet pricing

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Prices range from $6.00 to $16.00 per user, per month.

Upland Timesheet features

Project Time Tracking

Activity Dashboard (144 other apps)
Activity Tracking (132 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (133 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (174 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (134 other apps)
Gantt Charts (129 other apps)
Multiple Projects (117 other apps)
Prioritizing (141 other apps)
Progress Tracking (132 other apps)
Project Management (181 other apps)
Project Planning (134 other apps)
Project Tracking (133 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (125 other apps)
Task Management (158 other apps)
Task Tracking (154 other apps)
Third Party Integration (143 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Timesheet.com replaces outdated processes for tracking attendance and leave, estimating and tracking costing for projects, and billing clients. By automating these processes in one, cloud-based environment, Timesheet.com can help businesses increase productivity and reduce costly errors.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Timesheet.com’s features, but it is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses that need an easy-to-use, affordable solution. The app uses a visual workflow to give business leaders a way to track time.

What is Upland Timesheet?

Based on the Tenrox application, Timesheet.com helps reduce your administration costs by automating your project time tracking, time and attendance for payroll, project costing, and client billing. Our software also offers powerful visual workflows that make it easy to setup your time tracking processes. It provides simple and configurable expense reporting and job costing and billing, allowing you to set budgets, limits, and notifications at the project level.

Timesheet.com comes in two editions: Time & Billing and Time & Attendance. The Time & Billing version is designed to help businesses manage project time and expense tracking, project costing and billing . The dashboard gives managers an overview of all projects in real time. With Time & Attendance, managers can track employee time and attendance, which can also be used to report project expenses if a business needs to do so.

With Timesheet.com’s reporting features, businesses can quickly have data on hand for business proposals, requests for financials, or auditing purposes. All data remains in the cloud, granting businesses access from anywhere. Data is always backed up on a secure server that can be reached from any mobile device or PC, so staff will no longer have a need to retain paper copies for their records.

Who is Upland Timesheet For?

Recognizing that businesses have vastly different needs when it comes to tracking time, Timesheet.com offers separate solutions. Time & Billing is intended for businesses that want to manage time and expenses for billing purposes. Time & Attendance is mainly used by companies who want to track employee time.

Timesheet.com is ideal for any business that is required to track employee time, whether billable or non-billable.. For those businesses currently using time-consuming paper-based time tracking, Timesheet.com can help save time and money. It is designed for any business that utilizes a team of employees to track their time on projects.

Main Features


Each timesheet follows a workflow from submission to approval to make the process as easy as possible for both managers and employees. Time can be divided by project to make billing easier for various projects. If an employee works primarily on administrative functions, that employee can be instructed to choose a specific category on the timesheet and still have his time tracked for payment and reporting purposes.

Through the dashboard, supervisors can see all their managed employees on one page, approving or rejecting timesheets individually or all at once. If a supervisor needs to make changes or approve time from a previous pay period, that pay period can be reopened directly from the supervisor’s dashboard.

Approval Workflows

Use the timesheet manager console to quickly review and approve timesheets as a project and department manager or timesheet administrator. The manager’s rejection notes are also sent via email. Easily identify users who have not yet submitted their timesheet in real-time. Timesheet approval is driven by an underlying workflow platform that provides a graphical representation of your processes.

Numerous workflows are available for time approval to also account for project manager approval and auto approval.

Expense Reporting

Timesheet.com’s Expense Reporting feature allows team members to conduct expense reporting from a PC or any mobile device. No more wasting time on calculating hourly expenses. Timesheet.com’s easy-to-use interface puts the information in one place, where it can be updated throughout the work week.

Managers can view all expense reports from one dashboard. Clicking on any employee’s report brings up a detailed look at that employee’s reported expenses, along with attached notes and receipts. Items can be marked complete or extracted by last name, In Progress states, dates, and more.


With Timesheet.com’s reporting, managers can pull information for the purpose of gaining insight into such issues as expenses, time worked, and invoices. Users create the reports they want to see from the numerous reports available within the system. Some examples of reports are Project Cost Budget Status Report, Charges by Client, Client Invoice History, and Project Time Summary by Resource.

Once a report has been chosen, users are asked to define a date range for the information they need. Users then select information to be included in the report, as well as whether they want the information to be sorted by name, client, resource, or similar options.

Employee Information

When a new employee is hired, Timesheet.com gives administrators an area for entering information about that worker. This includes hire date, evaluation due dates, whether the worker is an employee or consultant, and whether the employee is part-time or full-time.

In this area of Timesheet.com, users can also assign security roles and approval groups for employees. If an employee is a supervisor, that employee should be set with an approver account to allow for approving timesheets. An employee’s manager is also assigned in this screen to ensure that employee’s timesheets and evaluations fall under that manager’s login.


Because organizations are generally already working with a variety of HR and project management applications, Timesheet.com integrates with a large number of popular solutions. From initial login, businesses will be able to seamlessly integrate with the most popular CRM, accounting, content management, project management, ERP, and payroll solutions.

Among Timesheet.com’s many integrations are Great Plains, Sage, QuickBooks, Intacct, ADP, Paychex, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Timesheet.com also integrates with other apps in the Tenrox family, including its project management and project costing solutions.


Timesheet.com provides personalized pricing for each customer. To sign up for a free trial of Timesheet.com, so that you can determine whether it is the right solution for your company, visit Timesheet.com’s site.

Bottom Line

  • Automated time tracking and billing in a cloud-accessible interface
  • Each worker’s time can be logged, making reporting and budgeting easier than ever
  • Administrators can set up new users and manage them through the app’s setup page, allowing HR to store information on all employees on Timesheet.com’s secure servers
  • When information is needed, HR can pull a report and get an account of every employee, along with the date hired, the last performance review, and assigned security rights within the organization
  • Integration with all of the most popular applications used by businesses today

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Key features of Upland Timesheet

  • Leading cloud based software solution for today’s workforce
  • Gold certified Microsoft solution partner
  • Visual workflow-driven architecture simplifies configuration
  • Quick Connect Integration Platform
  • Certified integration with all CRM, financial, payroll apps
  • Seamless, easy to configure integrations
  • Simple workflow design, configuration, change management
  • Option to deploy in a phased manner, on-premise or on-demand
  • Roadmap to automate more project workforce processes
  • Offers Real-Time Visibility
  • Windows certified, validated on an annual basis
  • Built-in project management software analytics
  • Driven by an underlying Graphical Workflow Engine
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Powerful yet Intuitive
  • Designed to leverage your existing software investments
  • Mobile Apps for workforce on the move
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Timesheet.com offers the following solutions:

Timesheet.com - Project & Billing Edition - Track time and expense for projects, any entity or objective in your business; manage forecasted versus actual costs, revenue and timelines; automate billing rules and revenue recognition.

Timesheet.com - Time & Attendance Edition - Automate employee time tracking; manage time and attendance for payroll; track leave time and accruals; setup configurable overtime and usage rule.

All Tenrox project workforce processes are driven by an underlying Graphical Workflow Engine that provides a graphical representation of your work processes to simplify workflow design, configuration, change management and self-service. The graphical workflow interface enables you to visually define, control, track and audit approvals, routing, role-based assignments and notifications. This significantly facilitates compliance and encourages team collaboration, participation and process standardization.

Our Quick Connect Integration Platform enables the seamless and easy-to-configure integrations between Tenrox and any leading third party accounting, ERP, payroll, project planning, and CRM software package. Projects often have a direct impact on top-line revenue, so the ability to share information with other systems is critical to the enterprise. The Quick Connect integration platform will allow clients to help easily generate bi-directional connectors that will simplify and improve the data exchange between Tenrox and any 3rd party system.

Tenrox offers Real-Time Visibility with built-in project management software analytics and insightful information, mapped to your business structures for better global views, more informed decisions, in real-time.