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Gym management software

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Magicline is a cloud-based gym management software, designed to help businesses across the fitness industry discover new prospects and manage memberships. Features include rule-based messaging, task reminders, multi-location, analytics, and template management.

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An Integrated Club Management Solution for Fitness Clubs

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Our powerful cloud based integrated ClubWise solution frees up your time,
allowing you to focus on what matters most, your members.

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Business management software for recreation and martial arts

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Master your martial arts business with our all-in-one martial arts management software. Grow your dojo with an intuitive cloud-based solution built for martial artists by martial artists.

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Membership management software for clubs and associations

learn more is designed to help dance schools, sports clubs, and other associations manage members, payments, classes, schedules, discounts, and more. The platform includes an advice module, which enables teachers to suggest suitable courses and notify members about registrations via emails.

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Membership management software for sports & fitness centers

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SPORTRICK is a cloud-based business management software designed to help sports centers and fitness clubs handle various administrative operations, such as class bookings, memberships, payment processing, data analysis, and more. Instructors can view and update upcoming schedule on a calendar.

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Class management platform for sports or recreation centers

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iClassPro is a cloud-based class management software designed to help activity centers manage administrative operations such as attendance tracking, class scheduling, billing, and more. Key features include key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, self-service portal, and skill assessment.

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Management software for the fitness and wellness industry

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Gymcatch enables fitness business owners to save time, increase revenue, and give great customer service to their customers.

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Membership management solution for martial arts studios

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OnMat is a cloud-based membership management solution designed to help martial arts studios manage registrations, billing, payments, renewals, skills management, and more. Its dashboard enables administrators to create custom programs and view details of active members, attrition or new sales.

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Member Solutions


Martial arts & fitness membership management software

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Member Solutions is a cloud-based membership management software for use by fitness clubs, personal trainers, yoga and pilates studios, music schools, and more

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Hello Club


Modern all-in-one club & membership management software

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Hello Club is a cloud-based club and membership management solution which offers a range of features for tracking your members, including membership renewals, event/class management, bookings, finances and online payments, access control, visitor log/contact tracing, and reporting.

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Open Black Belt


Web-based martial arts software

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Open Black Belt is a web-based martial arts software with student and class management, attendance and rank tracking, email & SMS communication, payment processing, a mobile app, and more. Users are provided with everything they need to run their dojo, gym, yoga studio, school or facility online.

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Solaris Fitness Cloud


Web-based fitness management platform

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Solaris Fitness Cloud is a web-based fitness management platform designed to help automate business operations for fitness clubs, gyms & dance studios

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Marketing, management & billing for martial arts schools

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ChampionsWay is an all-in-one martial arts management software that helps martial arts business professionals and school owners with the management of various aspects of the business including email marketing, billing, belt & rank management, student tracking, POS, an integrated website & more.

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Black Belt Membership


Best Martial Arts School Management Software

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We Black Belt Software is designed for Martial Arts school owners to assist their businesses to run effectively without any technical experience. Manage membership, payments, attendance, ranking, promotions and more.

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Cloud-based classroom and learning management software

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BeAKid is designed to help community centers, childcare organizations, and other educational institutions manage online registrations, staff, communications, payments, and more. The platform lets educators schedule learning sessions and design and organize custom forms to capture student details.

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Modern Club Management Software + Integrated Billing

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Motionsoft is a tab-based club management software solution for gyms, fitness clubs, franchises, and hospital wellness centers that comes with 28 modules and provides 360-degree view of members accounts. Learn more today by visiting

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Membership management solution for clubs and gyms

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M3, by Mimosa Solutions, is a web-based club management platform, which helps gyms, fitness centers, and martial arts studios manage memberships and billing. Key features include class scheduling, progress tracking, face ID check-in, attendance tracking, messaging, contact management, and reporting.

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Club Management System


Club management solution for sports centers, gyms & studios

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Club Management System is a cloud-based club management solution designed to help sports centers, gyms, and business clubs manage registrations and memberships. Key features include invoicing, file storage, financial analysis, barcode scanning, signature capture, email notifications, and reporting.

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NEST Student Management System


Complete martial arts business management

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NEST is a complete martial arts business management solution for martial arts clubs of all sizes, offering features for lesson booking, grading & fee collection

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Simply Collect


Direct Debit solution for memberships & subscriptions

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Simply Collect is a web-based collections solution for managing monthly subscription or membership payments, with accounts reporting, arrears management & more

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Health and wellness management solution

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Deciplus - available only in French - is a club management solution that includes membership management, online bookings, mobile access using a member portal, staff management, attendance tracking, and a point of sale (POS).

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Fitness studio management software

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PlumIQ is a complete business management software which enables gyms, fitness studios, & clubs to manage their members, classes, bookings, payments, revenue, & more online with a range of tools like calendar & class scheduling, automated payments, retention marketing, membership management, & more

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