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Details Flowers Software

Business management software for florists & designers

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Details Flowers Software overview

Details Flower Software is a cloud-based business management software for florists and designers to organize events, inspire clients and connect with suppliers using a range of features including an events calendar, custom contracts and collaboration tools, plus invoicing and payments, e-signatures, color story design tools, and more. As a cloud-based solution, Details Flower Software gives users the flexibility to manage their florist business anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.

A proposal editing tool enables users to create professional, printable contracts, while customizable templates allow users to design event plans simply and creatively online. With the color story and palette design tool, users can upload images or enter a Pantone color to automatically see recommended shades and complementary colour options. Users can save favorite flowers and inspirations to the event design board for quick reference. The flower resource guide helps users manage their budget by providing information such as which flowers are in season and giving live pricing information from wholesalers and growers.

The event calendar allows users to manage schedules to stay on top of deposits and deliveries. Users can sync their Details Flower Software account with their bank account in order to collect payments, with Stripe integration for credit and debit card processing. E-signature functionality helps users capture dates and time stamps on contracts. Users also have access to online courses designed to help them learn how to use Details Flower Software effectively. Other Details Flower Software features include client pipeline, notations and tasks management, tables and seating calculator, multiple user options and user tracking, a projected expenses and budget calculator, executive documents for recipe coordination, delivery, and summary, and more.


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Details Flowers Software screenshot: Client design board featured on left while searching for bouquets on the right - the stars added will add items to the design boardDetails Flowers SoftwareDetails Flowers Software screenshot: The recipe gallery allows users to add to the client design board - recipe calculates costs, pricing, ingredients, styles and months availableDetails Flowers Software screenshot: The recipe calculation feature allows users to manipulate markup profit percentage for each design, the number of stems, anticipated cost per stem to show the actual priceDetails Flowers Software screenshot: The color palette selector allows users to identify specific shades by selecting a base color or uploading an image to select the perfect combination of colorsDetails Flowers Software screenshot: The proposal editor allows users to choose a specific template and customize the images, text and colors displayed, with the ability to save multiple versions of the proposal to see the past history, as well as set expiration dates on contractsDetails Flowers Software screenshot: Visual of the first four pages of one of the design templates for florists and designers to showcase their design plans - imagery is auto-populated along with the terms and summary of payments dueDetails Flowers Software screenshot: The event dashboard allows users to track clients and interactions

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Amy Chupp

Game Changing Software!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

Customer support is stellar and everyone is always so friendly and helpful. They have to be rolling their eyes when I call because I feel like I call all the time but they never make you feel like you have a dumb question or you're wasting their time. If they don't have an answer, which is rare, they will get you one within a day. I love the overall beauty of the finished proposal and my brides love it too. I love not having to do math in my head anymore, on the fly, with a bride sitting next to me and the pressures on. I can work on the proposals on my time and the software tallies as I go. This keeps my profits up and I can set my prices higher if I'm not sure what I will be charged by my suppliers. It takes the guess work out of everything! There really is no need to meet in person anymore unless the brides choose to.

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Heather Christan Manley

It's Bloomin Perfect!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

I think I covered most of this above, but to wrap it up, by using Details, it has allowed me to use my time more wisely. As a business owner, you wear many hats. I think that Details is a great asset to my company and plan to use it for many years to come. My Favorite things about Details list: TIME MANAGEMENT- For 17 years, I used an excel spreadsheet to develop each quote. I was not efficient, and quite time consuming. Details software allows you to create a "recipe" by simply dragging and dropping the stems that you would like in each recipe. It's not only great for building the visual quote but you have the capability of pricing each individual stem, so once the recipe is done, your cost and retail price has already been calculated and entered into the stem counter document. It is simply revolutionary. It has saved me many hours through the years that I have been using this program. Costs Awareness- As I mentioned above, each stem is already priced by you. So once the recipe has been put together, it not only shows you what your cost is, but in a separate column, it shows you what you should be charging based on your mark up. This has FORCED me to see how I was unvalueing my work FOR YEARS. I showed a 12.5% increase in profits in my first year of using DETAILS. That is a HUGE amount of my blood, sweat, and tears that I was simply giving away without even realizing. Increased sales- This one is very simple. I am constantly being told by my brides that they were so impressed with the professional, detailed quote that they received from me. It makes them feel more confident with my quotes over my fellow competitors that are still doing hand written quotes with no images, and very little detail.

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Heather Lundy

Details Has Saved Me So Much Time!!!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

I really am saving more time that ever and I am much more confident when sending out my proposals. Before Details I was often worried that I was leaving out a page, or a cost sheet. With this software everything is always there! I also love having the ability to have clients sign their contracts and pay online, avoiding the "check is in the mail" excuse. Using this software has saved me so much time, and the more that I use it the more time I am able to save since my past "floral recipes" are saved for future use. The software produces gorgeous imagery, that makes selling our products and designs easy!

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Dee Conrad

This has made all the difference!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

We used to do our wedding quotes in a word document and create an order in an excel spreadsheet. I had been referred to Details for a few months but kept balking at changing how we did things until I talked to Customer support! I can not explain how much this program has changed how we do things. Quotes used to take me hours to craft which now only take a half and hour and they look even better than I could imagine. Ordering couldn't be easier, its essentially two to three clicks on my computer and the order is sent directly to my wholesaler. I never have to worry about accidentally leaving an item off of an order again. Details even keeps track of our rental inventory and allows me to see how many of a container or decor item we need each weekend. To be completely frank, Details is so easy to use that I whipped up 2 wedding quotes less than 4 hours after my youngest son was born, while I was still in the hospital! Its so easy to use, its beautiful (Brides are always telling me how pretty their quotes are), they are constantly evolving to better serve their clients.

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Sara Adams

Game changer for my business

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-03
Review Source: Capterra

A software has definitely helped improve my overage cost for supplies and perishables as well as under selling myselfI absolutely love that the software I was able to streamline my business in so many ways. The stem counter is priceless and helps me save so much money when I order flowers. I love being able to see average cost of each stem it helps me price designs accurately maximizing my profit. The invoicing feature makes everything so convenient and easy for my clients to make payments. I can't wait to see all the future features they will be implementing over the next few months and looking forward to being able to sync my calendar with my booked events.

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Details pricing starts from $125/month for 2 florist users.

Details Flowers Software features

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Additional information for Details Flowers Software

Key features of Details Flowers Software

  • Stem counting
  • Automated card printing
  • Design board & worksheet
  • Flower resource guide
  • Recipe builder
  • Virtual showroom & portfolio
  • Payment processing through Stripe integration
  • Reminders
  • Customer account profiles
  • Customizable templates
  • Event calendar
  • Proposal editing tool
  • Search functionality
  • Color palette design tool
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Actual costing
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Contract management
  • Event management
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Details Flower Software offers a cloud-based solution which enables users to manage events anytime, anywhere, from any computer, phone or tablet device.

Users can manage schedules and track important dates relating to deposits, deliveries and other milestones from the events calendar.

The flower resource guide helps keep users on budget by displaying live pricing from associated wholesalers and growers, as well as showing information such as which flowers are in season and when.

Details Flower Software enables users to create and send invoices, then collect payments securely via Stripe.

Users have access to four online courses designed to help users learn how to use Details Flower Software most effectively.