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Order Sender logo

Cloud-based sales force automation & order management tool

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Order Sender is a cloud-based sales force automation software designed to help businesses manage orders, maintain digital catalogs, and handle sales visits on a centralized platform. Supervisors can add multiple items in orders, assign them to specific customers, and select the mode of payment according to requirements.

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CrankWheel logo

Enterprise screen sharing

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Stop losing sales because of screen sharing problems. Try our zero hassle screen sharing, tailor-made for sales. Viewers join on any browser, desktop or mobile.

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Zendesk Sell logo

All-in-one sales platform for sales teams.

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Zendesk Sell is a CRM software focused on empowering sales teams to win more deals. By automating tasks and data analysis, the all-in-one platform aims to help sales reps increase productivity while enabling sales leaders to provide the personalized coaching needed to accelerate performance.

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LeadSquared logo

Marketing automation and sales execution platform

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LeadSquared is a complete CRM & marketing automation software to help businesses capture, nurture, manage & track their leads in one place. The cloud-based solution is designed for enterprises & SMEs and provides tools for lead capturing, lead nurturing, sales management, marketing analytics & more.

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Reply logo

AI-powered sales engagement platform for teams

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Reply is the AI-first sales engagement platform that helps SDR teams find new prospects, engage them through multiple channels, and create new opportunities at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal.

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JustCall logo

All in one Business Communication Platform

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Close more deals with JustCall and uncover critical insights about your customers using conversation intelligence.

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Chili Piper logo

#1 Meeting Lifecycle Automation platform for revenue teams

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Chili Piper is the #1 Meeting Lifecycle Automation platform for revenue teams

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Outplay logo

Sales enablement platform with multi-channel sales outreach

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Outplay is a cloud-based sales enablement software designed to help organizations engage with the target audience and gain insights into business metrics to improve revenue and drive growth.

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Wingmate logo

Field Service Management Software

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Wingmate helps businesses to incentivize field service staff to gather important customer intelligence, sales leads, competitive insights, prospects, and more.

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FreeAgent CRM logo

Powerful, easy-to-use CRM your whole team will love.

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Empower your inside sales teams to be more organized, efficient, and effective in their sales efforts.

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OnePageCRM logo

#1 Action-Focused CRM Software for Small Business

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OnePageCRM is a simple CRM with a unique action-focused approach to contact and sales management. You can use this software to add tasks/reminders next to every contact and receive automatic notifications when the task is due. This helps you grow your business every day step by step.

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Alboom CRM logo

Customer relationship management (CRM) for small businesses

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Alboom CRM is a customer relationship management system for small creative businesses. Alboom has been built to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses. Industry-leading features include one-click data view and update, business rules to control how your data flows, an activity dashboard, a contact database, and more.

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Aligned logo

Customer Collaboration Platform for sales & CS teams

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Aligned Digital Sales Room helps inside sales teams improve deal control by allowing them to better control the process and timelines, collaborate on the next steps, and build collaborative MAPs with their champions. This helps teams achieve team-selling mastery.

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Salesbolt logo

Salesforce Integration for LinkedIn

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Salesbolt creates Leads, contacts and accounts in Salesforce from LinkedIn profiles and companies, instantly. All while finding their email address.

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Ricochet360 logo

Sales is a contact sport. Our Auto Dialer connects you 1st!

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Our products include: Cloud Phone System, Progressive Dialer, CRM & Lead Management, Marketing Automation, and Mobile CRM.

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Modjo logo

Conversation intelligence software for business teams.

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Gain valuable insights into field activities at scale using our advanced conversational intelligence platform and supercharge your sales team's performance.

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Lime CRM logo

A visual and user-friendly CRM customised to your needs

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Lime CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps you keep all your customers, deals and campaigns in one place. With integrations to your other IT systems, Lime CRM gives you with the tools to provide exceptional customer experiences. Hosted or on your own server.

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RocketReach logo

Increase engagement with your audience

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RocketReach combines the best of email marketing with cutting-edge digital tools to deliver a powerful solution that increases engagement at scale.

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Chorus logo

Capture, transcribe & analyze sales team calls & meetings

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Chorus is the leader in conversation intelligence and an integral part of ZoomInfo’s (NASDAQ: ZI) leading modern go-to-market software. Chorus’ Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps revenue teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings.

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Smark CRM logo

Cloud-based customer relationship & sales management tool

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Designed for insurance, industrial automation, healthcare, and other industries, Smark CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that helps forecast market performance, handle leads, and customize sales proposals to streamline post-sales processes.

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OneHash CRM logo

World's 1st FaaS(FOSS+SaaS)

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Get powerful reporting features that easily generate sales reports, monitor the performance of your sales team, get valuable insights on deadlines and current deals in the pipeline. Save your time in closing each transaction with efficient sales enablement tools.

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TeamGram logo

All-in-one CRM & collaboration tool for SMBs

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Achieve your inside sales goals with real-time visibility into your entire sales pipeline from start to finish. Manage your contacts, create lasting client relationships, send winning quotes & close more deals all in one place with this inside sales CRM software for small & medium-sized businesses.

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Platformax logo

Inside sales management with automated prospecting

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Platformax is a complete inside sales CRM that makes it simple to organize your sales pipeline and leads, manage team members and prospect via calls and emails.

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Ameyo logo

All-in-one Contact Center Software

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An all-in-one customer interaction suite powering over a billion interactions worldwide

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The most easy-to-use CRM solution.

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Simplify your CRM.

All contacts, deals, your calendar, your sales pipeline analysis –? all in one place.

Perfectly organized data that simplify your work and give you a thorough overview of your business.

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