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Tealium IQ Review – Bring Order to Marketing Chaos

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 28 May 2014

Tealium IQ Review - Marketers that use Tealium IQ are able to exchange rich data about their online visitors without the help of IT experts and can dramatically improve the efficiency of their campaigns

Big data can be a big pain for marketers, and particularly for those managing third-party vendor tags on a regular basis. Tealium IQ has a solution that takes the chaos out of digital data distribution. The enterprise tag management and data distribution platform streamlines digital marketing initiatives and resolves data integration challenges for businesses. As a result, brands are better able to optimize their real-time marketing campaigns.

In this Tealium IQ review, I will describe how the platform works and what makes its technology so unique. After going over the main features and benefits, I will offer my take on whether Tealium IQ is a marketing solution worth checking out.

Tealium IQ Review - About the Company

Tealium IQ is an enterprise tag management solution that marketers can use to optimize unified digital initiatives. Founded in 2008, Tealium has worked with hundreds of global brands across dozens of industry categories-including publishing, travel, and ecommerce, among others-to improve marketing efficiencies and find resolutions to challenges involving customer data integration.

Using the company's tag management solution, Tealium IQ, marketing professionals can deploy new vendor tags without having to ask for help from their IT departments. Tealium IQ is designed in a way that enables marketers with zero development or IT experience to manage vendor tags on their own. Tealium IQ even offers mobile tagging capabilities, which means marketers can make real-time edits to their tags without having to re-certify their mobile apps.

Main Functionality of Tealium IQ

Tealium IQ handles tag management from A to Z. Marketers can make changes to vendor tags-which are snippets of code designed to enable third-party tracking and reporting on websites and apps-without having to burden their IT departments, and without learning any complex coding skills beforehand.

From a functional perspective, Tealium IQ allows its users to deploy new vendor tags and adjust the status of their current vendor tags without requiring the help of technical experts. Users can manage all of their vendor tags with a single line of website code, which reduces the clutter and waste that can slow down websites. Tealium IQ also provides users with more than 600 pre-defined tags to choose from, which speeds up the process of indexing, mapping, and configuring data sources. Finally, the company offers its own load rules, which guide users toward making efficient decisions about which sets of vendor tags to execute on their websites.

Marketers can use Tealium IQ to remove normal vendor tags from their websites and replace those tags with a single snippet from Tealium IQ's Tag Management System (TMS). Any edits or changes that a marketer makes to his tags in the future can be done through Tealium IQ's web interface. This solution serves as the foundation for a brand's digital marketing efforts, making it easy for users to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Benefits of Using Tealium IQ

By taking a data-centric approach to tag management and focusing on making the user experience as seamless as possible, Tealium IQ has managed to create a platform that is unlike any other. The company has eliminated the pain points involved in many enterprise tag management solutions, and simplified what would otherwise be a complex, tedious, and expensive manual process.

As soon as the Tealium library is deployed, marketers can manage 100% of their vendor tags through a unified, cloud-based console. Making changes to tags-which is something that every marketer has to do at some point-is something that can be done on the fly. The company even offers a tool called Tealium Audit, which tracks tag performance in real-time and ensures that tags are functioning as they should.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Visit the summary page to get a complete overview of your marketing initiatives. From this page, you'll find information about data sources, load rules, tags, extensions, and versions.

Tealium IQ

Tealium IQ Summary page

Tags are at the heart of Tealium IQ's UI. Select which tags to load onto your website by choosing from the 600+ options available in Tealium's tags marketplace. Once you've selected which tags to add, you'll need to configure those tags as well.

Tealium IQ

Add Tags window

Add as many data sources as necessary to your Data Layer. Your personal Data Layer includes all the data points available through your website. Tealium IQ combines these data points to provide you with insight into how visitors are interacting with your website.

Tealium IQ

Data Layer window

Support Information

Tealium IQ's Help Center is very comprehensive. First-time users can access everything from product tours and quick start guides, all the way to resource guides and informational videos. The Tealium Learning Community is also available for customers who are interested in connecting and sharing their knowledge with other users. To find the answer to more specific queries, users are encouraged to contact Tealium's support team directly via a widget in the Help Center.

Pricing Information

Tealium IQ is available with a 30-day free trial. After that, users can select from one of four pricing plans. The Bronze plan costs $149 per month, the Silver plan costs $249 per month, and the Gold plan costs $449 per month. A Platinum plan is also available for businesses that need volume tiering.

Tealium IQ Review - The Bottom Line

Marketers that use Tealium IQ are able to exchange rich data about their online visitors without relying on the help of IT experts. Tealium IQ provides many benefits and features-like mobile tagging, a web companion, and multi-CDN tag delivery, to name just a few-that make it a very complete enterprise tag management solution. Marketers can save time and money by using Tealium IQ to improve the efficiency of their campaigns. Even more importantly, the platform's tools actually improve campaign results, which is what every business professional is really looking to achieve.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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