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Uploadcare overview

Uploadcare is an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) file uploading solution for developers to add to their websites, blogs and apps. The app uses an open-source HTML5 widget to offer image file uploading to your users. The widget supports drag and drop, multiple file upload, and uploaded image previews. Further to uploading and sending files, you can also crop, resize and transform uploaded images using URL commands.

Using Uploadcare you can upload files from multiple source, including local drive, URLs, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, OneDrive, Flickr and VK. Uploadcare includes a widget, an API, cloud storage and serving via CDN. The URL-based API lets you apply a number of commands to images including re-size, crop, rotate, sharpen, stretch, invert and more. You can also change the file format of files before sending images.


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Mario Tatis

It is as easy as they claim in the marketing side, a go to when you need to upload anything.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-15
Review Source: Capterra

Reduce development time, accelerating feature creation, plus having image processing save tons of backend code or installing image processing libraries. Perfect for large solution and ideal for small project, because the free plan is sensational.- Easy to use - Free plan is way more than enough - Filters and image processing OMG! - Easy to customize, I'm using a custom button and upload views - Made thinking on the developers - No need for weird libraries or uglify your code - Documentation is clean and easy to follow - Large community when needed a little extra not in the docs

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Anatoly Chernyakov

Helped us to build an app

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-12
Review Source: Capterra

Our dev team integrated Uploadcare to RIDERS app (http://riders.co). It helped us to launch a month faster, but it's not the most important part. The most important, is that it just works. Our end-users upload files from Instagram and Facebook, we wouldn't do it by ourselves, but with Uploadcare it's just a bonus, an addition to their uploading, image processing features and CDN. Thumbs up.Reliability, it haven't failed for 3 years and counting Customer support, they answer very fast Nice features like uploading from different sources like Facebook and Instagram

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James Seigel

Uploadcare is a great service to host your images at scale.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

This service allowed us to remove paperclip and some issues we were having getting that to work reliably. It also removed the complexities around resizing and a dynamic way to upload images without us to having to implement them ourselves.The ease of getting the solution integrated with our product, and the ability to serve up images at scale and allow us to resize on the fly have been a great improvement over "roll our own" solutions to hosting images for our customers.

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Roman Sedykh

Saves me a lot of time on implementing all things upload

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-02
Review Source: Capterra

I don't have to think, how to design upload feature. I just have to implement it. It saves a massive amount of focus and time.

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aranda joana

great, quick and easy loading of images without going crazy

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-18
Review Source: Capterra

It has solved the loading of images in a simple, fast and efficient way. Our clients like the simplicity of the tool and that the images load quickly. It is a specific tool for images which makes everything easier for our team.quick upload of photos without having to create a specific server, specialized in images makes uploading photos simple and fast, which is what users are looking for

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$9 - 2, 000 uploads, 2 GB storage & 20 GB traffic
$19 - 7, 500 uploads, 7.5 GB storage & 75 GB traffic
$49 - 25, 000 uploads, 25 GB storage & 250 GB traffic
$99 - 50, 000 uploads, 50 GB storage & 500 GB traffic
Enterprise - Custom

Uploadcare features

API (203 other apps)
Access Control (152 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (106 other apps)
Activity Tracking (100 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (135 other apps)
Chat (122 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (211 other apps)
Collaborative Workspace (153 other apps)
Commenting (147 other apps)
Communication Management (93 other apps)
Customizable Branding (107 other apps)
Document Management (94 other apps)
Document Storage (139 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (124 other apps)
File Management (100 other apps)
Permission Management (139 other apps)
Projections (114 other apps)
SSL Security (111 other apps)
Search Functionality (183 other apps)
Third Party Integration (131 other apps)

Additional information for Uploadcare

Key features of Uploadcare

  • HTML5 file upload widget
  • Drag & drop support
  • Multiple upload
  • Preview of uploaded images
  • High upload speed
  • Upload from multiple sources (URLs, Dropbox, Facebook etc.)
  • Custom localization of widget
  • Store or deliver files
  • Cloud storage
  • CDN server
  • Crop, resize & rotate images
  • Add extra commands to URL API
  • Change file formats
  • Multiple image editing commands
  • Upload API
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Upload files from multiple sources and devices, such as computers, mobile devices and cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Flicker; as well as URLs and social media.

Store files in the cloud. You enable the "autostore" feature to ensure that all uploaded files are automatically stored. Files not stored after upload are deleted after one day.

Stored files are available on Uploadcare's CDN (content delivery network) that includes a URL-based API that lest you re-size, crop, rotate images, grayscale, flip, sharpen and much more; choose the file quality; change the file format; and more.

Once you are happy with your files you can deliver your files to your chosen recipient in your chosen format.

Responsive mobile layout enables you to use the web widget on your mobile device.