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EventMobi overview

EventMobi is a mobile-first event management platform that allows planners worldwide to create, customize and launch event technology. The solution provides corporations, associations, and third-party event planning firms with a customizable mobile app, built-in audience response, networking, gamification, and tools for registration and reporting.

EventMobi allows organizations to provide their attendees with custom event apps that enable them to connect with speakers, thought leaders, and each other. Attendees can access features such as speaker bios and networking tools, as well as create custom profiles, targeted alerts and personal schedules. The platform helps supercharge event marketing through push notifications about upcoming events, offers and updates for increased attendee retention and improved attendee experience.

Organizations can create a custom registration website and email invites using the drag & drop content manager, alongside an on-site check-in app. Multi-event management features allow attendees to sign up for multiple events without having to download a new app. The EventMobi audience response system enables live polls, surveys, voting and real-time feedback to engage attendees for idea generation, crowdsourcing, Q&A sessions, collaborative meetings, and more.

EventMobi’s live display feature provides organizations with integrated digital signage to help inform attendees on site, and serves as an opportunity to generate revenue from sponsors. Gamification features help attendees realize meeting objectives with points, badges and leaderboards to boost incentive for attendees to participate. Reports and live analytics allow organizations to understand their audience and make data-driven decisions.


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EventMobi screenshot: Find event information via any device, online or offlineAbout EventMobiEventMobi screenshot: From schedule to speaker bios, networking to notifications, EventMobi provides the features that help make an event’s mobile strategy successfulEventMobi screenshot: Event apps are accessible to every attendee on any deviceEventMobi screenshot: Change the look and feel of the event app - and how attendees navigate through it - using the click-and-drag content managerEventMobi screenshot: EventMobi provides attendees with custom profiles, targeted alerts and personal schedules EventMobi screenshot: Let attendees register for events anywhere, anytime, on any deviceEventMobi screenshot: Push notifications allow organizations to send alerts about upcoming events, offers or updatesEventMobi screenshot: Mobile up-votingEventMobi screenshot: Collect valuable feedback post-eventEventMobi screenshot: Redefine audience participation with live pollsEventMobi screenshot: Generate audience insights to understand where attendees see the most value in meetingsEventMobi screenshot: Gamify the attendee experience through points, badges and leaderboards

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Very good

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Adam C. Smith, PhD, FCCMG

All in one event management!

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

For a conference or meeting this is an excellent tool for the digital age. Eventmobi is a software platform for doing event management. It is app based so users can log in on their phone, tablet or computer. So it is a great way to go "green" for a meeting or event (reduce printing costs too). However, this is just the beginning. You have digital event planning and can push email blasts, programs, alerts, attendee info. Plus, you can automate the collection of survey data, live polling and audience participation. The platform is quite easy to use and for a small meeting/conference easily handled by one person rather than an event management company. For a very large meeting you may need more people depending on your timelines. Eventmobi has integrated registration and payment processing (with Stripe) and makes this part of the meeting simple to organize. You know in real time how many people are coming, how much money you are making from ticket sales etc. In addition, you can push requests from Eventmobi to ask speakers or participants for their bios, asks sponsoring companies for logos, descriptions and website links all with the click of a button. Many of our vendors really like have the additional contact with attendees thru the app. At the end of your event you can generate a lot of analytics about how people used the app and interacted with vendor pages. You can collate survey data on speakers and sessions into very nice pdf reports or excel tables. Customer service is fast and excellent.

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Jennifer Whytock

1st year using the APP for our conference. Big Success! Hopefully will have more use in 2019.

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

Saved money and trees as did not have to print as many conference packages. Ability to push out messages with any last minute changes to the attendees. All conference information at your fingertips i.e. maps, agenda, power point presentations, speaker profiles, exhibitor info etc.As this was our first year we did not get complete "buy in" by attendees but the ones that did use liked the ability to evaluate the workshops online, have their personal schedule with locations and maps at their fingertips and be able to follow along with the presenters as the ppt presentations were also available on the APP. Live Polls was also a big hit especially during our plenary presentations - once people got the hang of it - it almost became a game to vote for the questions! Overall the APP was very user friendly, well organized with lots of information available to the attendees. Love that at the end of the day I could easily create a report to review evaluations - no need to hire someone to input all the eval data from hundreds of paper evals!!!! I did not use all the features this year but plan to use more in 2019.

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Diane Côté Mihalek / DCM Event Management

I have used EventMobi on several occasions and love it for its ease of use for us and the attendees!

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-11
Review Source: Capterra

easy to use all info in one place captures all the info that we need for our eventsEasy to use for both us and our attendees, easy to customize it to make it "our app". Love the gamification - gets everyone engaged. Ability to include all the information and reduce our costs on printing and shipping. Instant updates and messages can be sent. I love that you can make changes instantly - whether on your own, or with assistance from customer support. The follow up is always excellence, whenever I have had questions.

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Matt Decker

Event Mobi was easy the first year, and easier and easier to use each year of our conference.

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

Inform participants about the conference with ease. Less prep time than making paper guides. Less waste.The template format made it easy to plug n'play from our old paper conference guide to the app. The preparation is now super easy. The push notifications keep people up to date with on-site announcements (this is our favorite part about it).

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Tanya Durr

EventMobi is the only event app I'll use!

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-05
Review Source: Capterra

Our clients have come to rely on EventMobi for keeping up-to-date with our event logistics and presentations. And, funny story... a colleague of mine was often complaining that our app needed to be 'improved' - that apps he used at other conferences were 'better'. But he couldn't give me anything objective to work with - his opinions were totally subjective so what could I do? Anyway, turns out the one event that he was always raving about their app switched to EventMobi! :D He still can't give me any objective feedback, but, at least now he realizes that EventMobi IS awesome and all that we need! Eventmobi is very user friendly - from start to finish it's intuitive and easy to use - making changes is also easy - everything is fast and customizable - it's terrific!

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Key features of EventMobi

  • Attendee management
  • Client / customer management
  • Guest list management
  • Speaker management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Ticketing
  • Exhibit / vendor management
  • Speaker management
  • Social promotion
  • Conferences / seminars
  • Check-in app
  • Mobile event app
  • Multi-event management
  • Audience response system
  • Broadcast to live display
  • Custom mobile event games
  • Attendee networking
  • Reporting
  • Live analytics
  • Real-time digital signage
  • Gamification
  • Live polls
  • Live competitive leaderboards
  • Social, agenda, and game screens
  • Session evaluation
  • Push notifications
  • Email invitations
  • Networking
  • Custom registration website
  • Drag & drop content manager
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EventMobi's features help users across the entire event lifecycle from custom registration and email invitations, to push notifications and live polling.

EventMobi helps enhance face-to-face meetings with a mobile strategy that allows attendees to share stories, opinions and ideas, creating a collaborative and educational experience.

With each tool seamlessly integrated, data is able to flow from beginning to end, providing event data and insights.

EventMobi helps save time by streamlining multi-event management for planners and attendees and supercharge event marketing through notifications instead of email.

Mobile event apps are accessible via any device, allowing all attendees to find and access the tools and information they need.