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Eventbrite overview

Eventbrite is an event management solution which helps businesses to plan, manage, and grow events through tools such as ticketing, attendee tracking, and marketing. Designed for organizers and planners of events including conferences, festivals, classes, and more, Eventbrite aims to help businesses to power their ticketing and registration, and grow sales through a variety of tools.

Event organizers can benefit from Eventbrite’s self-service event planning tools including a customized event webpage creation, email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, and ticket selling. Eventbrite allows users to create a professional, branded event website to sell tickets and gather registrations, and organizers can provide attendees with important event information and location details, and sent email notifications and reminders. Ticket sales can be managed online via the ticketing website or through integration with social media sites including Facebook, and real-time sales data helps event planners to assess attendance and profit.

Businesses can target new customers by listing their event on the Eventbrite ticketing platform, and by utilizing tools including custom email invitations, social sharing, and targeted event recommendations. During the event, users can utilize the Eventlite app to carry out on-site, mobile ticket scanning and access check-in data in real time.


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Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German and 4 other languages, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Eventbrite screenshot: Create a customized event website and listing for the Eventbrite websiteHow to Create an Event on EventbriteEventbrite screenshot: Manage multiple events within the Eventbrite platformEventbrite screenshot: Create a custom event listing with event and location detailsEventbrite screenshot: Allow attendees to check-in using their mobile device with scannable ticketsEventbrite screenshot: Advertise and sell event tickets on social platforms such as FacebookEventbrite screenshot: Access reports and analytics on sales and attendanceOwn Your Event

Eventbrite reviews

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Marc Herschberger

Solid Event Hosting Option With a Few Quirks

Reviewed 2016-01-26
Review Source

With a large number of "event applications" out there, Eventbrite has found its way to the top of that list thanks mostly to their easy to use interface and well thought out back-end that not only covers all of an event host's bases but also integrates with other areas of their marketing. Free to anyone who isn't requiring payment for tickets, Eventbrite makes it easy to quickly put together a good looking registration page fast, without the hassle of payment or subscriptions. The paid feature for anyone requiring ticket fees is a little more rigid in how the user can collect it's money which can make it a little tougher to work with depending on how badly you need the revenue from your ticket sales. The payment processing fees are still reasonable, though.-Powerful system that provides a large number of great features (creating, promoting, tracking, checking-in, analyzing) for free -Event page creation is quick and easy. If you want something simple, you can be done in minutes. If you want to customize different areas of the design and registration process, you have that ability as well. -Integrations with outside marketing platforms like HubSpot and MailChimp allow the user to connect their other marketing platforms together to create the most powerful event marketing toolset you could ask for. -Relatively good analytics and reporting sections gives you solid insight into how successful your event was and where you can improve moving forward. -The mobile application (Neon) for event hosts makes checking in attendants a breeze by either scanning the printed tickets Eventbrite provides or just finding their name and swiping your finger across it! -Customer support is relatively attentive (I've averaged around 3-5 minutes on hold before speaking to a representative via phone) and the knowledge base they've set up on their website it pretty helpful when it comes to answering some of your intermediate-level questions around customization and platform functionality.

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Simone Frederick

Eventbrite makes life easier!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-16
Review Source: Software Advice

Easy to use. You can have your event ticketing up and running in minutes. I have been using Eventbrite for ticketing for about five years. It has helped make event management so much easier. I used it for school admissions and event purposes, for nonprofit fundraising events where tickets were complimentary, etc. It is easy to specify the exact questions for my guests, gathering data on them that helps me in other areas. Easy integration into websites and emails. I have recommended Eventbrite to so dozens of businesses, organizations and individuals. Easy to use product and with all that I often have going on, it's nice to know I can depend on Eventbrite to quickly make a difference.

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Bryan Rupel

Awesome Stuff

Reviewed 2016-10-09
Review Source: Capterra

What do you like best? If you know what you like and you choose your interests accordingly, the recommendations are always spot on. It's hard not to find something that would interest you and there are always lots of free events. I had to download the app before I moved to Glasgow because I bought a conference ticket through Eventbrite, but then I started to tinker with it out of curiosity and it quickly became a very useful tool. I was new in the city and it quickly exposed me to a lot of stuff I wouldn't have known about otherwise, I even managed to sneak into an Industry Day type event only older students were supposed to know about (and it was great, by the way). What do you dislike? I can't think about any major things I disliked about this service. There used to be some synchronisation issues between what I was doing on my laptop and what I was doing on the Android app, but they seem to be gone now. Not being able to see your own location when you click on the map is mildly inconvenient if you're in a hurry, but most of the time I add the events to my planner in advance and just clicking on the location I typed in there will take me to Google Maps. The only problem with this is that Google Maps could lead you to the wrong place if it has a similar name, I once went to the Patrick Terminal for something that was supposed to be in the City Centre and, earlier than that, it led me to some random agency in the City Centre for a photography exhibition that was actually in the East End. Recommendations to others considering the product You should only pick the interests you actually have. That's what the settings are for and even if you're afraid of missing out on something else, looking for events in an overwhelming sea of information isn't exactly productive. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? Animation is a terribly competitive industry and you need lots of experience and connections to actually get inside. Even going to events that are only half related, like the ones about film, design, art, computer games and so on will get you into mailing lists, local and global communities and all kinds of other things you wouldn't have found out about by yourself. This creates a chain reaction and a lot more opportunities will find their way to you.

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A Gett

It's the customer service cycle that never ends

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-03
Review Source: Capterra

I sent an email on Tuesday and haven't heard back from Eventbrite. I have spent hours on their blogs and I still have several missing questions. I called there on-boarding program and you can only leave a voicemail. I'll update if I hear back from them in the 24 hours they promise. A few technical items: - It would be great if the reserved seating function let customers reserve their own seats AND it forced them to reserve seats without allowing to have an empty seat in-between. You can see this function by reserving seats at the Hale Center Theater (https://hct.org/). - It would be great if someone could purchase tickets using a promo code AND purchase un-comped tickets at the same time (instead of having to go back into the system and starting all over to buy more tickets after the comped tix were obtained). If you have to go into the system twice you may not be able to sit next to your friends. We need this functionality because we give our VIP's a certain amount of comped tickets and then they have first access to purchasing extra tickets for their friends. We'd love for them to sit together.It's great for general admission. And good for reserved seating.

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Justina Eze

Eliminates the need for physical invitation cards.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-13
Review Source: Capterra

Eventbrite provides me with an easy way to register friends and families for events. It perfectly eliminates the need to share invitation cards to closed associates ; as I can simply send a mass,one-click email invite to everyone. Eventbrite also allow recipients of the event invite to either print out the invite or download it as a .pdf file on their smartphone. More importantly, this platform enable me check-in attendees by using the Eventbrite Organizer mobile app. to scan QR codes on event tickets.

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Key features of Eventbrite

  • Event webpage with logos, images, and URL
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Barcoded tickets
  • Collect money online
  • Social media promotion
  • Ticket and registration sales tracking
  • Event management
  • Event scheduling
  • Event ticketing
  • Ticket management
  • Sales integration
  • Sales tracking
  • Real time data
  • Real time reporting
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Social network marketing
  • Barcode / RFID scanning
  • Attendance management
  • Registration management
  • SEO management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Social advertising
  • Email invitations & reminders
  • Discount management
  • CRM integration
  • Customizable branding
  • Activity dashboard
  • Data import/export
  • Third party integration
  • Sales analytics
  • PCI DSS sompliance
  • Credit card processing
  • POS
  • Ticket printing
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Reach new audiences by creating a listing for the Eventbrite event database, and benefit from built-in tools including social media sharing, audience targeting, and custom email invitation creation.

Get insight into sales and other event metrics with Eventbrite’s 15+ built in reports which can be accessed from any device and are updated in real-time.

Benefit from mobile ticket scanning on the Eventbrite event management Android and iOS apps in order to provide an enhanced attendee experience.

Manage event ticket sales with real-time sales data and analytics, and benefit from the ability to sell tickets on a customized event website or on social platforms.

Integrate with over 100 third party apps including CRM, marketing, fundraising, accounting, and event management tools to synchronize data and streamline workflows.