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Eventbrite Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Eventbrite product overview

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a ticketing and event technology platform that helps businesses organize and sell tickets to events online — while helping people discover events that fuel their passions. From workshops to concerts to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. Eventbrite’s powerful platform, which can be accessed online or via mobile apps, scales from basic registration and ticketing to a fully featured event management platform.

Key benefits of using Eventbrite

  • Reach new audiences by creating a listing for the Eventbrite event database, and benefit from built-in tools including social media sharing, audience targeting, and custom email invitation creation.

  • Get insight into sales and other event metrics with Eventbrite’s 15+ built in reports which can be accessed from any device and are updated in real-time.

  • Benefit from mobile ticket scanning on the Eventbrite event management Android and iOS apps in order to provide an enhanced attendee experience.

  • Manage event ticket sales with real-time sales data and analytics, and benefit from the ability to sell tickets on a customized event website or on social platforms.

  • Integrate with over 100 third party apps including CRM, marketing, fundraising, accounting, and event management tools to synchronize data and streamline workflows.
  • Typical customers

    Small businesses
    Mid size businesses
    Large enterprises

    Platforms supported


    Support options

    Knowledge Base
    Email/Help Desk
    24/7 (Live rep)
    Phone Support

    Training options

    In Person
    Live Online

    Eventbrite pricing information

    Value for money




    Price starts from

    No info

    Pricing options

    Free plan
    Free trial
    Pricing range

    Eventbrite features




    Total Features57 5 categories

    Most valued features by users

    Third Party Integrations
    Activity Dashboard
    Email Marketing
    Data Import/Export
    Customizable Branding

    Eventbrite users reviews

    Overall rating




    Positive reviews


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    Rating breakdown
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend8.72/10
    Rating distribution











    The seamless process of managing the events, seminars or webinars, is truly amazing and super quick. It manages to remove the hassles from the POV of the admin.

    Ajesh S.

    What I like most about the Eventbrite platform is how user friendly it is to create the events and the ease for those purchasing to make their purchase.


    Elizabeth P.

    It has been a fantastic help and it is very easy to set up everything and manage the information.


    Luis D.

    The event management UI was slow and awkward to use. I did have a couple of periods of site outage that caused me some pain.


    Ron S.

    The worst part is they froze our payouts without telling us, until one day we noticed the lack of deposits and logged into Eventbrite to find it.


    Javier G.

    The lack of customer service during the pandemic was frustrating. Also, the percentage Eventbrite takes for ticketed events is higher than other companies.


    Anonymous Reviewer

    Overall Rating

    Great software for limited admission events

    Reviewed a year ago


    David: My name's David. I'm the pastor of a local church. And I give Eventbrite five stars. When our...


    Rachel W.


    Religious Institutions, 1-10 employees

    Review source

    Overall Rating

    Changed the way we do events

    Reviewed 8 months ago


    Rachel W.: Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm an event coordinator. I give Eventbrite five out of five stars. For more...

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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    Eventbrite for Beginners

    Reviewed a year ago

    Our goal is to encourage our Facebook audiences to attend more virtual events and provide them with the exact information and details they need, all housed in one concise place and Eventbrite has been the perfect tool for us. The analytics and reporting are very robust, especially for a free plan.


    The setup and ease of use for a first time Eventbrite user/manager was incredibly easy and seamless. The feature that is most useful to us is the Facebook event integration - and the best part - it's free. This way, our social media audiences can register for tickets directly through the Facebook event published on Facebook. It's such a powerful feature and so incredibly easy to setup.


    I wish there was an abilitty to make updates to the address after an event has already been published. With COVID-19, we had to shift from an in-person event to make it a virtual event and because we had to change the address, Eventbrite woudn't allow it. Suggestion - if an address needs to be changed, Eventbrite could automatically send an email to the list of attendees or a calendar notification of the change. The Mailchimp feature is extremely limited and I have trouble understanding what exactly the purpose of it is. I have not doubt that Eventbrite will enhance it in the future with incorporate more robust functions because Eventbrite is really great with continually improving their tools.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend5/10

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    Nice Option for Small Nonprofits

    Reviewed 6 months ago

    My overall experience with Eventbrite was positive. I do believe, though, that the production link access process could be streamlined. Do users have to create a password protected Eventbrite account for a free ticket? Eliminating that step could streamline the process for both attendees and administrators.


    Being a small nonprofit performing arts organization, Eventbrite's no-fee ticketing option was a great way for our choir offer our virtual production free to our community. We had more views for the production than expected. In fact, attendees included senior living center residents from different countries as well as from several states in the US. I believe using Eventbrite broadened our audience. Another pro was being able to capture names and email addresses of all attendees. I easily exported the contact information for importing to our email distribution app.


    Our organization attracts an older demographic. We had quite a few people contact us at the start of each performance stating they could not figure out how to view our concert. Each instance was an issue with logging into the Eventbrite account. After attempting to assist, I eventually had to send the performance video link directly to the guest via email.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend9/10

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    Effortless + Effective

    Reviewed 24 days ago

    Such a gem of a platform! Easy to use, a great way to keep events and attendees organized and all in one place.


    Eventbrite is such a wonderful platform for both companies and attendees. It is easy to implement, set up, use and share with customers and guests.


    We had a few connectivity issues when we first began using it, but those were quickly ironed out by their CS reps.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend1/10

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    Crazy High Ticketing Fees - Froze My Payouts During COVID - Won't Stand By Agreement

    Reviewed a year ago

    Extremely painful.


    Eventbrite is easy to use. It's designed well.


    Customer service really stinks at Eventbrite. They're just looking to get paid. Their fees are high, sometimes 15-20% depending upon your ticket price. They had agreed on our festival to payout daily leading up to the event but changed their mind when COVID hit (to hoard cash and save themselves while screwing their event organizers.) Now they are expecting people to pull off multi-million dollar festivals...

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend7/10

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    Book More Events

    Reviewed 25 days ago

    Im easily solving my booking and event sales needs.


    The software is easy to use and user friendly. It integrates well with my google calendar for scheduling.


    It was easy to connect my zoom event to Eventbrite. The app places the bling on my event page for easy access.

    Eventbrite FAQs and common questions

    Eventbrite has the following pricing plans:
    Pricing model: Free, Subscription
    Free Trial: Available

    Eventbrite has the following typical customers:
    Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

    Eventbrite supports the following languages:
    Italian, Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish

    Eventbrite supports the following devices:
    Android, iPhone

    Yes, Eventbrite has an API available for use.

    Eventbrite integrates with the following applications:
    HubSpot Marketing Hub, Google Analytics, Zoho CRM, Neon CRM, Kindful, Zapier, Bedrock Data, Wordpress, Delivra,, DataHero, Klaviyo, Drip, Weebly, Workato, Facebook, QuickBooks Online, Batchbook, SurveyMonkey, Hive, Mad Mimi, Mailchimp, Emma, Panorama, Hootsuite, Xero, AWeber, Cyfe, Dasheroo, Vision6

    Eventbrite offers the following support options:
    Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, Chat, FAQs/Forum, 24/7 (Live rep), Phone Support

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