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Second CRM overview

What is Second CRM?

Second CRM offers a common technology platform, covering sales, customer service and operations, for small to medium businesses, to implement data driven standard processes that improve productivity and help businesses scale.

Along with the generic automation software that serves majority of small to medium businesses, Second CRM for Industries, offer preconfigured Second CRM solutions, helping customers to immediately benefit from the proven best practices, with enterprise level support.


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Second CRM screenshot: View your employment details, leaves & claims, contracts & passport, visa expiry, all at one-shot..!SoftSolvers Solutions   Introduction PresentationSecond CRM screenshot: Track the performance of the sales agents, forecast upcoming sales and close deals in the quickest and most efficient way.Second CRM screenshot: Manage the customer support in a simplified way and have a 360-degree overview  of the contracts, tickets, and agents all at a glanceSecond CRM screenshot: Task Dashboard visually depicts the tasks at various stages, with priority, effort and timescale and get timely notifications so that no customer request is left out.Second CRM screenshot: Capture leads from your website, emails and custom landing pages or from multiple social websites and consolidate in central place to manage and get insights into your lead-generation efforts.Second CRM screenshot: Real-time data enrichment for all your existing and incoming leads, contacts and accounts, so your team can spend less time doing research and more time making returns on your polished and improved data.Second CRM screenshot: Send personalised email or SMS messages to your leads and contacts, for every action that your business needs to take and all from within the CRM system.Second CRM screenshot: Get a complete view of your customer details, key contacts, engagements, communications history and social media insights. Highly useful to build customer profile and support them according to their preferences.Second CRM screenshot: Log all your activities with every contact in an organized manner. Log notes for phone calls and off-screen related activities will direct to your customers’ activity history.Second CRM screenshot: Store all information in cloud, can even attach Google drive or One Drive with Second CRM for having common storage for your documents and easy reference in the future.Second CRM screenshot: Employees directory let you easily find contact information or filter the list to find the right person and message them. This also shows information about new joinees or if someone has birthdate in this week or month.Second CRM screenshot: Maintain and track information about all the foreign employee’s passport and visa with expiry dates to send out timely notification. Make your human resource guys happy, by sending them notifications much in advance to arrange for timely renewals.Second CRM screenshot: Second CRM task management tool that allows you to work smarter. Simply drag and drop your tasks into colorful categories. You can instantly indicate the urgency, effort and timescale of each of your tasks and get notification timely.Second CRM screenshot: Visibility to each others tasks through the shared calendar to begin assigning tasks. With responsibilities clearly defined, team members can view their own task and team task separately.Second CRM screenshot: Second CRM has built-in integration with Google Apps or Office365, which allows easy syncing of Contacts and Calendar activities inside Second CRM with the respective applications, both ways.Second CRM screenshot: The workflows can be configured to send notifications to managers for all new claim submissions and also to team members upon approval or rejection, making the whole process smooth and fast moving.Second CRM screenshot: Second CRM allows easy submission of staff claims, along with uploading required documents, no more hard copies needed. System automatically directs their reporting manager to approve or reject with a single click.Second CRM screenshot: The workflows can be configured to send notifications to managers for all new leave submissions and also to team members upon approval or rejection, making the whole process smooth and fast moving.Second CRM screenshot: Second CRM allows easy submission of staff leave, along with uploading required documents, no more hard copies needed. The system automatically directs their reporting manager to approve or reject with a single click.Second CRM screenshot: Create a meeting, plan an agenda and send invite to all attendees with just a few clicks. Organising meetings efficiently with automated invitations, reminders, and even room booking.Second CRM screenshot: The assigned user shall receive an automated reminder on when they supposed to pay that bill, along with optionally adding a task in his calendar.Second CRM screenshot: Centralize your projects and gain 100% insights into tasks progress. Second CRM Project management helps to collaborate and work with project teams in real time with real results. It is designed for project manager to monitor each assigned person progressSecond CRM screenshot: Customers send queries through numerous channels — from phone, SMS and email to the website and customer portal. Capture all requests and queries centrally in Second CRM for agents to take timely action and keep customers up to date.Second CRM screenshot: Repeatedly receiving similar requests and queries can suck up too much agent’s time, Maintaining these as FAQ’s for easy reference, can save tons of effort and also speeds up time to response.Second CRM screenshot: Portal allows customers to submit a service request in case they face any issue or have some query. They can also track updates on their existing requests or add comments.Second CRM screenshot: Allow customers to make payments online via an integrated payment gateway. Payment updates are captured back into CRM for easy reference and it also updates quote/invoice payment status based on the transaction.Second CRM screenshot: Set up your own branded customer portal to share information and integrate processes with your customers. Self-service empowers customers to interact with your business on their own time and convenience.Second CRM screenshot: Create Sales Order directly from the approved quotes, without keying in the information again, which can be used as trigger for operations to get started with implementation or deliveries.

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Base system (foundation) starting at $10/month/user and add-ons starting at $36/month/user
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Key features of Second CRM

  • Capture Leads from Landing Page
  • Execute surveys for learning about customer satisfaction
  • Generate and send invoices, including recurring
  • Generate and send quotes in nicely formatted pdf's
  • Generate sales orders directly from approved quotes
  • Maintain your vendors and issue Purchase Orders
  • Manage inventory control at all your locations
  • Track service requests (tickets) with rule based escalation
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Asian Products
We develop all our products keeping in mind local regulations and the needs of Asian SME businesses. From supporting all Asian languages, currencies and taxation, offer billing in local currencies, to having customer support guys speak local language, goes a long way to establish ourselves as the first choice among Asian businesses.

Data driven Standard Process
We promote business automation and data driven approach to manage any business looking to scale. Implementing standard business processes with automated workflows, and escalating any anomalies with real-time dashboards and KPI’s are MUST for a predictable business growth and scaling up.

Always there for Customers
We offer multiple support options via email, phone, skype or even Whatsapp, whatever customers prefer, as long as they are using our products. Multiple implementation and support packages are available to meet the needs of every business.

No Big Bang Approach
We encourage businesses to start with basic automation and then slowly add advanced features as they scale. This way businesses don’t have to fork out a big amount upfront, without seeing any tangible returns and also it helps in smoother transition for employees.

To view the Features:
1.Our products support all Asian languages, currencies, taxation, other local regulation
2.Our team supports customers in all Asian languages, using email, local phone number or even on Whatsapp
3.Our software works with most of the Asian providers for cloud, sms, email, payroll, accounting and payment
4.We have a huge experience working with 100’s of small, medium and large customers, across multiple Asian countries"