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Second CRM Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Second CRM FAQs

Q. What type of pricing plans does Second CRM offer?

Second CRM has the following pricing plans:
Starting from: $10.00/month
Pricing model: Free, Subscription
Free Trial: Available

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Q. Who are the typical users of Second CRM?

Second CRM has the following typical customers:
Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Small Business

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Q. What languages does Second CRM support?

Second CRM supports the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

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Q. Does Second CRM support mobile devices?

Second CRM supports the following devices:
Android, iPad, iPhone

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Q. Does Second CRM offer an API?

Yes, Second CRM has an API available for use.

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Q. What other apps does Second CRM integrate with?

Second CRM integrates with the following applications:
Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Stripe, Microsoft 365, ENet Docs, Google Calendar, Xero, Shopify

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Q. What level of support does Second CRM offer?

Second CRM offers the following support options:
FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, Chat

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Second CRM product overview

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What is Second CRM?

Second CRM offers a common technology platform, covering sales, customer service and operations, for small to medium businesses, to implement data driven standard processes that improve productivity and help businesses scale.

Key benefits of using Second CRM

Asian Products
We develop all our products keeping in mind local regulations and the needs of Asian SME businesses. From supporting all Asian languages, currencies and taxation, offer billing in local currencies, to having customer support guys speak local language, goes a long way to establish ourselves as the first choice among Asian businesses.

Data driven Standard Process
We promote business automation and data driven approach to manage any business looking to scale. Implementing standard business processes with automated workflows, and escalating any anomalies with real-time dashboards and KPI’s are MUST for a predictable business growth and scaling up.

Always there for Customers
We offer multiple support options via email, phone, skype or even Whatsapp, whatever customers prefer, as long as they are using our products. Multiple implementation and support packages are available to meet the needs of every business.

No Big Bang Approach
We encourage businesses to start with basic automation and then slowly add advanced features as they scale. This way businesses don’t have to fork out a big amount upfront, without seeing any tangible returns and also it helps in smoother transition for employees.

To view the Features:
1.Our products support all Asian languages, currencies, taxation, other local regulation
2.Our team supports customers in all Asian languages, using email, local phone number or even on Whatsapp
3.Our software works with most of the Asian providers for cloud, sms, email, payroll, accounting and payment
4.We have a huge experience working with 100’s of small, medium and large customers, across multiple Asian countries"

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

Platforms supported


Support options

Email/Help Desk
Phone Support
Knowledge Base

Training options

In Person
Live Online

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Third Party Integrations
Activity Dashboard
Reporting & Statistics
Data Import/Export
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