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Customizable case management software for community services

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CaseWorthy is a provider of case management software designed to support the community-led services of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and public administrations within the US. Promising a flexible, broadly customizable solution to match diverse deployment needs, CaseWorthy's outcomes-focused, organization-wide platform crucially automates and streamlines data management and funder compliance processes. Organizations can therefore reconfigure key areas of the solution including workflows, forms, role-based access, data dashboards, service eligibility rules, searchable queries and more using a code-less apBuilder development tool. This flexibility makes case data management and service provision across a multitude of community programs possible such as employment / youth & family / senior services, homeless / volunteer / grants management and more.

Additional general product features extend to integration capabilities for scan cards, spatial (geographic) mapping, template-based mass email / SMS communications and electronic signature capture. Reporting facilities enable the running of analytics and the automated generation of charts or graphs, compliance and operational reports, plus business intelligence for arriving at actionable insights. The latter is augmented by customizable dashboards, while automated workflows, centralized document management and custom eligibility rules are cited as key differentiators. CaseWorthy Connect also delivers a two-way web portal to provide secured 24/7 database access to client information, promising convenient self-registration plus the ability to signup for alerts and notifications.


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CaseWorthy screenshot: The apBuilder development tool enables aspects of the system to be configured to meet specific user needs including access roles, dashboard displays, custom workflows, forms, eligibility rules and data query fieldsConnecticut Coalition to End Homelessness - Jackie Janosko CaseWorthy Testimonial Video 2017CaseWorthy screenshot: CaseWorthy Connect is a two-way web portal for granting staff and clients 24/7 secured online access to the viewing and management of information in a controlled way, with convenient self-registrationCaseWorthy screenshot: Reporting facilities leverage data for creating a range of operational, compliance, ad hoc, and custom reports that can be accessed on any device and shared with all stakeholdersNutmeg Consulting - James Bombaci CaseWorthy Testimonial Video 2017

CaseWorthy reviews

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Peter Dore

If you want to have evidence driven service, then CaseWorthy is the Best.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-01-24
Review Source: Capterra

I used this very site (Capterra) to vet 42 or so products. After several months and elimination rounds, CaseWorthy emerged as the clear leader. I have designed and used primary data collection systems for 26 years, helped many non-profits "work-around" the limitations in their off-the shelf software products. Hence my main objective was to find a product that could be customized without going back to the vendor to pay and pay. You will not need to create work-arounds with CaseWorthy. CaseWorthy is a different level of architecture, the design is uniquely flexible and expandable. You can add almost anything you can imagine, most likely without having to go back to the vendor or pay anything additional. Flexibility is great, but what is even better is a system that has been the beneficiary of all that have come before (CaseWorthy incorporates lessons learned from every aspect of every customer for the benefit of all). Off the shelf this system is probably 80% ready for exactly what you need, which can get you up and running quickly. The best decisions are based on data, CaseWorthy was designed to connect your services to the outcomes, so you can tell which work and which do not, allowing you to focus likely limited resources where they will be most effective. If you have a complex organization, setup may take several months to be complete. Having knowledge of SQL reporting and relational database design will be very helpful. If you are big enough, you will eventually need desktop support on staff, and likely a reporting specialist to analyze and report so you can take full advantage of all that evidence. I highly recommend CaseWorthy. Flexibility, staff support, built in features and reports (thousands of them), vendor maintains many common required reports for funder requirements. Security, role assignment, ability to add multiple organizations, etc. the list goes on.

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Jeff Bloes

Great case management suite

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

We moved over a bunch of homegrown databases into Caseworthy in order to offer a unified experience to end users while maintaining security/privacy. Since it is maintained in the cloud, we are able have end users access the data they need almost anywhere without the need for a vpn or remote desktop connection. Our trainer was great and made sure we knew all the areas of the system and even came on site to learn about our programs and processes of each one to better understand how they all work. He worked with us getting up to speed on how to customize the pieces and parts we need and supported us through the entire migration process and beyond. The programs we offer all have different aspects of data that is important. This made customization and report a very important part of our selection process. Once we saw the apBuilder tool, we knew this could provide what we needed. After working with it, we are able to self maintain a very large portion of our customization needs including rules, workflows, reports, queries, and our own tables and columns. This allows you to add/edit/remove these changes almost immediately and push them out to your end users when you see fit. Reporting is also great. There are a large number of reports already made available but you have the ability to create your own if you are familiar with SQL and the SSRS tool. We added a handful of our own and the apBuilder interface makes it too easy to upload that report and add query parameters on the form. We now have a solution that makes it easy for end users to enter in and access anything they can think of. For a total case management solution, look no further.Ease of customization and the staff are great!

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Emily Hickman

CaseWorthy is fantastic!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-15
Review Source: Capterra

Our organization needed a solution to replace our aging, not-user-friendly case management system and chose CaseWorthy after reviewing multiple other software options. CaseWorthy has been wonderful from the start - from the in-depth discovery process to the extremely knowledgeable and easily reachable implementation specialist we were able to built out a custom system for our exact needs. Every user that was involved in the implementation process had an intimate knowledge of the system and played a key role in the go-live and roll out of the system that we were able to have a pretty flawless transition from our old system to CaseWorthy. We are currently working on building out additional services that we provide and plan to transition all of our services into CaseWorthy. In addition to how impressively in-depth the implementation process is, the implementation specialist was extremely responsive to any issues that we experienced and was always able to help in a timely manner. We have been so impressed and excited with this entire process and look forward to our continued work with CaseWorthy. I absolutely recommend CaseWorthy to any organization that needs a concise, custom, and user friendly case management solution.Very user friendly Easy to customize by end-users Responsive support team

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Jenny Taylor

Can't beat the portal

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

We have worked closely with CaseWorthy for both the database and our customized portal for employment and training programs to support our mission to put people to work. The software is unparalleled in the social services technology realm and vastly outperforms the competition.When clients of CaseWorthy develop new functionality, some of it becomes available through baseline. This keeps the product fresh and up-to-date with enhancements directly from the field. Intuitive for users - both database administrators, staff users, and program participants/job-seekers.

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Ashley Irwin

CaseWorthy is worth every penny

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-16
Review Source: Capterra

The software is easy to use, easy to customize and design how we need it to be for us. The company is always willing to help solve issues when they arise and talk through different and new needs to build out in the database.

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Case Management
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Additional information for CaseWorthy

Key features of CaseWorthy

  • Child welfare management
  • Custom dashboard / portal
  • Electronic signature
  • Foster home licensing
  • Learning management (LMS)
  • Scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Certification & licensing
  • Community data portal
  • Membership management
  • Member database
  • Social media management
  • Dues management
  • Integration capabilities
  • Client portal
  • Custom forms
  • Real time data
  • Real time reporting
  • Secure data storage
  • Workflow management
  • Continuous backup
  • Visual analytics
  • Case management
  • Grants management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Business intelligence
  • Dashboard creation
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CaseWorthy is a cloud-based case management platform designed to support the deployment of community social services by public administrations, councils, nonprofit organizations and government agencies within the USA.

Serves community case programs including general case management, employment services, homeless management, youth & family services, developmental disability services, grants managements, volunteer management, senior services, behavioral health/mental services and energy assistance.

Offering a fully customizable system, CaseWorthy can have its workflows, forms, look and general usability to be reconfigured to match specific usage requirements via its integrated apBuilder development tool.

CaseWorthy Connect provides a two-way, secured web portal for granting employees and clients anytime anywhere access to services information and resources, promising self-registration, controls over data sharing plus the setup of SMS/email alerts and notifications.

Reporting options span automated analytics with exportable charts and graphs, compliance and operational reports leveraging real time data, plus business intelligence capabilities with custom client-facing dashboard creation.