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EngagementHQ overview

What is EngagementHQ?

EngagementHQ by Bang the Table is a customizable, cloud-based community engagement software solution, comprising eight online tools for encouraging public awareness, participation and feedback collection. Intended for use by government, public authority and Enterprise corporations, EngagementHQ promises to support the voicing of opinions in a guided way in order to make actionable decisions. Beyond the core tools of surveys, polls, questions, guestbook, stories, places, ideas and forums, the suite is augmented by EngagementHQ PRM (Participant Relationship Management) and Engagement On-Board Analytics. PRM handles the gathering of feedback data and its integration into database storage with customizable sign-up forms, mass record import, user profiles, community groups and list segmentation for email newsletters.

The eight EngagementHQ online engagement tools comprise Surveys for qualitative data, with features across 12 question types, customizable survey lengths and the ability to make answers conditional or mandatory where required. Questions aids issues management with online Q&As, Guestbook simplifies the collection of moderated feedback, while Polls captures quick responses to simpler questions. Places facilitates geospatial surveying with mini-surveys pinned to geographic maps, where Ideas for online ideation and Forums drive deeper multi-threaded discussions. Stories then completes the toolbox with the ability to post text and rich media stories to the communal space, allowing participant comments, moderation and automated alerting for flagging new submissions. Each constituent tool links into built-in analytical and reporting capabilities boasting chart visualizations and exportable format for subsequent third-party analysis or stakeholder sharing.


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EngagementHQ screenshot: EngagemnentHQ Surveys offers twelve unique question types, customization options for single page or longer, plus the use of media and rich contextual messagingLet's Activate Your CommunityEngagementHQ screenshot: EngagementHQ survey analysis offers filtered visualizations across a range of data including comparing participant demographics to registered users etcEngagementHQ screenshot: Places gathers geospatial survey data with a drag and drop interface for setting map boundaries, while users can create custom pin categories and pick from a large library of available pinsEngagementHQ screenshot: EngagementHQ On-Board Analytics offers dedicated reporting and analytics tools across dashboard insights, Google Analytics integration, charts, benchmarking, email reports, demographics, comment analysis and moreEngagementHQ screenshot: Stories enables the posting of deeper digital community stories with story space support for text and rich media upload, commenting, moderation, social sharing and automated alerts EngagementHQ screenshot: EngagementHQ Ideas aids online ideation with multiple idea walls per project, randomization for ideas, preset collation categories, social network sharing and integrated search EngagementHQ screenshot: Suite tools are all backed by built-in analytical and reporting capabilities, with exportable formats and graphics

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Key features of EngagementHQ

  • Content Moderation
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Geospatial Surveys
  • Group Management
  • Guestbook
  • Ideation / Crowdsourcing
  • Member Directory
  • Membership Management
  • Places
  • Polls
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• EngagementHQ is a customizable online engagement suite of tools facilitating the listening, information gathering, engagement analysis, reporting and relationship management associated with interpreting community feedback.

• Eight core modules include Surveys for creating an unlimited amount of discrete question-based surveys, Questions for online issue handling, Guestbook for gathering and moderating community feedback, plus Polls for rapid sentiment capture.

• EngagementHQ Places plots community feedback and ideas onto maps with geospatial surveying, while Ideas handles online ideation, Forums facilitates multi-threaded discussions and Stories for composing rich media posts.

• Participant Relationship Management (PRM) gathers and integrates engagement data into a community and stakeholder database with custom signup form creation, database import, community groupings, user profiling and email list segmentation.

• EngagementHQ On-Board Analytics is a a reporting and analytics tool providing demographic breakdowns, exportable charts and benchmarks, email reports, comment analysis, dashboard insights and engagement data summaries.

• Included with each license of EngagementHQ is their professional service and support package, EngagementIQ professional mentoring, learning programs, 24/5 help desk, and 24/7 community moderation.