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Electronic health record software

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EZDERM is an EHR and PMS solution that offers features such as automated coding, image comparison and flexible documentation. It also offers a check-in kiosk and patient portal.

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Noterro logo



A clinic app designed for tech-savvy health practitioners.

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Everything you need to run a better practice. Practice management software that offers charting, scheduling, billing, payments & more. Installable PWA on iOS and Android devices.

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10to8 logo



Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking Tool With Reminders

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Free Online Booking & Appointment Scheduling Software loved by over 50,000 businesses worldwide. Reduce no-shows by up to 90% with Automated Appointment Reminders. No credit card needed. Get Started Free Today and rid your business of wasted time!

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OpenPM logo



Appointment scheduling software for the healthcare sector

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OpenPM is an appointment scheduling software designed to help businesses manage claims, patient follow-ups, and cash flow operations. The platform enables administrators to generate forms and manage health insurance reimbursement claims.

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Power Diary logo

Power Diary


Practice management software for health professionals

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Power Diary is practice management software designed to help health professionals streamline their health clinic operations with calendar management tools, plus appointment reminders (SMS & email), treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, 2-way SMS chat, Telehealth, and more.

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Remedly logo



Cloud software for dermatology, plastic surgery & med spas

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Spend more time with your patients and not their charts. Remedly's all-in-one practice management solution combines EMR, scheduling, reporting, marketing, inventory management, and more into one software. As a cloud-based application, it's also future proof – new upgrades happen instantly!

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gGastro logo



EMR software for gastroenterology practices

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The gGastro EMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) software designed to make gastroenterology practices run smoothly and efficiently. With a customizable interface and smart workflow, the EMR software is easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate all members of staff, including physicians, nurses, support staff, and billing specialists. It’s compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, so users can access schedules from anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular data coverage.

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Provet Cloud logo

Provet Cloud


Cloud-based veterinary practice management software

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Provet Cloud is a web-based practice management system for veterinary practices, covering appointment scheduling, client communications, reporting, and more

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ModMed logo



Specialty-specific Healthcare IT Suite - EHR, PM, Analytics

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Bridge the gap between your front and back offices. Working seamlessly with our EMR software, our innovative dermatology Practice Management system offers: automated appointment scheduling, streamlined practice workflow, simple dermatology billing and document management and metrics-driven reporting

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Euclid logo



Medical practice management system to process claims & bills

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Medical billing system that enables users to manage claims submissions, billing, reporting, and scheduling. Euclid is ideally suited for Medical Billing companies, Physician clinics, Laboratory, Pharmacy, ASC, Urgent care and Hospitals to name a few.

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Digital Wait List logo

Digital Wait List


Waitlist and digital signage software

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Digital Wait List is a waitlist and digital signage software that helps restaurant businesses check-in guests via a contactless system, optimizing the overall customer experience. It enables staff members to automatically calculate and inform customers regarding expected waiting times.

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Rivet logo



Medical practice management software for handling payments

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Rivet is a medical practice management software designed to help healthcare providers handle payments, estimates, patient communications, contracts, claims, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can automatically detect underpayments & verify patients' eligibility for health benefits.

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Clinicmaster logo



Practice management software for the healthcare industry

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Clinicmaster is a practice management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry streamline appointment booking, billing, and marketing operations. It offers a case management portal, which enables medical professionals to maintain patients’ treatment records, monitor payments, and track their health progress in real-time.

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Petal Scheduling for Physicians logo

Petal Scheduling for Physicians


Schedule management for physicians

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Petal Scheduling facilitates the coordination of medical teams and their communication to improve patient care. Our scheduling management solution uses AI-powered automation to quickly create the fairest schedules possible. Schedules are kept updated in real time and easily managed by users.

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TheraNest logo



Web-based mental health software for practitioners

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TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing

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Jane logo



Practice management software designed by real clinic owners.

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Jane is a cloud-based practice management software designed to help health and wellness practitioners manage online booking, scheduling, billing, and more.

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NextGen Office logo

NextGen Office


Empowering our clients to make healthcare better

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NextGen Enterprise PM is an innovative, award-winning enterprise practice management solution designed with exclusive functionality to help customers of all specialties and sizes streamline front and back office administration, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce A/R days, increase revenue.

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IntakeQ logo



Web-based intake forms management software

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IntakeQ is an online intake form solution that enables healthcare professionals to securely exchange electronic forms with their patients prior to appointments

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InSync by Qualifacts logo

InSync by Qualifacts


Cloud-based EHR and practice management software.

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Whether you’re looking for a fully-integrated system or a standalone PM solution, our software can be adjusted to fill in the gaps of coverage that your practice requires. Clean reports, easy-to-use scheduler and custom dashboards to alongside your workflows, not against them.

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NueMD logo



Electronic health record software for medical practitioners

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NueMD helps medical practices streamline the administrative operations to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. It helps create patient records, scan and attach insurance and ID cards and instantly verify insurance eligibility.

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My Clients Plus logo

My Clients Plus


Practice management & EHR for mental health providers

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My Clients Plus is a practice management and EHR solution for mental health providers and practices with therapy notes, electronic billing, and more

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BestoSys logo



Practice management and growth software for Medical & dental

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Scheduling, treatment records, billing, medical insurance processing, medical practice analysis, recalls, post-care instructions

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Chiropractor practice management software

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ECLIPSE is a practice management solution for chiropractors that handles patient scheduling, billing, appointment reminders, claims processing, and more. The appointment reminders can originate from multiple sources such as emails, SMS messages, and scheduled reminders.

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Benchmark PM logo

Benchmark PM


PM, EHR, and RCM software suite for healthcare providers

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Benchmark Systems is a software suite for healthcare practices, comprising of tools that can be paired or used individually to store health records, schedule bookings, and reduce error rates through templates, streamlined workflows, improved productivity, and secure data storage or transfers.

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EpicCare EMR logo

EpicCare EMR


Modular, cloud-based ambulatory EMR software

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EpicCare is a physician-friendly EMR platform designed to help organize patient data and optimize workflows with tools for chart review, orders, and more

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