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EMR and Practice Management Solution

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PhysiMed EMR is a comprehensive electronic medical record and practice management solution for small, mid-size and large practices.

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Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking Tool With Reminders

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Free Online Booking & Appointment Scheduling Software loved by over 50,000 businesses worldwide. Reduce no-shows by up to 90% with Automated Appointment Reminders. No credit card needed. Get Started Free Today and rid your business of wasted time!

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Power Diary


Practice management software for health professionals

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Power Diary is a practice management software designed to help health professionals streamline their health clinic operations with calendar management tools, plus appointment reminders (SMS & email), treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, 2-way SMS chat, Telehealth, and more.

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APTA Connect


EMR Software with a scheduling module

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AMTA Connect is an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) application that includes procedure workflows, tablet support, and a patient portal. Patient data can be entered through point-and-click, preset drop down menus, or the user can draw directly on uploaded radiology images. The scheduling module allows users to view schedules by therapist, clinician, or clinic while the automatic warning notifcation creates an alert when there’s a double-booking. Additionally, each visit type can be color coded.

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Cloud PACS and remote medical imaging management

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UltraLinq is a secure cloud PACS that helps healthcare organizations to upload, interpret, store, and share medical imaging. With multi-site access from any internet-connected device, reporting is streamlined and always accessible.

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Distributed Radiology Platform

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IntelePACS is a highly scalable and distributed radiology platform that enhances the performance of healthcare organizations

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Keeping track of patient and physician schedules

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Evolution is a medical scheduling software designed to help healthcare staff access physician schedules and accommodate patients accordingly.

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All-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management

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HPlusPRO is a full medical billing software solution that provides medical facilities with an all-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management. The professional medical billing system includes an easy-to-use interface, automated processing and error checking methods, as well as a wide range of billable services.

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Practice management tool for behavioral service providers

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Noteable is an online suite of management tools designed for mental health care practices. It aims to simplify administrative aspects of mental health service management, freeing clinical staff to focus on care. Features include case note access, staff management, billing, and government compliance.

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Health and Therapy Practice Management

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Nookal is a cloud-based practice management software system that helps allied health therapists and practitioners manage and grow their practice.

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Practice management & EHR for therapists and educators

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CentralReach's web-based, therapy practice management system connects every point of care within a single solution.

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Cloud-based medical billing and practice management solution

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CollaborateMD delivers cloud-based practice management, medical billing, and care coordination software that helps organizations manage patients. By managing the complexities of running a successful practice, you can focus on patient care and getting paid fast. With CollaborateMD, you take control of your revenue cycle from everything from patient scheduling to billing and payment processing.

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Cloud software for dermatology, plastic surgery & med spas

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Spend more time with your patients and not their charts. Remedly's all-in-one practice management solution combines EMR, scheduling, reporting, marketing, inventory management, and more into one software. As a cloud-based application, it's also future proof – new upgrades happen instantly!

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All-in-one EHR and medical practice management

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iSALUS is an EHR and practice management software that caters to all medical specialties and provides integrated solutions for medical billing and scheduling

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Practice management software for healthcare facilities

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CGM webPRACTICE is a practice management software, which provides tools to help healthcare facilities manage patient appointments and streamline numerous financial and administrative processes such as code scrubbing, insurance eligibility verification, document management, and more.

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Dental practice and marketing management software

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RevenueWell is a cloud-based dental practice management software designed to help organizations manage patient appointments, communication, reminders, payments, marketing, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes a VoIP system, which dental practitioners to engage with the patients via phone, text, email, and fax.

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RADIOLens logo



Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) software

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RADIOLens is picture archiving and communication system (PACS) software, which provides smart data and intuitive workflow for physicians and referring doctors to streamline decision making and improve patient care.

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AltuMED PracticeFit logo

AltuMED PracticeFit


Modern, Cloud Based, Easy to Use Software at optimal price.

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Main Features:

End to end Medical Claims Management,
Eligibility checks,
AI Scrubber,
Intelligent dashboards,
AR Tracker,
Denial Control,
Patient Statements,
Intuitive Reports,
Connectivity to thousands of payers for claims/ERAs,

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Clinicmaster logo



Practice management software for the healthcare industry

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Clinicmaster is a practice management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry streamline appointment booking, billing, and marketing operations. It offers a case management portal, which enables medical professionals to maintain patients’ treatment records, monitor payments, and track their health progress in real-time.

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Queuing solution for walk-ins & waiting lines at stores

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Qminder is a cloud-based queue management system for waiting lines and walk-ins at hospitals and clinics. We help service teams provide the highest level of patient service, manage workflows, plan follow-ups, and make the most out of each visit.

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Kareo Billing logo

Kareo Billing


Cloud based solution for medical practice management

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Kareo helps medical providers in optimizing clinical processes by handling administrative tasks so that doctors can focus on patient care

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Branch enables accelerated payments to workers.

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Branch enables businesses to accelerate payments to their workforce with our comprehensive workforce payments platform.

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Practice management software for healthcare practitioners

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Pabau is a medical practice management software designed to help healthcare practitioners handle billing, patient consultations, inventory, leads, email marketing, and more. Users can manage appointments and store patient details such as contact details, address, medical history, and consent forms.

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InSync Healthcare Solutions logo

InSync Healthcare Solutions


Cloud-based EHR and practice management software.

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Whether you’re looking for a fully-integrated system or a standalone PM solution, our software can be adjusted to fill in the gaps of coverage that your practice requires. Clean reports, easy-to-use scheduler and custom dashboards to alongside your workflows, not against them.

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RXNT logo



Cloud-based Practice Management, EHR, and eRx Software

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RXNT's cloud-based Medical Practice Management (PM) system enhances practice-related workflows, from billing and collections, scheduling, appointment reminders, insurance eligibility, charge capture, assigning ICD-10 codes, and remittance. And, single sign-on simplifies operations for CBOs.

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