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Designed for staffing agencies and recruiters, Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is a comprehensive tool for managing the entire recruitment process. Accessible from a desktop, mobile device, any internet browser, Mac or PC, Bullhorn ATS streamlines the end-to-end recruitment process from job submission to candidate placement. Agencies can source, manage and track candidates, filling open positions faster.

Designed for staffing and recruitment agencies of all sizes, Bullhorn is a fully scalable applicant tracking system. With different editions to suit a range of agency sizes, the Bullhorn system grows with your business. Bullhorn ATS is highly configurable in layout as well as size. The layout is fully customizable according to user preferences and can be adjusted using a simple drag & drop tool.

Streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal with Bullhorn.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Jeffrey Adams

Evaluation of Bullhorn Recruiting Software for Use by a Smaller Retained Executive Search Firm

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-09
Review Source: Software Advice

I had a personal, on screen demonstration of this product by a rep on Mon Nov 21, 2016 starting at about 11:00 AM PST. Using Citrix I looked at a custom screen demonstration while Adam Cuomo and I spoke by phone. (My rep and I were the only 2 people involved in this presentation.) At the beginning I explained how a small partnership or “solo” retained executive recruiter operates. Although it should be noted that I started my search career working for a larger recruiting firm. And that I am generally familiar how large and small recruiting firms in California and the U.S. function internally. And later I remembered that I had actually evaluated at least two different recruiting software packages in the past. During the on-screen evaluation Mr. Cuomo gave me enough feedback and comments to indicate that he had a really competent understanding of this niche or the overall recruiting business. The Bullhorn software appears to function beautifully. The Bullhorn software or system catalogs candidate profiles, open search projects, communication with candidates and clients, interview schedules, status and feedback reports, etc. And it apparently can accomplish a “housekeeping” function that I didn’t expect. That is, one component of Bullhorn is that it can apparently import a “resume” submitted by email or scanned into a system. And then catalog that candidate profile into the recruiter’s database of contacts. Where there are multiple recruiting consultants working for the same firm --- it helps to insure that everyone “is on the same” as to contacts with all candidates and client organizations. The cost for a small one-user firm like mine was estimated at monthly. The user’s database is kept in Bullhorn’s cloud storage. For my method of executive search Bullhorn is not necessary. All of my recruiting history is in my head or “searchable” by a key word on my Mac’s hard drive. And that recall can be enhanced by a standard Google-search on the web or access to any private database that I might have access to. It would, however, be a consideration if I ever added a partner to the business. As it stands, however, it provides more structure that most small firms probably need. But there was one aspect or component of the Bullhorn offering that could be immediately useful to a small search practice like mine. And that is the ability to neatly and efficiently input resumes that come to me in differing formats into my own structured database of contacts and potential candidates. I don’t have time to personally do this. And it’s often difficult to find and schedule in a support person who can effectively do this with my personal email records and the file notes from my searches. And there is always a concern with confidentiality when outside staff is engaged. It appears to really function beautifully. And it's a fit with a retained executive search organization's needs. And it appears to be reasonably priced.

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Tim Schulte

Bullhorn Review December 2016

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-07
Review Source: Software Advice

I have used Bullhorn since 2007 in two different companies. In the first instance, I helped integrate Bullhorn into the company and found Bullhorn support extremely helpful in migrating our data from our old system into Bullhorn. The process went smoothly and our deadlines were met; I still remember this after all these years. I continue to use Bullhorn in my current company and find it an extremely effective tool.Bullhorn Technical Support is simply amazing. I am in awe of their customer service and their knowledge of the system. Customer Service for me means that I'm not put on hold for an inordinate length of time nor am I forced to leave a message after negotiating with a voicemail system that requires me to struggle with too many options. I greatly appreciate Bullhorn Technical Support's sending me a follow up email to any issue I may have had; these emails help me to remember the issue and how it was resolved. Lastly, I realize that Bullhorn has many partners in its Marketplace but I do not receive solicitation calls from them; this is very important to me, as I receive many such calls from other vendors and it is a burden to say the least.

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Paul Sabatino

Grab the Bull by the horn with Bullhorn

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-14
Review Source: Software Advice

How to sum up our use of Bullhorn in a nutshell? It is the transparent foundation for our Agency's book of business. Think organization, data visualization, accessibility and the added capability to search our candidate database right at our fingertips. Explorers of yore depended on the North Star when no other landmarks were in sight; when the recruiting world has me turned upside down and inside out, I look to Bullhorn as my guiding light. Bullhorn’s streamlined workflow and added functionality from The Bullhorn Marketplace has us covered from front-office to back. Over the past 3 years we've transitioned with ease from a relatively paper based process to a software based solution; we've been able to simplify our time and expense process through the web, broadcast opportunity via Bullhorn Reach and quickly view our open opportunity at the click of a button. Bullhorn truly is our Heads-Up Display as we manage the agency side of full-life cycle recruiting.Bullhorn provides seamless integration with MS Exchange that allows for tracking of in/outbound communication with clients and candidates. Emails are clearly tracked replacing the need to document activity or cross-reference multiple systems in preparation for your next call. Through customization; You can configure Bullhorn to fit your organizations workflow, naming conventions or custom fields et al. As an Administrator for our organization; I've found that most functionality can be achieved with no additional cost or custom development. Resume Parsing and Document Management; Adding new Candidate records is as simple as drag and drop, the parsing engine updates standard fields and documents (references, work samples, background checks, offer letters, etc.) can be managed and saved within a contact's record.

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Good but not perfect

Reviewed 2016-05-18
Review Source: GetApp

We have been using Bullhorn since the start of Bullhorn. The software does what we need it to - most of the time. There are many options to partner with different companies that work seamlessly with Bullhorn. We are always looking for the latest and greatest to make our jobs easier so we always hope for more options where this is concerned so we can tie as much as possible right into our Bullhorn processes. They have made a lot of improvements and additions to Bullhorn in the past year, but not all things work the way a regular user may think. The way to pull lists now, is not the same as it used to be. For example. If you are trying to generate a list of client contacts based on recent placements, there is no real easy way to do this now (like you used to be able to do). You either have to go in each placement one by one and add the client contact to a distribution list or do a million steps which sometimes does not work. Pulling this list used to be very easy and now you can no longer do this the way you used to be able to. Some processes are not as user friendly to figure out so we always hope Bullhorn is making adjustments - getting into the mind of the users and how they might think to do things, rather than a multi step process that takes calling Bullhorn directly to figure out. We recently started using the NPS to survey our clients. We have used other products in the past to generate this same gauge for customer satisfaction, and there definitely can be more improvements to this to make it better. We would love to see a better way to add clients to the survey based on placements without having to open each placement one by one and going into the client contact to add them to the survey. Same as most issues. We want to pull client lists quite often based on the placements we make and there seems to be no quick, clear and direct way to do this. We have had some issues with seamless functions with more advanced things - i.e. In building out an on boarding/application portal WITH the Bullhorn developers, we have experienced a lot of issues when people are trying to apply to our jobs. trying to get things worked on can take a VERY long time for these more advanced fixes. If it is just a general fix in the system, the response time is usually very good. It does what any staffing firms needs. good selection of programs that can be integrated (but you can never have too many options!)

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Wendy Kennah

Bullhorn for your Daily Use- Staffing Recruiters Best Friend

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-18
Review Source: GetApp

Bullhorn is both our ATS and CRM. We utilize the tool on a daily basis for Activity Tracking, Reporting, Job Order Management and Candidate Search. The tool has helped bring everyone to a common platform with a common process. This has helped us maintain better performance metrics, overall reporting and candidate engagement.Bullhorn is a great tool that is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The time to get a recruiter or an account manager up to speed on the basics of Bullhorn is relatively simple. Getting people to use all the power of Bullhorn is where consistent reminders and training is needed. The tool is great for tracking anything and allows you to forget because you can set reminders to follow up on items, track past emails, etc. The tool really will change how you recruit.

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Key features of Bullhorn

  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate management and sourcing
  • Job management and publishing
  • Contact and company management
  • Business intelligence & reporting
  • Standard mobile recruiting
  • Social recruiting
  • Custom fields and workflows
  • Custom user types
  • Unlimited data storage
  • API access
  • LinkedIn Recruiter integration
  • Email integration, tracking, and mass mailing
  • SMS texting
  • Resume parsing
  • Career portal
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Inbox productivity tool
  • NPS survey tool
  • Lead and opportunity tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Activity goals and sales quotas
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Automatically manage candidate information and track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process with Bullhorn's Applicant Tracking System.

View and edit candidate records, access placement data and create notes on the go with Bullhorn ATS mobile recruiting.

Collaborate with other team members and respond to candidates instantly.

Through Bullhorn's integration with LinkedIn, candidate information is synced with their LinkedIn records, streamlining workflow for recruiters and maintaining up-to-date information.

View your email inbox, parse in resumes and create new notes, tasks & appointments directly within Bullhorn through its integration with Outlook and Gmail.

Analyze individual recruiter and team performance, placement activity and action towards specific job orders to create tailored, configurable reports.