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Talent Rover

Cloud-based staffing & recruitment platform

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Talent Rover overview

Talent Rover is a cloud-based staffing & recruiting platform that combines an applicant tracking system (ATS), human resources information system (HRIS), customer relationship management (CRM), timesheets, expense reporting, accounting and payroll integrations, and more.

Talent Rover’s CRM capabilities allow users to track and manage contacts, jobs, leads, communications, call lists, and clients. Users can collaborate with internal communication recording and tracking, real-time updates on customers, contacts, jobs, and sharing of links and files. Communications can be planned using calls, events, and tasks, and users can create and manage custom call lists for marketing and lead generation. Mass emails can be sent using custom templates and mail merge, and users can skill market candidates to multiple hiring managers.

The recruitment tools in Talent Rover include candidate search with internal and external results, candidate workspace, resume manager, and scheduler. The candidate workspace gives users a 360 degree view of all candidate information, with contact details and activity immediately visible, and tab-based navigation to resumes, location, and other details. Candidates can be marked as potentials with a single click, or submitted for open job orders using the ‘Quick Submit’ button. The scheduler allows users to schedule multiple or individual candidates for open job shifts, and automatically matches open shifts with available candidates. Text messages are delivered to candidates to confirm shift details and duration.

Talent Rover also includes a range of back office management tools, for time and expense tracking, invoicing, applicant and internal onboarding, credentialing and compliance management, asset management, payroll, and accounting. Onboarding workflows can be customized, with automatic notifications and chasing of incomplete paperwork, and DocuSign integration for collecting signatures electronically. Candidates can enter their own timesheets and expenses for approval by managers, and view past time and expense reports. Invoices can be generated to suit client preferences, with individual and bulk processing, adjustment processing, and sending of timesheets alongside invoices via email. Custom reports and dashboards can be created in Talent Rover, and users can schedule reports for automatic delivery by email.


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Talent Rover screenshot: Contacts can be managed using Talent RoverTalent Rover Spring 2017 ReleaseTalent Rover screenshot: Users can view and manage jobs, applications, offers, and moreTalent Rover screenshot: Call lists can be created and managedTalent Rover screenshot: Multiple candidates can be scheduled for open job shiftsTalent Rover screenshot: Timesheets and expense reports can be generated and approvedTalent Rover screenshot: Fixed assets can be tracked, including cell phones and laptopsTalent Rover screenshot: Invoices can be generatedTalent Rover screenshot: Credentialing and compliance can be managed in Talent RoverTalent Rover screenshot: Custom drag-and-drop dashboards can be builtTalent Rover screenshot: Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed

Talent Rover reviews

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Steve Smith

GOLD Standard for ATS/CRM platforms for the staffing industry

Reviewed 2016-01-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Our organization looked to switch ATS providers after being frustrated with our current vendor for some time. After much due diligence and research we decided upon Talent Rover for several reasons; customization, cloud-based, mobile capabilities, built specifically for the staffing industry and sits on top of the Salesforce platform. We were provided with an Implementation Teal Lead who took the time to understand our needs, workflows, processes, vernacular and key performance metrics for reporting and dashboards. Talent Rover’s personable approach to working with us made a huge difference in getting the application configured and customized to our specifications. After having used the tool for a few months now I believe it should be the Gold standard for which other applications are judged. The work flows are logical and intuitive and having this tool in our environment has truly helped our team be more productive – which should be the goal of any ATS application. I would highly recommend Talent Rover to any company seeking a better solution.

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Neil Warlicht

Rock-solid ATS built on top of Salesforce platform

Reviewed 2015-10-27
Review Source: Software Advice

I've used a good number of Applicant Tracking Systems over the years but TalentRover is definitely my favorite so far. Out of the box it works well but the real key here for me is that you can customize things to a great extent. As it was my first time using Salesforce there is a bit to learn (this is not related to TR but more so to Salesforce), especially when you get into customizations, reporting and dashboards, but there is a lot you can get out of this. On top of this you can use all the apps and extensions in the SFDC exchange and really integrate with other software that you might use. We have completely integrated Salesforce and Gmail and sync our calendars and directly track into Salesforce straight from Gmail. There are several teams that have built an ATS on top of the SFDC platform but TalentRover is by far the most personable and their customer service is top notch. Good group of people led by a great CEO. Highly recommend!

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Radley Meyers

Talent Rover was a game changer for Betts

Reviewed 2015-10-27
Review Source: Software Advice

We were one of, if the not the, first customers for TalentRover, and they have always treated us that way. They go above and beyond what we need and always take the time to come in and consult with us. They have built out specific tools, like Candidate Manager, to help with our specific workflows, and find the most efficient and cost effective way for us to get the most out of the tool. Things like Daxtra Search and the ease of use in Salesforce has made our database so much stronger and our data so much cleaner. I would highly recommend this tool for any recruiting organization!

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Chris Wiley

Learning/managing during implementation

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-15
Review Source: Software Advice

Without the constant support from customer service, this review would not have had as positive of a vibe to it. Thanks a ton to the men and women at Talent Rover that helped make our implementation so easy.Using this software is almost a no brainier for just about any staffing firm. At Consilium Staffing, we stepped out of "Bluesky" and into the talent rover system fairly seamlessly.

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Joseph D'Alessandro

Talent Rover Has It All

Reviewed 2015-10-29
Review Source: Software Advice

In 15 years as a recruiter who became an agency owner, Talent Rover is the third ATS/CRM I have used. It has the best functionality, communications, and reporting I have seen. Because it is built on the Salesforce platform, my recruiters and staff love it. The mobile app puts all the details of my business right in the palms of our hands.

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Talent Rover features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Applicant Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Automatic Reminders
Customizable Reporting
Real Time Reporting

API (357 other apps)
Compliance Management (162 other apps)
Customizable Branding (224 other apps)
Data Import/Export (208 other apps)
Employee Database (168 other apps)
Employee Management (254 other apps)
Employee Onboarding (164 other apps)
Employee Portal (180 other apps)
Employee Self Service (189 other apps)
Recruiting Management (189 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (272 other apps)
Third Party Integration (228 other apps)
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Additional information for Talent Rover

Key features of Talent Rover

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Custom reports
  • Contact management
  • Call & meeting recording
  • Relationship type & status tracking
  • Candidate management
  • Communications planning
  • Collaboration tools
  • Job management
  • Lead management
  • Real-time forecasting
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Custom workflows
  • Sales activity tracking
  • Performance analytics
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Call list management
  • Email marketing
  • Custom email templates
  • Mail merge
  • Candidate search & match
  • Resume manager
  • Version control
  • Time & expense tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Asset tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Applicant onboarding
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Automated reminders
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard builder
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Users can search for candidates with keywords or boolean strings, matching exact phrases, all words, or at least one word, utilize Advanced Search options including candidate status, industry, and function, and enter location details such as country, region, city, or zip code, with a customizable distance radius.

Candidates can login to Talent Rover to enter and view timesheets and expenses, and hiring managers can view, approve, and report on expenses and timesheets, with automated reminders to both hiring managers and candidates.

Fixed assets for permanent and temporary employees can be tracked, including cell phones, laptops, and other equipment given to employees by clients or provided to contractors, and automated reminders are generated for lease, warranty, and other expiration dates.

Self-service candidate communities, automatic chasing of incomplete paperwork, and DocuSign integration are included to streamline onboarding, with internal validations and notifications to ensure compliance.

Users can add and remove contacts on static call lists, and dynamic call list views show a real-time contact list based on specified criteria, which can be utilized to create custom, segmented marketing and follow-up lists.