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IdealTraits logo

Better Hires, Better Business

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IdealTraits Inc.'s platform simplifies hiring with AI job building, 100+ job board posting, and an ATS for organized and collaborative recruitment. It offers assessments, one-way video interviews, and seamlessly integrates with Zapier, Calendly, Zoom, Background Checks, LinkedIn, and more.

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SmartRecruiters logo

Top rated ATS and recruiting software

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SmartRecruiters is a web based solution that offers recruitment marketing features and allows hiring managers to collaborate for acquiring the best talent

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HiringThing logo

Applicant Tracking System and White Label Solution

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HiringThing is easy-to-use online software that helps companies post jobs, manage applicants, and streamline the recruitment process.

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Recright logo

Pre-recorded video interview & screening platform

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Tired of spending hours screening candidates CV & Cover letter? Frustrated with scheduling?
What if you could effortlessly deliver personal face-to-face interaction to interview all your candidates at any stages? From first screening to last stage we have a solution for you!
Get ready to Recright!

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Eploy logo

Faster, smarter in-house recruitment software

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Eploy is the complete cloud-based recruitment platform for modern in-house recruitment teams. Eploy combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pool Engagement, Onboarding and Analytics into a unified web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your careers site.

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DevSkiller TalentScore logo

The most candidate-friendly tech screening solution

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DevSkiller TalentScore is the the most candidate-friendly technical screening solution available. Powered by the RealLifeTesting methodology, TalentScore helps you assess technical skills with razor-sharp precision while providing an outstanding candidate experience.

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PyjamaHR logo

Applicant tracking and recruitment software

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PyjamaHR is an AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to help businesses source, evaluate
and hire the ideal candidate, faster.

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Occupop logo

Beautifully simple recruitment software for SMBs.

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A blissfully easy to use hiring software for small and medium businesses looking for a less complex hiring solution. Get up and hiring in hours, not days, no-code, no manuals no lengthy training sessions required.

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SutiHR logo

A complete HR solution for companies of all sizes.

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An intuitive user interface with mobile support that grows with your organization. SutiHR provides employee self-service & on-boarding, personnel, applicant tracking (ATS), integrated e-signature, time tracking, performance reviews, benefits, project tracking, and IT management.

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TalentRecruit logo

Best Applicant Tracking System

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The most secure, comprehensive, configurable, and multi-lingual recruitment automation platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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TalentLyft logo

TalentLyft: Everything you need to hire top talent!

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TalentLyft is a full-stack recruitment software that integrates an Applicant Tracking System, a Recruitment Marketing Platform, Sourcing, and a Talent CRM solution under one central platform.

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Probooking logo

Cloud-based appointment scheduling tool for consultants.

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Probooking is a cloud-based appointment scheduling platform, which helps small to large businesses in advertising, marketing, consulting, wellness, finance, and other sectors schedule meetings, manage weekly calendars, and host group sessions on a centralized platform. It provides several functionality including SMS reminders, custom branding, data export, webhooks, and booking forms.

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Grove HR logo

An HR system to automate HR tasks

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Grove HR is an agile HR platform that streamlines recruitment and employee administration tasks. It automates routine HR operations, allowing teams to make qualitative hiring judgments. Performance reviews are optimized and employees can design career paths using the system.

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Recruiteze logo

Cloud-based applicant tracking & recruitment management tool

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Recruiteze is designed to help HR teams record applicant data, manage candidate communications, and configure hiring workflows. It enables organizations to parse resumes, create job listings, and post them across various job portals including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs, and GlassDoor.

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CleverStaff logo

Applicant tracking system & recruitment automation

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CleverStaff is an all-in-one applicant tracking & recruitment automation platform for business of all sizes offering candidate algorithms, resume parsing & more.

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Jobilla logo

Applicant tracking software for recruiting agencies

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Jobilla is a recruiting agency software that helps businesses manage recruiting, interviewing, and candidate tracking. It helps companies build a complete profile of candidates from scratch and manage them through the entire hiring process.

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Avionté logo

Software solutions for the staffing and recruiting industry

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Avionté’s enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions provide innovative technology to nearly 1,000 clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms. Avionté's robust platform includes powerful ATS, payroll and billing solutions.

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EmployeeReferrals logo

Cloud-based solution for organizing employee referrals

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Run a smart, data-driven referral program in just a fraction of the time you currently spend tracking referrals. Supercharge employee engagement in your program with gamification, campaigns, mobile referral tools, and more.

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Monster+ logo

Applicant tracking software

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Monster+ is a talent management software that helps businesses manage applicant tracking, onboarding, workforce, and more. The platform enables managers to search and match talent from job postings, job boards, social media, and career sites.

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Keka logo

HR platform to manage payroll, expenses & performance

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Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) software designed to help organizations across retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, and various other sectors manage employee details, payroll, expenses, and performance on a unified platform.

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Turazo logo

Recruiting software for medium to large businesses

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Turazo is a cloud-based recruitment management solution designed to help medium to large organizations manage the recruitment, assessment, and training of applicants. Managers can use the white label solution to design personalized invite-only platforms with custom logos, colors and brand themes.

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Teamdash logo

User-friendly ATS for in-house recruiters.

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A plug-and-play recruitment software for in-house recruiters with video interviewing and recruitment marketing tools. Features everything you need to offer a candidate experience you can be proud of and deliver results.

Trusted and hailed for ease of use by thousands of recruiters worldwide.

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TriSys Recruitment Software logo

Modern recruitment software for your recruitment business

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Modern recruitment software for your recruitment business, trusted by recruitment organisations across the globe. Book your free demo.

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Avature logo

Enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition & management

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Avature CRM combines both sourcing and advanced online marketing in a single solution so that finding and engaging critical talent ahead of business demand can be done easily and at scale. Ensure agility, collaboration, and user adoption by all stakeholders.

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Mindscope logo

Staffing, applicant tracking, and recruitment solution

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Mindscope is a cloud-based recruitment solution designed to assist businesses with employee hiring and applicant tracking. Key features include candidate search, resume parsing, text messaging, job posting, activity scheduling, pre-screening questionnaire creation, and reporting.

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