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NextAgency logo



Agency management software for life & health agencies.

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NextAgency is an insurance agency management system for health & life insurance businesses with CRM, insurance agency, commission management tools, & more

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Macaw logo



With Macaw AMS, you may not need a physical office any more.

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Built around a customer-centric model, Macaw AMS supports end to end processes for Insurance Brokers especially for the MGAs, MGUs, Program Managers and Lloyds Cover-holders. Macaw is best for its flexibility and time to market. Macaw AMS is expected to cut down the cost per policy to one third.

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CaseGlide logo



Claims litigation management solution

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CaseGlide’s claims litigation management solution drives collaboration through an innovative, integrated platform that brings together adjusters, attorneys, and claims leadership, streamlining processes and reducing costs. CaseGlide shortens case cycle times, lowers costs, and delivers analytics.

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Digital insurance platform for brokers, insurers, and MGAs

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GO-INSUR is a cloud-based digital insurance platform designed to help insurers, brokers, and managing general agents (MGAs) create, manage, and sell policies either directly to the customers or via brokers. Key features include commission disbursements, white labeling, data export, and reporting.

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At VCA Software, our goal is to humanize the claims journey. VCA is changing the insurance churn paradigm and creating a new standard for managing claims – the most crucial insurance customer touchpoint.

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Financial Services Cloud logo

Financial Services Cloud


The world's #1 CRM, reimagined for financial services.

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Financial Services Cloud allows financial services teams to access actionable client insights & deliver personalized advice across any channel or device

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AgencyZoom logo



Sales management for insurance agencies

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AgencyZoom is a sales management suite designed for insurance agencies of all sizes. The cloud-based platform offers tools such as client onboarding, employee recognition, commission calculations, document generation, workflow management, task automation, and more.

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SiegeAOS logo



Cloud-based insurance & policy management software

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SiegeAMS is a cloud-based software designed to help insurance agencies handle and streamline various administrative processes, including campaign management, reporting, task assignment, and more. Supervisors can track employees’ productivity based on defined goals or benchmarks and generate performance reports.

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Jenesis Software logo

Jenesis Software


Insurance agency management solution

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Jenesis Software is an insurance agency management solution that helps independent agencies reach out to potential prospects, manage clients, and improve relationships with policyholders. Key features include document management, cancellation tracking, renewal management, and marketing automation.

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BindHQ logo



Agency Management Simplified

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BindHQ is a market-leading Agency Management System that powers the day to day operations of MGAs, MGUs and Wholesale Brokerages selling Specialty Insurance.

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AgencyBloc logo



The #1 Agency Recommended Management System

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AgencyBloc helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation.

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NowCerts logo



Agency management system for insurance agents

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NowCerts is an insurance agency management system (AMS) designed to optimize workflows and improve business results. The AMS software is used by independent insurance agents, independent P&C agents, captive agents, and CSRs.

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CaptaIMS logo



Easy-to-use insurance management software for small agencies

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CaptaIMS is an easy-to-use insurance management software that helps small insurance agencies streamline workflows. It helps agencies organize and manage all leads and clients in one centralized location. With CaptaIMS, agencies can choose which lines of business to track, including personal, commercial, life & health, or specialty.

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Commission Tracker logo

Commission Tracker


Sales commission software for insurance companies

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Commission Tracker is a sales commission software used by insurance companies to manage and track sales commission paid to agents

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Bitrix24 logo



100% free CRM, collaboration and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 is a free cloud & open source collaboration platform providing CRM, document management, tasking, time management, & project management tools. Used by over 5 million businesses worldwide.

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Proformex  logo



Inforce Policy Management for Life & Annuities

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Proformex is the leading inforce management platform offering data aggregation, analytics and portfolio monitoring for life insurance.

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DRC Insurance Platform logo

DRC Insurance Platform


Cloud-based insurance management and automation software

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DRC Insurance Platform is a cloud-based solution that assists P&C insurers with quoting, policy management, billing, and more. The fully customizable, web-based system enables brokers to create insurance quotes, manage form designs, and edit drop-down menu options.

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Verity logo



Policy administration software for MGAs and carriers

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Verity is a web-based policy administration software designed to help businesses in the insurance industry deploy and manage policies from across multiple locations. The task management functionality lets teams automatically create diaries so they can follow up on assignments when they're due.

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Commissionly logo



Commission platform for Contract and Residual payments

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Commissionly is a cloud based commission platform that uses transaction data and agent hierarchies with split rates to calculate commission payments. It is used effectively by ISO's, FMO's, Insurance companies, Payment Processors, Merchant Service Providers, Financial Brokers and Energy Companies.

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Agency Advantage logo

Agency Advantage


Insurance agency software with comparative rating

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Agency Advantage is a web-based software designed to help insurance agencies create marketing campaigns, collect and save data using ACORD forms, and streamline communication with clients. It lets teams send text messages to individual clients and manage their trust accounts.

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EngageBay logo



Integrated sales & marketing software for growing teams

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EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation software which automates marketing sales by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM & social media engagement. EngageBay helps businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform.

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PhoneBurner logo



Power dialer & outbound sales acceleration software for SMBs

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LOVED by insurance agents! PhoneBurner's Power Dialer software helps agents have more live conversations, and sell more policies. Dial leads up to 4x faster. Top follow-up features. Easy to use. No contracts! Try it FREE without a credit card.

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Compulife Quote Software logo

Compulife Quote Software


Life Insurance Quoting Software

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Compulife Quote Software is a quoting solution for the insurance industry, which provides features such as customizable forms, insurance quotes, mobile access, and responsive design.

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Commence logo



Online CRM for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

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An affordable robust On Line CRM Software solution for businesses of 5 to 200 users that includes Contact Management, Activity Management, Sales Management, Lead Management, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management and Reporting.

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Corestream logo



Benefits Without the Burden

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Corestream allows employees to seamlessly access unlimited voluntary benefits through SSO. Through closed-loop administration, sponsors are able to consolidate all their deductions into a single payroll slot, deal only with one vendor, and pay one bill. Corestream has a SOC 2 Type 2 attestation.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide


Managing policy lifecycle manually is challenging, as it involves large volumes of documents (such as policy forms, client details, and compliance forms) and collaboration between multiple parties (such as carriers, agents, and clients).

Insurance agency software is a one-stop solution that helps manage policy lifecycle digitally, improve collaboration between stakeholders, and automate payments to agents.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you select the right insurance agency software for your business. Here’s what we’ve covered:

What is insurance agency software?

Insurance software helps businesses automate document management, compliance, and payments to process insurance claims. It helps users manage the following aspects of the insurance process:

  • Policy management: Manage policy renewal, lapse, adjustment, and cancellation; generate, receive, and attach policy documentation (such as identity proof); link policies to quotes, automate broker commissions, and maintain audit trails. 

  • Accounting: Reduce data entry by pulling data from policy forms, track payments and graduated commission structure (incremental increase in commission with an increase in sales volume), split commission tracking (a division of commission between two or more parties). 

  • Carrier integration: Integrate with carriers to make changes to policies or post insurance transactions to a carrier website (such as premium payments and claims settlement); work with multiple carriers such as property, general liability, personal auto, and commercial auto. 

  • Policy servicing: Give clients 24/7 information access (such as proof of coverage) through online self-service portals; share documents with clients via email and instant messaging and add these documents directly to the workflow. 

What are the deployment options for insurance agency software?

To select the right insurance agency software for your business, you need to understand the deployment options available. Here are the main deployment options for this software:

Cloud-based deployment: Software vendors host the solutions on their own servers or third-party servers. You can access the solution through a desktop or a mobile app. Cloud solutions vendors usually offer a subscription-based pricing model that requires you to pay an annual or monthly fee (per user) to access the software.

On-premise deployment: Businesses host on-premise solutions on their own servers. These can be accessed via a desktop application and are available for a one-time, per-user license fee. However, you might need to spend an additional amount on in-house server hardware and active IT support. 

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy: What will be the total cost of ownership after including the cost of implementation, additional equipment, and IT support?

What are some common features of insurance agency software?

Once you’ve checked the deployment options, it’s time to learn about the common features of insurance agency software. This information will help you shortlist products according to your requirements.

Here are the common features of insurance (agency) software:

Document management: Digitally sign, email, store, and retrieve documents. Search and track uploaded documents, forms (such as policy forms, ownership change forms, and annuity forms).

document management

Document management in NextAgency

Reports and dashboards: View key metrics such as application rate, claim type, and claimant information through interactive dashboards. Generate and store reports on income, expenses, premiums, receivables; convert reports to formats such as PDF and JPEG.

reports and dashboard

Insurance dashboard in PolicyFlow

Client management: Create individual client files for storing forms, certificates, e-signatures, and policy data; organize this data into folders for quick annual renewals.

client management

Customer data in NextAgency

Commission management: Create commission plans and policies. Calculate commission based on insurance type and carrier policies; set payment frequency (weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, and monthly) for premiums, renewals, and new policies.

Commission management

Commission management in NextAgency 

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy: Other than these features, are there any features in your software that might be useful to my business?

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.