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thinQ overview

thinQ is a cloud communication platform designed to help contact centers, telephone companies and enterprises control all aspects of their inbound and outbound communications with local voice, toll-free voice, call routing, voice API integrations, database solutions, messaging technology, and more. thinQ offers a 35-carrier outbound LCR (least cost routing) and 5-carrier inbound (toll-free LCR) solution, plus it allows users to order and provision both local and toll-free numbers with SMS/MMS, CNAM (caller ID) and LRN (location routing number) capabilities. Users also have real-time network visibility with thinQ.

thinQ’s local voice tools help users purchase, port, and manage local DID (direct inward dialing) numbers from multiple vendors. Users can search availability for new numbers, and select single or grouped numbers, before checking portability and provisions. thinQ then allows users to assign custom routing parameters along with multiple dynamic failovers. Voice and messaging features such as SMS/MMS messaging, caller ID, location routing number (LRN) and E911 serve to enhance local DID functionality. The LRN helps users route calls accurately, while the E911 allows users to attach address information to any number to facilitate emergency location services.

With cloud-based toll-free voice technology, thinQ enables users to order and manage their toll-free numbers, as well as control the routing over multiple toll-free carriers. A simple SIP (session initiation protocol) connection aims to give users complete routing control and higher-quality voice performance. To initiate call routing, users customize their settings and select their preferred carriers, routing parameters, call limits and dynamic failovers. Real-time CDR monitoring and SIP tracing tools help users gain insight into calling performance. thinQ allows users to integrate CNAM IN or OUT (caller ID) into their applications or phone systems to receive reliable caller ID information.


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thinQ screenshot: thinQ's Toll-Free analytics engine analyzes the most current carrier prices and determines the best carrier at the NPA-NXX levelthinQ Least Cost Routing (LCR)thinQ screenshot: Search availability for new numbers and select single or grouped numbers in sequential order thinQ screenshot: Check portability, bulk upload, or get integrated with assistance from the thinQ customer onboarding teamthinQ screenshot: Assign customer routing parameters along with multiple dynamic failoversthinQ screenshot: thinQ's LCR (least cost routing) engine programmatically analyzes traffic patterns, prioritizing top NPA-NXX locations for detailed pricing analysisthinQ screenshot: Select preferred carriers, routing parameters, call limits, and dynamic failovers to start directing traffic towards thinQthinQ screenshot: Real-time CDR monitoring and SIP tracing tools allow users to review and enhance their calling performance within the platform

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thinQ features

Call Routing
Caller ID
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Activity Dashboard (87 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (68 other apps)
CRM Integration (74 other apps)
Call Monitoring (73 other apps)
Call Recording (105 other apps)
Call Reporting (64 other apps)
Call Transfer (74 other apps)
Conferencing (77 other apps)
Instant Messaging (68 other apps)
Monitoring (67 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (58 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (59 other apps)
Third Party Integration (97 other apps)
Voice Mail (60 other apps)

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Key features of thinQ

  • Inbound reporting
  • Outbound reporting
  • Voice & data integration
  • Unified communications
  • SIP tracing
  • Voice quality enhancement
  • Ring groups
  • Virtual extensions
  • Local voice solutions
  • Toll-free number ordering, porting & provisioning
  • Location routing number
  • Portability check
  • Bulk upload
  • E911
  • Toll-free number routing
  • Toll-free LCR (least cost routing)
  • Pricing analysis
  • Dynamic failover
  • Performance monitoring
  • Voice API integration
  • Group messaging
  • Bulk messaging
  • Long SMS support
  • Assignment management
  • Call routing
  • Caller ID
  • Communication management
  • VoIP
  • Real-time CDR monitoring
  • New number availability search
  • SMS or MMS messaging
  • NPA-NXX location prioritizing
  • Call center management
  • Chat
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Granular call analytics
  • Disaster recovery
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Integrate CNAM (caller ID) technology into business apps or phone systems via thinQ’s REST API to receive accurate caller ID information, and stop telemarketers or scammers from hiding their identities.

Use Location Routing Number (LRN) technology to ensure the accurate routing of calls.

Optimize outbound and inbound call routing by integrating thinQ’s LCR technology with voice APIs such as Twilio, Nexmo or Plivo.

Order and manage toll-free numbers using thinQ’s toll-free voice technology and 5 tier-1 carriers with custom routing parameters.

Communicate with customers instantly via mobile devices using pictures, video and audio, as well as emojis, with SMS or MMS messaging tools.