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Zingle overview

Zingle is a real-time business SMS messaging platform which enables communication between businesses and their customers via text, and other mobile messaging channels. The solution provides both small and large-sized companies with a unified inbox for customer communication and team collaboration. Users can segment contacts, setup automated message flows, and track performance with reporting and analytics.

Businesses can segment and tag their customers or contacts based on specific categories, with dynamic segmentation that allows users to create rules (or filters) to have contacts automatically added or removed. Group messaging allows users to use filters and tags to send messages in bulk and connect with multiple contacts in an instant. Customizable fields allow businesses to create customer profiles that meet the needs of their business, including fields such as appointments, status, check-in and check-out, and more.

Zingle’s team inbox enables users to receive real-time messages from across all channels for both customer communication and team collaboration. Users can create saved replies and message templates to respond more efficiently, and use the built-in language translator to translate over 90 languages in order to communicate with every customer without barriers. Additional features include internal notes, delayed messages, PMS (property management system) integrations, emojis, autoresponders, opt-in / opt-out support, MMS messaging, and more.

Users can customize a variety of automations called ‘Zings’ in order to respond to customers which can be tailored to business needs. Zingle allows users to choose from over 25 automated actions, such as if-then action messaging, as well as use filters and conditions to intelligently automate communications and responses. Analytics and reporting help businesses track and maximize performance to make data-driven decisions.


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Zingle screenshot: Multi-channel customer communication and team collaboration within one unified inboxZingle Final 05-17Zingle screenshot: Track and maximize performance with robust reporting and analyticsZingle screenshot: Automatically segment contacts by rules or filtersZingle screenshot: One-click group messaging allows users to connect with multiple contacts instantlyZingle screenshot: Customize contact profiles with custom fields that meet the needs of the businessZingle screenshot: Text with customers anytime, anywhere using the mobile apps for Android and iOSZingle screenshot: Search for templates via the Zing Marketplace

Zingle reviews

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Paul Johnson

From our customer's viewpoint, the ease of ordering products from our company has increased ten-fold

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

ZIngle is what we call "win-the-tie-breaker." We strive to be better at every level of product quality and customer service, and we think we are. However, their will come a time when we will find ourselves equal to a competitor from the customer's standpoint. Ease of ordering may very well be the tie breaker which helps us maintain that customer. We'll never know unless they tell us but there is no way my competition has thought of something better than Zingle; certainly not for the money we pay anyway. We wanted a way to get into our customer's pockets literally. Understanding the nature of people and their communication expectations, all schools of thought lead to Zingle. Certainly when a customer pick ups the phone, they expect someone to answer. This is challenging because the phone is only going to ring for ten seconds before they hang up. Furthermore, people are getting less likely to make this call. Expectations regarding an email response vary but timeframes tend to be more leniant. When it comes to text, people, quite frankly, can get their feelings hurt or even angry if you don't answer them immediately. We accept orders 24 hours a day. No one person can respond in an instant 24 hours a day. So if my customer has one number going to multiple people, they get the immediate attention they desire and it's up to us to know who is responsible to answer that text. Most companies don't know how many customers they lose because they cannot reach to someone. But I know how many we lose...zero. We also use it for dispatching our truck drivers. The concept is the same. They require information and assistance 24 hours a day. But they cannot know who is on-call or vacation or out sick. So they have one number to text and someone will see it 24/7/365. This is the best dispatching tool ever. Imagine being stuck on the interstate with a flat tire or lost and having to call numerous numbers trying to reach someone for help. With us, we are one text away.

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Roland Ivy

Great text messaging Application!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

From a guest experience and satisfaction standpoint, Zingle has helped increase our overall satisfaction scores with our guests. Our guests really appreciate being able to use this service and even communicate with us after they have departed. What makes me happy the most is the fact that guests actually write about it on TripAdvisor, which shows that when we take care of our guests, they do notice it.Utilizing a product like Zingle provides our guests the convenience they need when it comes to requesting things they need without waiting on the phone or in line, which saves both our staff and guests time. Also, Zingle’s instant translation feature enables our staff to respond to international guests where English is not their first language. If a guest texts us in Spanish, our staff sees it in English, and vice versa, which is great because we can communicate with guests in any language they choose. Zingle integrated our Oracle Opera PMS and our ticketing system Amadeus HotSOS into Zingle. The integration provided us with guest data and streamlined processes that enable us to provide a quicker and more efficient service. Zingle saves our front desk from having to write down every guest request, and then input it into the ticketing system, all requests are taken care of with Zingle. When our guest sends a text message request via Zingle, the message gets automatically sent to the right department and the HotSOS service ticket is created seamlessly.

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Micael Jeffries

Zingle for Guest-Centric Service

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

Zingle helped us build a bridge to communicate with our existing guests and new guests that was up to date on current technology, simple and is user friendly for guests and our company. We have received many positive comments from guests about the increased ease of doing business and our efficiency levels by quick requests and quick responses have enhanced our service levels. It is truly a great partnership to improve our ability to serve our guests. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the relationship between our guests and Team Members with the goal to make the Guest Experience better while discovering the needs of our guest journeys. Zingle had provided a platform for us to accomplish both goals at one time, enhance our efficiency due to their ease of use and interface with our other software without having to reinvent our property management system. Lastly, the service when needed, has been exceptional.

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Kassia Galick

Overall a great investment to reach people via text from your phone or computer.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-02-01
Review Source: Capterra

I like that this service is available for both my computer and my phone. It makes it convenient to text while at my computer or while I am out of the office traveling. The notification sounds for receiving texts aren't annoying which is a huge bonus because our team has a lot of incoming messages. It allows me to turn off notifications when I need some work-life balance, but also follow up with people from my phone when I leave the office and need to keep up with my contacts. I like that you can tag the contacts with labels, which helped our team keep track of who each of our contacts are.

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Terra Avery

Hotel Staff Approved!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

Working in a luxury hotel environment with high-need guests can be challenging. Zingle has helped us to simplify and streamline many of our processes. In the past, we would call each guest 15 minutes after they were given keys to their room. Now we add a tag and 15 minutes later the guest receives an automated message. This helps us to avoid negative reviews based on dissatisfaction of room type, etc. I love that we can set up templates to quickly and easy text our guest for a variety of reasons. It's super simple to edit the templates on the fly so that they come across as more personal and unique. We have a lot of hotel guests that are shocked when they learn it's hotel staff on the other end! I also really love that the system will close out text messages that just say things like "thanks" or "great", etc.

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Additional information for Zingle

Key features of Zingle

  • Mass texting
  • Analytics
  • MMS
  • Polls / voting
  • Coupons
  • Scheduling
  • Shortcodes
  • Team inbox
  • Automations
  • Analytics
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Social media integration
  • Language translations
  • Saved replies & message templates
  • Customer segmentation
  • Tagging
  • Contact management
  • Categorizing
  • Automated message flows
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • Real-time messaging
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Dynamic contact segmenting
  • Rules-based workflows
  • One-click SMS group messaging
  • Custom fields and profiles
  • Filters and conditions
  • Automated actions
  • Delayed messages
  • Internal collaboration notes
  • PMS (property management system) integration
  • Emojis
  • Contact export / import
  • Autoresponder
  • Opt-in / opt-out support
  • MMS & animated GIF support
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Zingle allows customers to text businesses via a dedicated phone number or an existing landline to help increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Businesses can segment and tag their customers and contacts based on specific categories.

Receive real-time messages from customers across multiple channels within one unified inbox.

Engage with customers through Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps through the Zingle platform.

Create internal notes in any conversation and manage all customer info with editable contacts and tags to quickly find messages or contacts with search.