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Freshchat logo



Live Chat software for modern messaging

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Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for customer support teams to talk and customers on the website, mobile app, or social

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Avochato logo



SMS texting and live chat for sales, support & ops teams

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Avochato is an SMS/text messaging and live chat solution for marketing, sales & support teams, which allows users to send, receive, and collaborate on messages from customers

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VideoAsk logo



Get personal with face-to-face interactions: at scale

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Interact face-to-face with your audience using short and simple video chats. Ideal for converting leads, speeding up recruitment, getting authentic testimonials, and engaging your audience.

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Mobile Text Alerts logo

Mobile Text Alerts


#1 SMS Marketing Service for Businesses

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Mobile Text Alerts helps businesses grow their sales through SMS marketing. Our online dashboard and mobile app allows users to send and receive mass text messages, manage subscribers, segment lists, engage in 2-way conversations, connect integrations and interact with messaging analytics.

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Kindly logo



Conversational AI platform

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Combine AI chatbot with conversion optimization, cart abandonment messages, and live chat all in one platform. Users can improve the average order value.

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Qiscus logo



Cloud-based customer communications management solution

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Qiscus is a powerful cloud-based customer communications management solution that enables enterprises to handle customer data, leads, omnichannel CRM, and customer engagement operations. It allows users to create a single view of your entire organization’s sales funnel so you can more effectively respond to prospects and leads, improve sales performance by real-time notifications and alerts, automate repetitive tasks, and save time through intelligent automation.

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TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat logo

TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat


Engage in impactful conversations

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Mesaaging & Live Chat by TeamSupport empowers B2B and healthcare organizations to unify their customer experience through consistent, convenient, and meaningful conversations.

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AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Sales & Marketing Teams

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Exceed’s AI-Powered Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers faster and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way conversations.

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Pony Express HQ logo

Pony Express HQ


Text message marketing solution. Group texting no reply all.

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Pony Express HQ is an online SMS text messaging marketing solution which enables businesses & communities to send and receive SMS text messages with deals, updates, and information to large groups of customers. Pony Express HQ is built for non-technical teams with no training required.

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Salesmsg logo



Simple, scalable, two-way business texting

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Salesmsg is two-way MMS and SMS business texting software that allows businesses to have real-time conversations with their customers at scale. The software enables users to send, receive, and manage messages online to communicate with leads, prospects, customers and clients instantly.

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Quiq Messaging logo

Quiq Messaging


Business messaging solution - SMS, FB Messenger, Kik, & Chat

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Quiq business messaging connects companies with their customers on the channels they are already using, SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Chat

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Attentive logo



Driving more subscribers and sales than any other SMS tool

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Attentive drives billions in total online revenue for modern e-commerce brands. See what it can do for you.

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TruChat logo



Natural language processing powered chatbot + live chat

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TruChat is an AI powered chatbot & live chat platform that lets users build multichannel conversational marketing chatbot solutions easily without any coding, as well as control customer conversations across all major messenger platforms, company mobile app, and websites with a single system

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Mobile Marketing Cloud logo

Mobile Marketing Cloud


For data-driven, omnichannel and personalized marketing.

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Mobile Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one software solution empowering marketers to create superior customer journeys that increase engagement and conversion. It includes a Customer Data Platform with smart segments, omnichannel campaigns, mobile landing pages, automated multi-step workflows, & more.

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Quaeris logo



AI-driven business intelligence and embedded analytics tool

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Quaeris is a cloud-based search and business intelligence (BI) software for personalized insights serving the sales, insurance, finance, and supply chain industries. Key features include data connectors & extraction, API, ad hoc analysis, trend analysis, KPIs, visual analytics, and monitoring.

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Handle logo



Empower your customer experience with Handle chatbot

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Handle transforms customer engagement and automates interactions with its advanced AI chatbot, boosting customer satisfaction and driving growth.

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Typeform logo



An online form builder that lets you collect data with ease.

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Make everyone feel like #1. Typeform is an online form builder that makes people feel heard. By making the forms interactive and well-designed, users are more likely to respond with complete, thoughtful answers, which means better data for you.

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Intercom logo



Making internet business personal

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Intercom is the only complete Customer Service solution that provides a seamless customer experience across automation and human support.

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Birdeye logo



#1 most trusted reputation and customer experience platform

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Connect with leads and customers through texting, live chat, and bulk messaging. One messaging platform to enhance customer experience and engage with both customers and prospects through one-on-one conversations. Respond in real time by mobile app, desktop application or text messages.

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Userlike logo



Live chat and customer messaging for businesses of all sizes

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Userlike is a unique software for live chat and customer messaging that allows businesses to win and nurture customers through website chat and messaging-apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema and SMS.

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Tidio logo



Communicator for businesses. live chat, messenger and email

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Tidio Chat is a cloud-based live chat system which integrates messages from live chat widgets, emails, and Facebook messenger into a unified agent interface

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Smartsupp logo



Smartsupp–Live Chat, Chatbots, and Video Recordings

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Leveraging a live chat to perform conversational marketing is an asset to any business. Smartsupp is an all-in-one multichannel Conversational Marketing Platform that provides live chat, chatbots, powerful visitor data and metrics tools, a customizable widget to reinforce branding, and much more.

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Superchat logo



The comprehensive messaging suite for your business.

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Superchat was established to give businesses an easy way to communicate with their customers. The comprehensive messaging suite provides the tools needed to create a unique customer experience.

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TextP2P logo



SMS Marketing and Ringless Voicemail Drops with Automation

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TextP2P offers texting, email, and ringless voicemail combined in platform for small to medium size businesses in the US & Canada. The platform allows users to do bulk messaging or do 2-way conversations with a 98% open rate. It also supports message automation, keywords, and surveys.

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Drift logo



Live chat & in-app messaging for sales & marketing

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Drift is a cloud-based live chat solution for sales and marketing teams which also includes an AI-powered chat bot, in-app messaging & email management tools

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