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ScriptRunner for Jira

Issue tracking software built for businesses using Jira

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ScriptRunner for Jira overview

What is ScriptRunner for Jira?

ScriptRunner for Jira is an issue tracking software that helps businesses of all sizes customize workflows, conduct Jira Query Language (JQL) based search, schedule alerts for recurring tasks and more on a centralized platform. It allows supervisors to automatically create issues on project creation, set-up issue transition rules, add comments, and set priorities, among other processes.

ScriptRunner for Jira enables employees to use a database of pre-built process automation scripts or use the code insights functionality to create scripts with parameter hints, code completion suggestions, and Javadoc lookup. Administrators can configure forms, fields and issues according to business requirements. It also lets team members gain visibility into script execution success rates and maintain an audit log of all event occurrences.

ScriptRunner for Jira uses REST endpoints to integrate the Jira Cloud system with several third-party solutions, including Trello, Twitter, Salesforce, and XMatters. It also allows managers to run codes and scripts for recurring tasks at a pre-scheduled date and time.


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ScriptRunner for Jira pricing

Starting from
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One time license
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ScriptRunner for Jira is available across nine pricing plans, outlined below. It also offers a free trial.

10 users: $10 (perpetual licence)
20 users: $25 (perpetual licence)
50 users: $100 (perpetual licence)
250 users: $750 (perpetual licence)
500 users: $1,250 (perpetual licence)
2000 users: $3,300 (perpetual licence)
10,000 users: $9,500 (perpetual licence)
10,000 + users: $14,000 (perpetual licence)

ScriptRunner for Jira features

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Key features of ScriptRunner for Jira

  • Issue Auditing
  • Issue Scheduling
  • Ticket Management
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