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Multi-cloud monitoring solution

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Sensu Pricing

Starting from: $600.00/month

Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Free Trial: Available

Starts at $600 per month, free up to 100 devices.

Competitors Pricing

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Starting from: 1000.00/month
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Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available

Sensu Pricing Reviews

  • The community features such as the plugins and slack channels are awesome. I hope they keep listening to the community and once Sensu Go is more stable I will be moving there as well.Oscar M.Read the full review
  • Sensu has a really great community where I have had the benefit of leveraging many community contributions but been able to give back to such an awesome community.Ben A.Read the full review
  • Furthermore it supports to accept events/metrics via Agent API or the built-in StatsD listener. The documentation is awesome and complete.Christian M.Read the full review
  • Do you know how hard it was to try and link sensu/chef/slack using the community plugins. There was no mentions of a sensu_snippet any where in the docs.Oscar M.Read the full review
  • Most people do not manually instal sensu, they use config management, yet the documentations on how to get up and running using ansible or chef is very weak.Oscar M.Read the full review
  • Can't set a different retry interval once a problem is detected, like you can in nagios.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
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Jared L.

A powerful monitoring event pipeline

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-06-03
Review Source: Capterra

Sensu provides an extremely flexible monitoring event pipeline for users of all sizes. Sensu is available as an open source, MIT licensed product allowing even the smallest organizations to leverage Sensu to provide a robust and flexible monitoring pipeline for all of their environments. Additionally, Sensu provides enterprise features (LDAP, AD, native external integrations) along with an incredible support team for their enterprise version. Sensu provides native primitives that allow users to significantly reduce alert fatigue via filters, dependencies, aggregations, and scheduled silences. These primitives increase the value of Sensu monitoring event pipelines allowing "robots" to do the initial alert remediation and only notifying a human when there's real issues.

Sensu Core and Sensu Go both provide dashboards. In my experience, the larger the Sensu installation, the harder the provided dashboards become to use. However, Sensu Go now has native RBAC controls and appears to be significantly improving the dashboard with each release.

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