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iPhone Application Performance Management Software

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ManageEngine Applications Manager


Widest application monitoring support for enterprises & SMBs

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Run your business apps with confidence. Find and fix issues - from the URL to the line of code.

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Cloud-Scale Monitoring Platform For Metrics, Traces, & Logs

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Datadog APM provides you with deep insight into your application’s performance - from automatically generated dashboards for monitoring key metrics, like request volume and latency, to detailed traces of individual requests - side by side with your logs and infrastructure monitoring.

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Modern IT incident management and response solution

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Opsgenie is a powerful alerting and on-call management platform for operating always-on services.

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Application Performance Management (APM)

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AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively manage and optimize complex software environments in real time. It’s more than monitoring—it’s true Application Intelligence with cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility.

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All-in-one remote IT monitoring and management platform.

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Remotely monitor and control applications. Display key runtime parameters, stats and use Web Hooks to interact with instances in real-time.

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WhatsUp Gold


All-in-one monitoring of your entire infrastructure.

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WhatsUp Gold includes a powerful REST API that makes it easy to integrate it with your own systems or scripts. Automate your tasks. Extract network monitoring data for use in other systems or let them make changes to WhatsUp Gold.

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Zero Incident Framework


AI-based predictive analytics and remediation platform

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Zero Incident Framework is an AI-enabled platform that assists businesses with proactive detection and remediation of IT incidents. Features include auto-discovery, real-time topology mapping, chatbots, workflow automation, root cause analysis, and capacity orchestration.

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Network monitoring and performance testing for IT teams

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Obkio is a cloud-based network monitoring and performance testing tool that assists IT teams with session analysis and issue identification. Its key features include bandwidth troubleshooting, data visualization, period-based reporting, end-user simulation, continuous monitoring, and an open API.

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The world's #1 roadmap software

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Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software. We help more than 500,000 users build and market products customers love.

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Frictionless error monitoring and performance insight.

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Traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools seek to optimize app performance and provide insight into observable events, resource usage, and user experience. Many widely used APM tools fail to deliver what Developers need. That's where Airbrake Performance Monitoring comes in.

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Splunk Enterprise


Machine data management and analytics

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Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring.

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Incident Management & Operations Performance Software

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The PageDuty dashboard shows all your incidents in one place. With 200+ integrations, PagerDuty works with everything you’re already using

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PRTG Network Monitor


Network Monitoring For Serious Professionals

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PRTG monitors your network 24/7 to timely alert you to issues before they become emergencies.

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Employee Monitoring, Insider Threat & Data Loss Prevention

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View all apps activities, keystrokes, console commands for desktop and cloud applications. Detect idle time and active time. Create rules to prevent the running of dangerous applications. Identify productive and unproductive apps. Detect screen capture, and clipboard operations.

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring


Uptime means peace of mind.

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Web and mobile monitoring system for downtime incident reporting and performance insights with key data at your fingertips.

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Online internet application monitoring software

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InternetVista is a web-based software that monitors internet applications and alerts website owners about malfunctions via email, SMS, tweets or RSS feed

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Google Cloud Platform


Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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Server and website monitoring software

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Keep track of everything that’s happening on your network – from when a user installs a piece of software they shouldn’t have, to when your printer’s toner level gets low! Spiceworks lets you monitor and receive alerts on all the network happenings you care about most!

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germain APM


APM solution for identifying the root cause of bugs & issues

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germain APM is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help businesses in industries including finance, healthcare, media, retail, telecommunication and others perform root cause analysis to monitor the performance of applications and servers.

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New Relic One


Performance testing and monitoring

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New Relic's application monitoring lets you monitor transactions, diagnose code, receive alerts, generate SLA, availability, & scalability reports, and more.

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Turning Sight Into Vistion

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Automated, application-level monitoring for all your critical services, whether they’re running on-prem or in the cloud.

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Never Blinks

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Panopta’s advanced synthetic checks come in two types, using either a web-browser recorder or Javascript SDK, providing teams with insight into complex user experiences. With both out-of-box and customizable synthetic checks, teams can monitor application performance beyond typical system metrics.

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Sematext Cloud


Cloud-based application and infrastructure monitoring tool

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Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability tool that helps businesses assess and gain key insights into the front and back-end performance of system applications. Features include real user and synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, infrastructure monitoring, and log management.

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IT & DevOps Incident Management

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Extend the benefits of your existing monitoring tools so alerts are intelligently managed to ensure rapid response, efficient resolution, and maximum uptime.

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All-in-one performance monitoring tool for DevOps and IT

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Monitor your entire application stack from URL's to databases with complete visibilty with Site24x7 APM Insight. Site24x7 APM Insight allows you to track every tranaction that happens and allows you to optimize them before your end users are affected.

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