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Kontentino overview

Kontentino is a cloud-based social media management tool designed to enable collaboration between social media teams or agencies and their colleagues and clients. All social media posts formats are supported, including 360 videos and image carousels. Users can plan, schedule, create, and manage budgets for social posts, and clients can review and approve posts in the calendar from anywhere.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom

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English, Czech, Spanish
Kontentino screenshot: All posts are visible in the calendar and chronological list, with details of total planned boost budget & content tagsKONTENTINO - Social media content calendarKontentino screenshot: Post checklists, internal comments, and client comments are displayed next to the live post previewKontentino screenshot: All images are saved in albums with unlimited storageKontentino screenshot: The dashboard displays all current content plans, posts planned for today, and tasks assigned to team members

Kontentino reviews

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Abigail Nwaocha

Interesting Social Media Management tool with Budget Allocation Options

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

I created and scheduled my first post to Facebook and set it to go out at 10:15am, however at 10:18am, it still read 'scheduled', on looking at it I realized that the time zone was set to Pacific Midway Rather than EAT. Fixing it wasn't really a problem, however, there isn't a way to automatically change the time zone to each SM profile or 'channel' as it's called on Kontentino. To change the time zone, I'll have to go to each channel and change the time zones individually, which is worrying as I work with numerous clients and I manage their Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. It would be a hassle to do that individually. I contacted them and Bo the CEO said the time zone should automatically set to my location, however, he would get the developers to look into it. I'm not sure if they fixed it as I'd already set it manually, but the quick response was a definite plus. Another feature I had issues with was the fact that unlike Hootsuite, Buffer, and CoSchedule, I couldn't select multiple channels and send a post to them automatically. This meant that I had to create a post in one channel e.g. Facebook, copy the post and then select another channel e.g. Twitter, and paste it there. It would have been easier to be able to select them at once and make the post. Posts on a channel can be 'grouped' or placed into a "content plan" e.g. I can create a content plan for December 2016, for holidays, for a specific product etc. It is easy to clone the content plan on a Facebook channel to another Facebook channel. However, my account for some reason didn't give me the option to clone to twitter. Bo said there was a bug in my account and it would be fixed. I have no doubts that it would. There are several features that make Kontentino standout from the crowd, such as its collaboration and planning abilities. Kontentino allows you to keep images and assets for inspiration. I also love its collaboration feature as it allows you to work with your client or your team at every state of your social campaign. And when your post is ready, Kontentino allows you to send it to your client for approval or to Facebook/twitter. Another MAJOR feature is the ability to allocate budget to the post to keep track of expenses, such as the budget for boosted posts as well as any other expense the campaign would incur. This is good because it lets you evenly spread your client budget before the campaign/posts go live.The Inspiration feature The Collaboration feature The Budget Allocation feature

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Valerija Brkljac

Absolutely unique platform for quality, if you want a serious Social Media work with clients

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-12-09
Review Source: Capterra

Increase in quality, engagement, organic number of followers.I have tested almost all platforms that you can find on the web, as I'm working online from 1999. There are some great solutions for publishing and also analysis, tracking, really great solutions. And they are famous too. But when it comes to the crucial phase of preparing for Social Media, like content creation and planning, Kontentino is unique. You can save your ideas, work on them, reuse what you've already done, you can even translate through Kontentino for the international brands. You can check with your team every step (defined perfectly), like content creator, graphic designer, who is collaborating with the team. All the features are wonderful. You can add the logo and place it on the image in Kontentino. You can have albums, categories, tags, plan your budget, get the approval. It's incredible the list of features you can choose from and make your own "formula" for work, documenting every step of the process. It's for serious work and serious results. My secret "check up" with Kontentino is when I have a client that loves to be organized, love perfectionism and diligence, I know that the last step, the ability to make right decisions is there, as well as 99% for success! You can use it for Twitter (I've started with), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. And last but not least, the support is fantastic! This platform comes from the experience and is the Solution for your needs when it comes to working with clients! That's why it's so good.

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Stephany van Cranenbroek

Great customer care and very easy to use!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-31
Review Source: Capterra

The team behind Kontentino is great. Their customer centric thinking is a real added value. The tool itself is constantly improving, new features are implanted and it really makes my work easier, it's also more efficient for the client. As well, all feedback and older versions are available and visible, nothing will get lost in emails and exceldocs. - It's very easy to use. Clients, copywriters, .. For everybody it's very straight forward - It looks good and professional - There is a good overview of all the pages and the posts - Customer care replies almost directly and always helps you out - The team is willing to think along for future features.

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Juraj Horný

Excellent social media solution for companies

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-28
Review Source: Capterra

We use Kontentino as a social media publishing tool in Exponea. I like how easy it is to use - it represents a great way for any business to syndicate their content to all the major social networks. When it comes to organizing and executing on your content strategy, you would be hard pressed to find a solution better than Kontentino. The scheduling and integrations make it easy to share your content across channels in order to make sure you increase the reach of your audience. I also appreciate the smooth approval process of the post - from copy creation, graphic design, final approval by management and scheduling.

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Zuzana Tomascikova

Easy to manage & really helpful social media tool in your daily life!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

Kontentino helps us in scheduling posts by our own schedule, setting up times and days as a path to follow. We use Kontentino for creation of the social post and following approval process (creator, translator, manager). I found Kontentino pretty easy to manage - it is well organized and clean to help you schedule all the posts on several platforms. If you need a social media tool - in order to simplify your daily work and obtaining better results & time management, Kontentino is your solution.

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30-day free trial, no credit card required.

Starter: €9/month - 1 user, up to 3 social media profiles.
XS: €49/month - 3 users, up to 10 social media profiles.
Small €99/month - up to 10 users, with unlimited social media profiles.
Medium: €189/month - up to 20 users, with unlimited social media profiles.
Large: €279/month - up to 30 users, with unlimited social media profiles.

Tailored Enterprise plans are also available.

Kontentino features

Activity Dashboard
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#13 in Social Media Marketing

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Additional information for Kontentino

Key features of Kontentino

  • Publishing calendar
  • Drag-and-drop post scheduling
  • Live post previews
  • Post checklists
  • Post duplication
  • Client approvals
  • Commenting
  • Approval notifications
  • Post inspirations
  • Image inventory
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • Change tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Task assignment
  • Task tracking
  • Post status tracking
  • Post tagging
  • Image templates
  • UTM tag builder
  • Audience restriction
  • Emoji keyboard
  • Budget control
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The drag-and-drop calendar allows users to schedule, reschedule, and duplicate social media posts.

Users can create and preview a range of post types as the would appear on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, including carousels and 360 videos.

Post checklists assist users in creating consistent, on-brand content.

Instagram posts can be created and scheduled, with Kontentino’s mobile app automatically notifying users when it is time to send the post live.

Clients can comment on and approve work, with separation of internal and client comments, and tracking of all changes and approvals in post timelines.