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LeadLander overview

LeadLander provides a range of marketing campaign data and analysis tools to give you a better understanding of user behavior on your site, and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. LeadLander measures user behavior derived from four key marketing channels: search, email, contact forms and Google AdWords. The marketing application helps you to identify the characteristics of traffic coming to your site, such as company information, along with providing real-time customer activity reports and historical user data.

The email marketing analytics tools from LeadLander allow you to identify the customers and prospects coming to your site from email marketing campaigns. You can see which users have come to your site from which email campaign and how they behave on your site. The form tracking tools, further help you to understand the behavior of customers and leads. See which forms are the most effective, as well as how users behave after filling out certain forms. The Google AdWords tool provides further insight into the connection between your re-targeting efforts, ROI and user behavior.


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Samuel Mellus

I use Leadlander daily to see what accounts are viewing our website

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-02-28
Review Source: Capterra

Finding new companies is essential for prospecting as a BDR. Leadlander can show you new companies daily once you have the filters applied correctly. It also makes it easier to see what web pages in particular are most important to them as it tells you the amount of times they have opened or how many people have opened a page. The UI is pretty user friendly and training for the tool only takes roughly 20 minutes.

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Ashley Nathan

Easy Sales Tool to Implement for Sales Team

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-06
Review Source: Capterra

Our sales people wanted to have a tool that enabled them to easily see what companies were visiting the website. The tool was easy for the sales team to use. I know most marketing automation tools have a similar feature but its typically a little more complex and sales people to utilize. Sales teams want a tool that's easy to log into and find the information they need quickly.

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Marcos Fernandes

Automation tool for marketing

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-22
Review Source: Software Advice

Leadlander is a automation tool for marketing with cloud base. It can generate a specific report of the people visited the site which ca be a great help for marketing.

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Xavier Martin

Review of LeadLander

Reviewed 2015-06-10
Review Source: Software Advice

I like the tool because of the ease of use. LeadLanders sales and support teams do a wonderful job of explaining the tool and allowing anyone with marketing knowledge or not, the wonderful benefits of what this tool can bring to your company.

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Adam Benitez

Better than Marketo for Anonymous

Reviewed 2016-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

While Marketo has the ability to provide some data on Anonymous leads, LeadLander far surpasses them in what they bring back. The reporting and display to Sales is also much crisper, allowing Sales to use the data better. Through Leadlander, our Sales team is able to see the activity in their regions, allowing them to dig into companies that might not have shown direct interest in us through a form fill yet.

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You can email LeadLander through their website contact form to receive a free quote, free demo and 2 week free trial.

LeadLander features

Campaign Analysis

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Additional information for LeadLander

Key features of LeadLander

  • Website visitor identification
  • Online form tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Google AdWord metrics
  • Lead territory filtering
  • On-page user behavior analysis
  • LinkedIn and jigsaw contacts
  • Search term identification
  • Salesforce.com integration
  • 3rd party contact form integrations
  • Real-time customer activity
  • 3rd party marketing automation integrations
  • Daily, weekly & monthly email reports
  • Instant triggered notifications
  • 3rd party email marketing integrations
  • Email campaign analysis
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Real-time Reports: Run real-time reports to identify which companies are currently viewing your website, along with which users were the most active over the last days, weeks and months. See the pages they visited as well as the search terms used to get to your site.

Instant Activity-Triggered Notifications: Get an email notification each time a website visitor performs a certain action or meets a certain criteria, such as people from specific companies viewing certain pages.

Email Campaign Analysis: LeadLander helps you identify user behavior after they have received your email marketing communications. You can see how users who have come to your site via email marketing campaigns are behaving, such as the pages they view and for how long.

Online Form Tracking: Through integrations with 3rd party form-building tools, as well as custom-built apps, LeadLander uses a line of code to analyze the behavior of prospects coming from forms on your site and the effectiveness of each of your online forms.

Google AdWords Analyisis: LeadLander provides data on who is clicking your ads and their behavior after clicking. You can see which users abandon your site, stay on your site and how they interact with your products and pages.